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1. Java: Serializing beginner problem :-(

I want to save and store simple mail objects via serializing, but I get always an error and I can't find where it is.

package sotring;
import java.text.DateFormat;
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.*;


public class ...

2. storing an array in a file in java

I plan to store an array of numbers in a file and read it when needed. What would be a good way to do this? I can think of afew ways ...

3. Cannot deserialize array of unknown type using gson w/ java

The problem is the data type contained within the array is not known until runtime. I have created a test case to illustrate my problem. Everything works fine until it comes ...

4. Effiecient serialization of native java arrays with

I gotta question about efficient serialization with Efficient mainly in terms of computation-time. What is the fastest way to serialize and deserialize native arrays like long[], int[], short[] etc. to ...

5. Effiecient serialization of native java arrays with

i gotta question about Java Serialization. I'm simply writing out 10 arrays of size int[] array = new int[2^28] to my harddik (i know that's kinda big, but i need it that ...

6. Array serialization Question

Originally posted by Anupam Bhatt: Great.. thanks for the clarification.. BTW any ideas on, what is so special about Arrays that they we made serializable by default? I mean most of the provided java classes are not serializable by design, so what is the thought behind making Arrays as serializable by default.

7. Serializing a large array to disk.

Hi, Which will be the most efficient way in terms of space to save a 3 dimensional array of float into disk. I have made a test using serialization and my test case generate a 74 MB file. This is not an acceptable size for me, is there any alternative way to save the array data? Then, manually, I compact the ...

8. Help on Serializing an array data structure

Hi everyone, I have been working for the past 2 weeks on a program that stores names and pin numbers on a array data structure. Basically, it ask for a pin number and it looks for it in the database. If it's found, it gives you the name associated with that pin number. If it's not found, then the program asks ...

9. Serializing array with own data type

10. serialization and arrays...

Hi. I am a Uni student and am learning serialization at the moment.. but am unsure the best way to approach my situation; I have to introduce serialization into my program that i have been making the past couple of weeks, that basically mimicks the functions of a bank. Basically, I have a Customer Class, Account class, Savings and Credit Class ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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