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1. Binary tree remove method

I am doing some extra work in my computer science class trying to get better at understanding the logic of data structures. Specifically, I am trying to write a remove function ...

2. Little help with binary tree would be appreciated

I'm trying to create binary tree that contains two int values and one string value sorted in the lexicographic, but I'm not sure what to do. I've created an array list, ...

3. How to create a Binary Tree from a General Tree?

I have to solve the following constructor for a BinaryTree class in java:

BinaryTree(GeneralTree<T> aTree)
This method should create a BinaryTree (bt) from a General Tree (gt) as follows: Every Vertex from gt will ...

4. making a correct binary tree

    private void dcHullForUpperHull(List<Point> list, Point p, Point q) {
    List<Point> upperH = new ArrayList<Point>();
    List<Point> lowerH = new ArrayList<Point>();

5. making a binary seach tree throws an exception

others say that for making a binary search tree with an array of {3,7,1,90,45,67,54,23,...} it is good to work with TreeSet.but my code below will throw an exception and I don't ...

6. Problem in binary tree; need help

can you help me please? I am making a binary tree with node insertion. How can I insert the new node to the current node in respect of BST ...

7. Simple binary tree question

I was wanting to display all of the nodes at a certain level in the tree: Called by: allNodesAtACertainLevel(0, *whatever level you want*, root); This produces the correct answer.

private void allNodesAtACertainLevel(int count, int ...

8. making a binary tree

Hi I want to make a binary tree which is based -level,which means that nodes of first level will be create and then all the nodes of second level will be creat ...

9. Why is this binary tree code wrong?

I'm coding something I thought was simple for my programming class but I'm a little stuck :S, could someone take a look at my code, and help me? Thx
Der = right;
Izq ...

10. Split a binary tree

I am trying to split a binary search tree at the root in Java. I have no idea how to go about this. The recursive call is what is mostly ...

11. Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree

This is a popular interview question and the only article I can find on the topic is one from TopCoder. Unfortunately for me, it looks overly complicated from an interview ...

12. balanced() binary tree

I need to write a method that determines whether a binary tree is balanced. So first I'm going to have to determine the height of each side of the tree. But ...

13. Unable to create a binary tree properly?

I am trying to build a binary tree from a string input piped to with Java. Whenever a letter from a-z is encountered in the string I am making an ...

14. How to check if a binary tree is complete in Java

I am having a lot of trouble with this task. Using the Wikipedia definition for a complete binary tree:

A complete binary tree is a binary tree in which every ...

15. Java Binary Tree Cloning Problem

I have a Java Binary Tree with the below specification and I need to clone it.

public class Item {

    private final String value;
    public final ...

16. Need help starting binary tree?

I need a nudge in the right direction. I have this coded so far >>

import java.util.Scanner;

class clubmember {

    public static void main(String[] args) {


17. How would you implement a binary tree in this?

How would you implement a binary tree in the code below? I need it to print out the below in numerical order by id.

import java.util.Scanner;

class clubmember {


18. Trouble give the option to add more than one entry into Binary Tree? Right now code only allows for one

In the code below. I a trying to allow the user to enter entries into the program. Right now they can only add one entry into the program. How can I ...

19. How can one add a specific part of a binary tree but keep the tree intact (Java)?

I am trying to write a code that searches a binary tree for an element and then adds starting at that element. So far I can find the correct position and ...

20. problems instantiating a root in a Binary tree

I have a problem. I have made the following program because I wanted to create a binary tree node, have the instantiater create a bunch of tree nodes, and then have ...

21. binary tree swapping method

I'm having trouble with swapping nodes between two binary trees. I'm trying to swap the current node with the passed node in the tree, but I can't figure out how; I can ...

22. Building a Binary Tree Class problems with isLeaf, isParent, and unsure about weight

I am working on completing a Binary Tree class given to us by our professor, and I've gotten the methods to work fairly well, but have run into some problems with ...

23. Constructing a Binary Tree from its traversals

I'm trying to construct a binary tree (unbalanced), given its traversals. I'm currently doing preorder + inorder but when I figure this out postorder will be no issue at all. I realize ...

24. Solving Binary Tree

Can anyone explain how I Solve a expression Tree when I'm given x as a parameter? For example, I have the equation ((2*x)) + 4and let's say in the parameter, x = ...

25. Help with a java program (binary tree)

I am required to complete the details for class ExpressionBinaryTree. Additional statements may be added to class ExpressionTest to expand on the testing performed. Any ideas....? Yup, I'd say that additional ...

