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1. How does a JVM execute the Inheritance tree structure?

class Vehicle {
    public int wheels;
    public int lights;

class Car extends Vehicle {
    public int wheels =4;
    public int ...

2. Inheritance with Generics

I am trying to implement a recursive tree structure with arbitrary keys in Java. Basically what I want is to have a Tree<X,Y> which holds an X and more (sub)Trees, indexed ...

3. Problem with Generics and sub-typing in my generic Tree implementation

Consider this code:

public class TreeNode<T extends TreeNode<T, E>, E> {
    protected T parent;
    protected E data;
    protected List<T> children = new ArrayList<T>();


4. Corresponding type trees

I'm wondering if there is some smart way to create 2 parallel type hierarchies in Java. For example I've got some XType. XType has its own tree of types (around 10-20, ...

5. java subclass question

I have a BinarySearchTree class which is built using a BinaryTree class. Now I want to build a RedBlackTree class by subclassing the BinarySearchTree class. The problem is that the BinaryTree ...

6. Skip class implementation in inheritance tree

I have the following class structure:

Class Human, with message("Hello, ")
Class Townsmen extends Human, with message("I live in town.")
Class Merchant extends Townsmen, with message("I'm merchant.")
Is it possible for an instance of Merchant ...

7. how to invoke a method a few levels higher in the inheritance tree?

class A { public void add() { System.out.println ("Inside A add"); } } class B extends A { public void add() { System.out.println ("Inside B add"); } } class C extends B { public void add() { System.out.println ("Inside c add"); } public static void main (String[] args) { A a = new A(); a.add(); //It will invoke add method from ...

8. Howmany no of instances created in the inheritance tree?

Hi all, Please let me know that how many instance will be created in the inheritance tree if we create the instance of the subclass? e.g. class A{} class B extends A{} class C extends B{} 1) here if we create the instance of class C (C objC = new C()) then how many instance will be created? 2) if it'll ...

9. Inheritance tree and interfaces

From any reference type S to any reference type T, provided that S is a proper supertype (4.10) of T. (An important special case is that there is a narrowing conversion from the class type Object to any other reference type.) From any class type C to any non-parameterized interface type K, provided that C is not final and ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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