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1. Generic tree implementation in Java

Is anyone aware of a generic tree (nodes may have multiple children) implementation for Java? It should come from a well trusted source and must be fully tested. It just doesn't ...

2. Generic tree, self bounded-generics

I am to adding genericity to one of my projects. I love generics as this makes my code more robust, self-documented and erases all those ugly casts. However, I came across a tough ...

3. how to avoid parameter type warning for self referencing typesafe interface in java?

I am working with tree's in java and I have the following interface for a simple unordered tree with a self reference:

public interface Node<N extends Node> {

  public N getParent();

4. Java: Should I favor generics when implementing various tree structures?

I've just came over this article, that suggest various techniques with generics. Author decided to use following:

public class BinarySearchTree<T extends Comparable<? super T>> {
And I don't get it. Why ...

5. extending a class AND comparable in a generic java data structure

For homework I was assigned to make an AVL Tree data structure. I am trying to make my "add" method to add a piece of generic data to the tree. My problem is ...

6. java tree node recursive generics

Ok so I have a Node in a tree which potentially has a parent (also a Node) and some children (also Nodes). What I wanted to do with Java's generics is ...

7. Generics/Interfaces and Tree Structures in Java

I am trying to create a tree structure (a binary tree) that is capable of holding two different types of class (a sphere and a rectangle). For obvious reasons my sphere and ...

8. using compareTo in Binary Search Tree program

I've been working on this program for a few days now and I've implemented a few of the primary methods in my BinarySearchTree class such as insert and delete. Insert seemed ...

9. Building Binary Searh Tree with multiple types (hint hint Generics?)

I have built binary search trees before and even wanted to build a B+ tree for primary indexes but my Professor suggested limiting to BST. My question is can I build a BST with a generic type parameterized code using Comparable and Generics to help me insert numeric and non-numeric (String) type nodes using the requirement that anything less than the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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