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1. B tree

Greetings, I've been working for a while on a pretty simple B-Tree implementation in Java...but my life just went crazy and I need a little help. I'm certainly not asking for source code that I can just pop in and have it work magically. All I need is some nicely written, Java/Object Oriented pseudocode.

2. ignore links when building file tree

Hi I'm building file system with java trees. I want to recognize if the file is symolic linlk - i didn't find an y methdos such as "File.isLink" - any idea how should i do it ? otherwise its become the running time become huge.. ( I program so it will stop if there will be loops but still it take ...

3. Creating a Tree and then saving the Tree

I have a tree like structure that I have created using a SWT Tree. I save this to an XML when I close the application and open it again when the application is restarted. Being my first SWT project I started is a round about way swapping and changing things as I went. Finally I decided to introduce an ID filed ...

4. Help Tree Set

oldAccount text file is Nicholas, Diana, Eric,Andy, Alex , AMy CurrentAccount text file is Andy Alex Amy Kelvin cherry Betty import java.util.*; import*; public class Example2 { public static void main(String[]args) throws IOException { System.out.print (" Old Account is: "); System.out.println(); TreeSet oldAcc = new TreeSet(); Scanner oldacc = new Scanner(new FileReader("OldAccount.txt")); while (oldacc.hasNext()) { String Line =oldacc.nextLine(); oldAcc.add(Line); } ...

5. making a general tree

I was wondering if anybody here had any suggestions for making a general tree when given the preorder and postorder strings. all the data in the tree are simple characters. im having trouble finding a way to go through this so if anybody here has done it before please help me out

6. 2-4 tree

Hi, I havo to implement a 2-4 tree, but I have some problems; I have create the Entry class, my 2-4 tree will contain Entry objecs..but I don't know I can realize the node of the tree! In my book is said to realize the node using an array. How can I do it? Thank you P.S.: I'm sorry for my ...

7. building a tree

I am trying to make a class to build a basic binary tree. If we have a root as item #1, the next item added (#2) would be its left child. The next item added (#3) would be placed as the right child. The method would sense there are out of options and to go to the far left and use ...

8. Fractal Tree

Hey, i'm trying to create a fractal tree and when applying the rule through iterations, I get a pattern similar to train tracks rather than a fractal tree. What should the rule be in the second step? IDE: BlueJ userlib: bookClasses Tutorial: Axiom: F Angle: 30 Rule: F->F[-FF]F[+FF]F Step String 0 F 1 F[-FF]F[+FF]F 2 ? Java Code: /** ...

9. Splay Trees

10. Checking against a Folder Tree.

I need some help. I'm currently calling to a SQL database, and reading those records. I need to be able to take the data from the groupId field and check to see if there has been a Folder created with that name. If so, move onto the next record. If not, then create that Folder with the name of the groupId. ...

11. Tree example needed

12. Tree Set question

Good afternoon everyone. I have a question on the tree set data structures, and if this is for the advanced forum, I apologize. I am not looking for answers, just hints on what I should do. I am supposed to: Please use the class TreeSet with comparator(s) to complete the following task: Design an abstract class called Vehicle which has members: ...

13. I need help for the love of god. Binayr tree

Next time paste the code here between [CODE] /CODE brackets and you might get faster results. I've done it for you this time: Java Code: 44. public void insert(int id, double dd) 45. { 46. Node newNode = new Node(); // make new node 47. newNode.iData = id; // insert data 48. newNode.dData = dd; 49. if(root==null) // no node in ...

14. build a hybrid tree of fruits

interface Tree extends Cloneable { int size(); } class Fruit implements Tree { @Override public int size() { return this.size(); } } class Branch implements Tree { private List children = new LinkedList(); public List getChildren() { return Collections.unmodifiableList(children); } public void addChild(Tree tree) { children.add(tree); } @Override public int size() { int size = 0; for(Tree tree: children) size += ...

15. Java trees

16. minmum spaning tree

Hello If you allow I want to help in this program Required of him is when the user presses the mouse is draw a circle After the completion of the drawing of circles The user also using the mouse draw the lines between these circles Similar to what is in this video to clarify YouTube - applet kruskal blog (applet en ...