26. Help me please with Java binary tree

27. Binary Tree's

Hi, private void savePreOrder(BinaryTreeNode t) { String outPutFile = "animal.txt"; FileWriter newGame = null; try { newGame = new FileWriter(outPutFile); } catch(IOException ioe) { System.out.println("Could not create the new file;" + ioe); } PrintWriter write = new PrintWriter(newGame); preOrder(root, write); //Where root is the root node of the tree. writer.close(); } void preorder(TreeNode root, PrintWriter writer) { if(root != null) { ...

28. Binary Tree's

Ok this question may not make much since, but here it goes: Say i'm in a Binary Tree and I come to a leaf(child, null). Now i want to replace that leaf with a node, and have the data from the leaf become the right leaf of the new node. here is some code that might make it clear: private void ...

29. Binary tree from scratch: resursive scope?

Hey all, My instructor is having us implement an AVL tree in Java, without using any of the predefined AVL classes. Right now i'm working on the basics of the program (Insert, and Print inorder.) Both of those functions i have implemented in the "BinaryNode" class. Something isnt working when I go to print them out, i'm not sure if it ...

30. Making binary tree: memory problem

I need to construct a binary tree, but I get java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space exception. In other words I have memory leak in my code. What I want, is to contruct a binary tree of array values, so that right child has the array values and left has zero values. So if array looks like that: data[0][0]=2 data[0][1]=3 data[1][0]=1 data[1][1]=4 - ...

31. i am lookin for solved questions in a simple binary tree

i got some question of my own by i dont know how to build the code Here is a dilemma. You are given an easy problem, which you can solve the hard way by building the code. Or you can solve the easy way by via google. The second case is obviously faster too, but... With you next assignment, ...

32. a binary tree question..

there is a given binary tree each of member are of a Node type class Node { int info; Node left; Node right; } in the info part of each node we have a number. in each one of his leaves we have some number and in each one of its roots (crossroads) we have zeros. my gole is to build ...

33. i got a problem, with my test program on binary trees

my gole is to make a sum from all the leaves in the right sub tree of the main root and sum all the leave at the left subtree of the main root and make the differece between them. in my code i got null point exeption i dont know why i just want the right code for making the difference ...

34. a question in binary tree and factorisation

Write a dummy version of the class that has the getfirst(), getsecond() and split() methods that you can use to test your code. You could either hard code the values that the getfirst() and getsecond() methods return or you could pass them to the constructor. The split() method wouldn't actually have to do anything.

35. Constructing a binary tree from its traversals

Firstly, thanks to everyone for answering my previous topics, my assignment is going really well. I'm now on part 2, and I need to construct a binary tree from its post-order and in-order traversals. The sample traversals given were: Inorder traversal: ADHGKLMRUVTW Postorder traversal: AHDLKGUVRWTM Can someone please help me with the algorithm to complete this process? Many thanks, Yoonsi

36. Binary Trees

37. about binary tree

Hi, Depends on the type of binary tree you wish to make. Let's make a tree, in which a parent nodes left child is equal or less the parents value, and the right child has a higher value. Linked List: 4-5-2-10 Will become a Binary Tree through the following transfermation (FIFO): We choose 4 as the root node. The next node ...

38. Hey guys, A little help with binary trees

Hi all, I here for a little help again. I have an assignment that requires me to take in a .txt file like this: Norton Trixie Jerry Elaine George Susan Alice Ralph Samantha Darrin I am supposed to read this in and print out the in-order, pre-order and post order. The thing I am stuck on is getting it to look ...

39. Binary tree

public class BTreeEx3 { public static void main(String[] args) { BTree tree=new BTree(); tree.add(5); tree.add(6); tree.add(1); tree.add(19); tree.add(3); tree.add(10); tree.add(2); tree.print(); } } class BTree{ private Node head; public void add(int info){ Node node=new Node(info); if(head==null){ head=node; return; } Node current=head; while (true) { if(info

40. Help loading a Binary Tree from file

Hi all, So I am working on making a 20 question game using a binary tree. I have set it up so each time the user plays, if the computer cannot guess what they are thinking of, they tell the computer and it saves it. I am saving the tree in a text file recursively, in a format that looks something ...

41. Binary Tree

Hello, we were taught some binary tree, I am thinking of creating my own... though I am not sure if I am getting it right... Java Code: // This is a node class that should be used in a binary tree public class Node { Object data; //stores the data in the node Node parent; //stores the predecessor Node left; ...

42. binary tree

43. Implementing a binary tree

Implementing a binary tree I'm having trouble understanding this piece of code. It's a class for a proper binary tree but I don't see how I can insert new elements. The node class is also confusing since "Node" is defined in ProperBinaryTree and it's also a native class. How would I write a main method to insert: "The" "Quick" ...

