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1. Big-O summary for Java Collections Framework implementations?

I may be teaching a "Java crash-course" soon. While it is probably safe to assume that the audience members will know Big-O notation, it is probably not safe to assume ...

2. Support for loose collection validation in a Java unit testing framework

Any Java unit testing framework that supports writing unit testing code like this:

Collection<AType> myCollection = objectUnderTest.doSomething();
assertCollectionContainsAtleast(myCollection, "a Expected value");
Meaning what I would like is some sort of iteration support with some ...

3. Is the Apache Commons Collections framework faster than the JDK collections framework?

I have always been using the stock JDK collections in my code. Does the Apache Commons Collections framework run faster?

4. add file to collections framework from file

I am not trying to duplicate threads here. My problem is i am piping in a file using msdos called amazon.txt the file has 637 words in it.. I want a count of unique ...

5. Collections framework to to count a file

I am using a MSDOS to pipe in a file.. I am trying to write a program that counts how many times each word pair appears in a text file. A ...

6. What is the need of collection framework in java?

What is the need of Collection framework in Java since all the data operations(sorting/adding/deleting) are possible with Arrays and moreover array is suitable for memory consumption and performance is also better ...

7. java collections framework history

After searching on the web I didn't found a well-done article on the JCF and what there was prior of the framework. Does anyone know a book, site or itself a good history ...

8. Interfaces in collections framework

My question is Interface Set has method add(E e) and it extends interface Collection. Interface Collection also has method add(E e) So why do we need the same method in interface ...

9. Collection Framework

Difference between HashSet and TreeSet?

10. SimpleXml framework - embedded collections

I try to serialize embedded collection using simple. For example :

Map<String, List<MyClass>>
I already added necessary annotations in MyClass, i tried with @ElementMap but it doesn't work: Exception in thread "main" org.simpleframework.xml.transform.TransformException: Transform of ...

11. java collection framework problem

I am studying collection in java and stuck while understanding the following.It is taken from scjp by khalid mughal(review question 15.37)

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Collections;
import java.util.List;
public class WhatIsThis {
  public static void ...

12. Good materials available on internet to learn collection framework?

Am a newbie in using java collection framework. What are the best possible resources online or books that I can make best use of?

13. java collection framework

14. collection framework

15. Mutability and the Collections framework

Hi All, Tony Morris's discussion of the apparent shortcomings of the PreparedStatement and CallableStatement interfaces, with respect to implementing redundant methods, got me thinking about the design of the Collections framework. Can anyone explain the rationale behind the design of the List, Map and Set interfaces with respect to mutability. For example, I would expect to see the basic interfaces define ...

16. Books on java collections framework

17. collection framework

18. Collections Framework

Hello everyone Am at learning stage of java 'n am too puzzled about this framework. I don't know how to use it in a practical application? For ex. a HashTable, how do we use it in real practice? As we have databases to store 'n retrieve the data then where do we need to use this framework? Or do we use ...

19. Open source framework for observable collections?

In other words a framework for Collections, Lists, Sets, etc. that notify interested parties of mutations? I have a need for some data models that are for all intents and purposes just Collections that need to be observed. Looking at Jakarta there's some work on the subject but it's not released and Google isn't turning up anything. Am I stuck rolling ...

21. Collection Framework

Hi All, I want to make my knowledge of Collection Framework better. Can anybody suggest any links for the same which can give me each and every information about the collections, regarding which collections to use , when to use the particular type of collection, the performance issue whicle using the particular type of collection etc. Thanks in advance.

22. Collection framework code examples

23. Best Pratice of Collection Framework

24. Collection Frameworks

I was reading the book 'Effective Java Programming Language' and There was topic on static factories. I could not understand the disadvantage of using them given below : It is impossible to subclass any of the convenience implemetaion classes in the Collections Framework. What are the convenience implementation classes? Pls explain. Thanks Lavanya

26. Collection Framework Question

27. collection framework

Hi kamalkant, Where exactly are you stuck? What are you initial thoughts? Are you familiar with any concepts that you think might be related or relevant? We are happy to help you understand concepts, but if we answer your question without knowing how much you know about it you probably won't learn very much. Do you have any ideas where this ...

28. collection framework

29. Storing key/Value pair without using collection framework

Hi, For example, take English dictionary it contains data in following format. god:Any supernaturalbeing worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force apple:Fruit with red, yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh applaud:Clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval actual:Presently existing ...

30. Interfaces in collections framework

The purpose is to tell developers what the method should do. If you implement your own Set, it can't make you implement it so that it doesn't allow duplicate elements. All it can do is tell you what the method should do. If you don't follow the contract it specifies, you're going to cause problems.

31. Question on collections framework in java

Here is the requirement: Using any java collection to capture below data 1. Furniture of a house that contains items made out of wood, plastic and glass. 2. Should be able to get total size of items in the collection 3. Also, We need to specifically count items depending on the material. A abstract representation - Furniture: 1. dressing table (wooden) ...

32. Collection Framework,making my mind a bit unstable

I mean i know Collection is used for adding, removing object List ,Set , Tree etc are the interfaces list can have duplicates, set cannot.. I find difficult in remembering pre defined methods ...also i am not getting a clearcut idea what TreeSet (ofcourse its again a set having unique values ,but whats with the term tree??)

33. Java collection framework book

34. collection framework

As far as my knowledge is concerned,It will store everything as top level Object ,so u need to typecast properly. 1.We have to carefully use.Say ,Vector we should not use for read only purpose.Because ,it is synchronized and make ur program slow. 2.We have to carefully use the collection object or else it will raise "Out Of Memory" alarm.

35. java collections framework

36. Doubt in Java Collection Framework

37. suggest a suitable collection framework

Hello Everyone, I needed some help with the following issue. I need to implement a table in which subcolumn names could refer there corresponding column names and vice-versa. (since, the multiheader table is built on sub-col names and then col names are added on it and m getting an arraylist with the corresponding subcolumn names from another exernal file). So, I ...

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