17. Java Balancing Tree, please help right away ASAP !!!!

I can't get this one problem and need it for an assignment (14pts) Below is the diagram to rebalance an AVL tree when the AVL condition is violated at the node P because of an insertion to the right of P's left child. Complete the method doubleWithLeftChild(Node p) below that (1) rebalances the tree at P, (2) adjusts the heights of ...

18. TREE and BFS

19. Quad Tree implementation

Hello, I am a first year java student, and we need to implement a quad tree with no actual guidance on the matter (checked notes, and no one else seems to know). Any pushes in the right direction would be great! i.e. how to construct one and add the necessary data to it. from there i could probably figure out the ...

20. Java Asterisk Tree

Hello, all; I'm currently trying to find a way to make an asterisk tree in Java using only nested while loops, if statements, and the like. I've already found a way to do it with for loops, but I'm required to only use while loops within the program. It needs to take user input of how large the tree should be ...

21. Link tree is wrong

Link tree is wrong. This is what is displayed at the top of the screen. Forum Home Java Essentials Java Programming What should be there is Forum Home Java Java Essentials Java Programming And that is obviously what it should in fact be because if you are in Java Essentials and hit the Up Category link ...

22. navigating in a HTML tree

f**k you son of a bi*******.....if you dont know anything...just shut the f*** up What in the world are you thinking? Do you think this is a good way to encourage people to help you? I mean does this work for you in non-internet scenarios? You go up to various people and say these things? No of course not because you'd ...

23. Fully expanded tree using tree model

24. Add buttons to a tree

25. Tree update

26. tree in java applet

This is for a school assignment isn't it? The tutorial has how to read from a database, and about trees in it. There are even ready make classes for tree structures. So crack your book and give it a read, click on the tutorial link, and open the API... if it's not worth it to you, then why should it be ...

27. how to make a rectangle at say 75 degrees to simulate as branch of a tree

I am making a game, I need to make a tree with branches with which, leaves can be attached. I am using rectangle as trunk of tree. What I want now is to use rectangles as branches of tree. I need to make rectangle like structure that is biased to say 75 degrees & attach it with trunk. How to make ...

28. Question about tree's java programing.?

You know when you are in a college or HS class, it doesn't matter what the definition really is--what you are looking for is what is going to be on the test. In your case it is contained in that text book that you have probably not purchased yet, or are using for a desk decoration or paper weight. It may ...

29. Min max / tree value analysis

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but your Class structure seems silly. Why does TreeNode have an array of 9 TreeNodes, rather than having an external class create the array? The way you have it creates 9 TreeNodes, each of which has 9 TreeNodes, each of which has 9 TreeNodes, etc etc. Then when you call createTree() recursively in ...

30. Multi-noded trees

Hi I'm semi-new to Java. Been writing a tic-tac-toe application for assignment. I've got my TicTacToeApp, TicTacToeJFrame, TicTacToeJPanel, and TreeNode classes all together and compiling fine; but I'm struggling to create my BuildTree class. So, I can create my nodes, each with an array of children (9 kids each), but I can't join them up. I'm needing some direction on building ...

31. Genealogy Tree in Java

public Person(String fN, String gN, String dOB, String pOB, String dOD, String pOD, Gender s, int uUID) { familyName = fN; givenName = gN; dateOfBirth = dOB; placeOfBirth = pOB; dateOfDeath = dOD; placeOfDeath = pOD; *** = s; uniqueUserID = UNIQUE_USER_ID; UNIQUE_USER_ID++; children = new ArrayList(); } public Person(BufferedReader in) throws IOException { String person = in.readLine(); String[] p = ...

32. org.apache.crimson.tree.XmlDocument

33. Fun with trees

1. Shouldn't you methods take the data stored at each node into consideration or is the tree just a graph structure with no further information? 2. I would define the quasi method directly, without calling on isIso. Also, I don't like your swap method -- you shouldn't mutate the tree in the course of these methods!

34. Problem with trees and memory handling.

Hi there, I just want to know if, when I create a large binary tree, and I re-"pointed" the root pointer to another node somewhere below in that same tree (say, a terminal node), will the "upper" parts of the tree (starting from the new root node) be removed/deleted from memory? Please explain your answers. Thank you.