44. Full binary tree

Excuse me please. Give me an advice. I wrote the code: PHP Code: public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { new Main().run(); } static class Node { Node left; Node right; Node buf; int index; int value; public Node(int value) { this.value = value; //System.out.println(" Node Value " + this.value); } } public void run() { Node rootnode ...

45. Binary tree library

46. HELP!! Binary trees

I have to write code for a collection of values using a binary tree, one of the methods is a belongs method to see if the value the user inputs is in the collection. It returns true if the value is in the collection and false if its not. I wrote a main method to test it but every time I ...

47. Binary Tree output help

48. Mirror of binary tree

49. Saving Binary Tree to file

I am trying to save a binary tree to file but cannot get it to work. It just creates an empty file. I have put all the code below and would appreciate if someone could give me a pointer. Java Code: static class Node { public String question; public Node True; public String name; public Node False; public void branch() { ...

50. binary tree shift

I need to manipulate a binary tree to move all the leaf nodes to the right. Also replacing the leftmost node with another node passed through as a paramater and removing the right most node. so if the bottom leaf nodes were and TreeNode b is passed 3 4 5 the would be shifted to make b 3 4 5 being ...

51. Binary Trees

OK, thanks. From this description '...items in the tree can be objects of any class which implements the Comparable interface. My class should be generic with a single type parameter denoting the type of elements in the tree and the type is comparable with itself...' does is my class heading above correct?.

52. Issues with Binary Trees and subtrees

-10 / - / \ / * / \ / \ 16.0 16.0 2.0 5.0 In arithmetic format it is: ((16.0 / 16.0) - (2.0 * 5.0)) = - 10 So far,this is what I have,not sure how to proceed from here,any help would be greatly appreciated.Is this what is called recursions??? Not sure.

53. Binary Tree Help

what I mean is, I'm getting a list of numbers in my output like this as an example: 0 3 4 16 20... It keeps going until it reaches somewhere around 30 thousand. Is that right or do I have something wrong in my code? I thought I should just get one number telling me the amount of comparisons made.

54. Binary Tree; sum.

55. Binary Tree

56. Binary Tree help

57. HELP Binary tree's

I have this dumb homework problem I need to get done and don't know much about tree's. Here is the problem: The program prompts the user to enter an integer, 'n' specifying the number of elemnts that will be added to an ArrayList, "arr". Use the random number genrator to create n integer values in the range from 0 to 99, ...

58. binary tree

59. Displaying a binary tree

I read everywhere from the net and get more and more and more confuse..I understand that the number of node depends on the level of the tree.. Then I read something like breath traversal and many..I get really confuse. Its seem like so easy to do but how do I break to new lines and display the next level of nodes? ...

60. Binary Trees

62. A question on a build method in a Binary Tree Program

public BinaryTreeNode build() { String token2 = my_inputFile.nextLine(); if(!isQuestion(token2)) return new BinaryTreeNode(token2); else{ BinaryTreeNode rightTreeSide = build(); BinaryTreeNode leftTreeSide = build(); return new BinaryTreeNode(token2,leftTreeSide, rightTreeSide); } } /** * Ask the game to update the current node by going left for Choice.yes or * right for Example code: theGame.playerSelected(Choice.Yes); * * @param yesOrNo */ public void playerSelected(Choice yesOrNo) { if(userSelection ...

63. Binary tree

hmm... i found smthing like this. Write a function to print spiral order traversal of a tree. For below tree, function should print 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 1 / \ / \ 2 3 / \ /\ / \ / \ 7 6 5 4 this is how i want my tree to be insert. Any idea how ...

64. Binary Tree..

65. binary trees

66. hi,Need help regarding binary trees

67. Binary Tree Help!!

That would be useful if his code were actually compiling. @OP Private members and methods are not visible outside of the class they're defined in. Stop trying to access .right directly, use the getter. Second, why are you trying to call .getRight() on an instance of BinaryTree? That method is defined on BinaryNode.

68. Deep cloning a Binary Tree

One thing to watch out for, if you implement iterable, would the nodes will come back in some sorted order ? If so, then adding them to a new tree would create a degenerate tree (a linked list), unless some balancing is done. Even then, the new tree would not be an exact replica of the original.

69. postfix to Binary tree

70. MorseCode Binary Tree

72. how to crossover this binary tree..?