35. Updating Java Class Tree with new Classes

36. Problems creating a Drag and Drop Tree from a tree model

class DndTree extends JTree implements Autoscroll { private Insets insets; private int top = 0, bottom = 0, topRow = 0, bottomRow = 0; public DndTree(TreeModel model) { super(model); //DndTree d = new DndTree() ; DragSource dragSource = DragSource.getDefaultDragSource(); dragSource .createDefaultDragGestureRecognizer(this, DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY_OR_MOVE, new TreeDragGestureListener()); DropTarget dropTarget = new DropTarget(this, new TreeDropTargetListener()); }

37. Create Tree from Preordered data

yeah, I'm planning on it being A LOT longer than that because the program is going to be kind of like 20 Questions without the question limit, and the data file is going to get bigger and bigger. and I dont have the code that didn't work, and I dont think it would be helpful because all my attempts were just ...

38. applet window folder tree

Hi I am wondering is it possible to show a window's folder tree (like desktop, my computer, ...all the files etc) in a tree like structure on an applet? if by tree like structure i mean like when you open explorer on windows and it shows you folders with + signs on the side. if you click + sign...subfolders topen ...

39. Fractal Tree (RecursionC)

40. Tree (TreeView) in Applet

41. evaluation trees

42. help with trees

I'm kind of confused how you can say you know what a tree is, but you don't know how to write a class to represent a tree node. An adjacency matrix is actually a less natural way to represent a tree (unless your only experience programming is with SQL or something), IMHO. The abstract, mathematical, Data-Structures-101 description of a tree kind ...

43. How to copy a file with subdirectory tree

44. Creating tree

Since there's no obvious data in the question that suggests why that, and not some other arrangement is intended then how can there be an algorithm to determine it? You need to add some structure to the original data, such as bracketing before the necessary information is there for an algorithm to work on. e.g. A (B (D E F) C ...

45. algebraic tree

DHvA wrote: i'm trying to write a program that displays a algebraic tree, the the root nodes hold operators en the children operands. You still haven't asked a question. Not questions: My cat has fleas. I want to give my cat a bath. Fleas are annoying. Questions: What kind of soap gets rid of fleas? I've tried throwing my cat into ...

46. Need help on Tree??

I want to say big thank you on your help corlettk it worked and was very helpful but i have to use other code otherwise she will dock me the marks if i don't hand in submission on the code she started.....we have to do the code her way otherwise it's no good

47. Problem with tree

48. B tree

Greetings, I've been working for a while on a pretty simple B-Tree implementation in Java...but my life just went crazy and I need a little help. I'm certainly not asking for source code that I can just pop in and have it work magically. All I need is some nicely written, Java/Object Oriented pseudocode. i am loooking b tree simple implementasyon ...

49. Help with Trees in java.

The type of your root variable is TreeNode private TreeNode root; it is different from the TreeNode type accepted by the methods you created. public static void infix(TreeNode T) public static void prefix(TreeNode T) public static void postfix(TreeNode T) try changing the signature of the above methods such that they accept an argument of type TreeNode

50. tree representation

Hi! I'm new to java and my boss wants me to represent n binary trees in one binary tree. We have n binary trees, the root node of each tree has a name (identifying the tree) and a height, somehow he wants me to create some kind of super-tree of all this trees, and I really don't know what to do. ...

51. read from file and organize in tree

You're describing an HTML parser. There's one in Swing and a bunch of open-source projects as well. Use one of those if you need the parse tree. If you have to write the parser code yourself -- say, because this is a homework assignment -- then you should do it yourself. Also it's not the kind of thing where someone can ...

52. Paging for Tree In Java

53. update the tree

I concur that logically equivalent code works for a ListModel (Default or otherwise), the changes take effect and (somehow, which I don't really understand) some events must be fired which cause the visible UI to be updated. I cant update the JTree I honestly don't know... All I can say for sure is that JTree (and associated classes) don't work how ...

54. Tree problem

I want that there is one total for each group and the father group is the total of the child group. a total for "g c " and one for "g d" total "g b" is the sum of the previous group the total "g a" is the sum of all child,like a matrioska. The deep of the tree is variable. ...