ArrayList arr = new ArrayList(); arr.add(this); arr.addAll(left.getChildren()); arr.addAll(right.getChildren()); return arr; } [code] public class NumericNode extends Node{ private double value; public NumericNode(double v){ value = v; } @Override double evaluate(VariableInput c) { return value; } public String print(){ String r = "" + value; return r; } @Override int getNumberOfNodes() { return 1; } @Override ArrayList getChildren() { ArrayList arr = ...

73. how to crossover binary trees?

74. Help loading a binary tree from file

Hi all, So I am working on making a 20 question game using a binary tree. I have set it up so each time the user plays, if the computer cannot guess what they are thinking of, they tell the computer and it saves it. I am saving the tree in a text file recursively, in a format that looks something ...

75. Binary Tree Question

I have to create a node inside the isEmpty() class because if I do not, I get a stack overflow from the System.out.println() because the condition will always be true. For the Binary tree. All nodes "parents" that have "kids", the value of the left child is always lower than the value of its parent and the value of the right ...

76. binary trees in Java

Hi there Do you have any suggestions about how to implement trees or binary trees in Java? As far as I know there are already some libraries for that, but I don't know how to use them. Was trying to get some implementation examples but I'm still very confused. How can I use for example: removeChild(Tree t) addChild(Tree t) isLeaf() Thanks ...

77. Regarding binary trees

78. Complete Binary Tree Illustration Question

I'm nobody's teacher. Yeah, what he said. Visual inspection suggests that the tree is properly ordered, but not balanced. (BTW if you wrote a method to automatically generate that diagram from the tree: good job!) So whether it's correct depends on the assignment. Also you should read that link even if the tree doesn't need to be balanced, because the odds ...

79. Writting Methods of Binary Tree

} Public boolean checkIsFullTree(){ // Return true if the tree is a full tree (If all leaves are at the same depth then the tree is full) } Public boolean checkIsCompleteTree(){ // Return true if the tree is a full tree (If all leaves are at the same depth then the tree is full and is filled from left to right) ...

80. java binary tree - struct and pointer issue

apologies im not that good at java, but the way i see it we declare a class called node then the function make_tree takes a node as an argument but then if you look at the for loop there is a line tree[in].dec1 isnt tree now an array of nodes? we did not define that ealier thank you so much

81. binary tree toString() method toString() in LinkedBSTPT cannot override toString() in java.lang.Object; attempting to use incompatible return type found : String required: java.lang.String public String toString() ^ incompatible types found : java.lang.String required: String String str=""; ^ operator + cannot be applied to String,String str+= toString(tree.right, level+1); ^ incompatible types found : java.lang.String required: String str=str+"|"; ^ incompatible types found ...

82. Binary Tree code

I have been given the following code to use in a piece of coursework and told that it is the data structure for a binary tree. I'm not entirely sure how the code works, I understand binary tree's but i'm not sure how this code links the nodes together or if this is something I have to do myself.

83. Binary tree

As already stated, a binary tree is just a tree structure where every node has at most 2 children (left and right). So your drawing is a valid binary tree. But if you mean a binary search tree, then you should insert a node to the left if the value is less than the parent node, or to the right if ...

84. tell me why this doesn't work? (binary tree)

85. how to create this binary tree

The way binary trees work is, something like -- if the next value is greater than the root nodes value then it goes to the left otherwise it goes to the right. Here's more info: Say that I have a binary tree with the root that has a value of a string "what's your name?" and on the left ...

86. Binary tree per levels

queue = new queue queue.enqueue(5) while(queue is not empty) { n = queue.dequeue() = 5 n.left != null, so queue.enqueue(3) n.irght != null, so queue.enqueue(8) (queue is now [3,8]) n = queue.dequeue() = 3 n.left != null, so queue.enqueue(1) n.irght != null, so queue.enqueue(4) (queue is now [8,1,4]) n = queue.dequeue() = 8 n.left != null, so queue.enqueue(6) n.irght != null, ...

87. Non binary trees in java

88. Complete binary tree.

89. Help on Reconstruction of Binary Tree

static int height (BinaryTree node){ if (node != null){ return(int)(1+Math.max(height(node.getleft()), height(node.getright()))); } return 0; } public static void traverseIn(BinaryTree node){ if (node == null) return; traverseIn(node.getleft()); System.out.println(node.getinfo()); traverseIn(node.getright()); } public static void traversePre(BinaryTree node){ if (node == null) return; traversePre(node.getleft()); traversePre(node.getright()); System.out.println(node.getinfo()); } public static void main(String[] args) { //traverseIn = ("3 1 7 5 0 4 8 2 9 6"); ...

90. how to design databse for binary tree

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