55. n-ary tree

56. can the complete Class tree be found at runtime?

1. If you load a class then the VM will load the classes necessary to load the class. If not it fails. 2. There can however be classes in a methods that do not get loaded until the method runs. 3. There can be dynamically loaded classes as well. 4. The above is recursive for each class that is found by ...

57. Library to be used to create an element tree

58. Postfix tree

59. N-Ary tree lengths

What is the best way of calculating the length of a specific node? I'm working on code folding, and am storing each line of text as a node of a tree structure. When the user clicks on a line in the editor, I need to know which node is currently selected so I know what to edit. I figured that if ...

60. Easily creating a file explorer tree?

I would like to add to my program the ability for a user to browse through files via a file explorer (not an "open file"-esque dialogue box). I tried Googling it, but a lot of the examples were a bit over my head, and I couldn't figure out how to actually integrate them into my GUI (aka strip out the code ...

61. Check box in Tree ui element.

62. spanning tree application program in java

Hello there, I have a few question in spanning tree: a) How to implement finding a spanning tree application program in Java using DFS algorithm. Which we can find a spanning tree by carrying out DFS traversal and retain the edges that are traversed during traversal. In Drozdek (shown below)the edges are retained in edges. At the end of the traversal ...

63. Tree

64. Problem While using in TREE SET

public static void main(String[] args) { TreeSet set = new TreeSet(new Student()); Student s1 = new Student();"bhimesh"; s1.i=12; Student s2 = new Student();"balaji"; s2.i = 15; Student s3 = new Student();"bhargav"; s3.i = 45; set.add(s1); set.add(s2); set.add(s3); System.out.println(set); //System.out.println(set); Iterator it = set.iterator(); while ( it.hasNext()) { Object o1 =; System.out.println(o1); } } } Any doubt let ...

65. Conversation Trees

Ok, heres the problem, we have been asked (for a uni project) to make a simple text adventure game. I know how im going to tackle all the elements besides the convo structure. The easiest way of doing it would be as a bunch of nested if statements, but its ugly, clunky and not very flexible. Currently i have a system ...

67. 2,3,4 trees

68. Paging for Tree In Java

69. Trees

But the printout for this method first shows the leftmost branches, meaning that it didn't call preorderHelper for every "node's left and right" branches. If I just read the code as is, I don't see how the last line, preorderHelper( node.right ) is ever called; preorderHelper( node.left ) is called until its null in which case the method exits?

70. How to build n Tree from Vector

71. Scrollbars don't adapt after changing tree model

Hello there, I designed a JFrame with Netbeans 6.1 having a JTree in a JScrollPane. The scrollbars work fine after initialization but when I remove and add nodes into the tree's model the scrollbars don't adapt. For instance when I expand all nodes I cannot scroll to the bottom leaf. I guess I have to do something after I alter the ...

72. java tree

73. HTML Tree maker

Hi, I'm trying to develop a program that will take one HTML file and from there open all child windows, copy the text on that HTML page and put it all into a new text file. I would do this manually but I have 2200 HTML pages to go through. Essentially what I need it to do is take the first ...

74. B trees

Hi, First of all, I am glad to be with you and spare time to this forum from now on. My question is a ibt related with complexity of the B trees. I need to estimate the wors case access to the B tree which I do not how to manage. Could you please help me ? Cheers

75. Active Directory Java Tree

76. how to add a new child to tree

77. creating a Default Mutable tree

I want to create a DefaultMutableTree object using the following type of data as input: O O O C O C C O O O C C O C C C __________________ This data is similar to XML "open" and "closing" tags. O represents an opening tag, and C represents a closing tags. This characters are stored in an array. I ...

78. file tree in browser

I don't know any Java but I guess I'm going to have to learn some if I am to find a solution to my problem... I would like to create a file tree in a browser so that users can select which files they would like to backup (with a tick box that also selects all "child" directories). This information then ...

79. The easiest way to implement a Tree Table

Hi, I have a table in my program, but I would like a row to be able to expand (with some sort of subtable) when clicked. Now, this would be possible if I converted my table into a Tree Table. Here's an example of a Tree Table: [|] The problem with that one, is that it is built around the File ...

80. Game tree using alpha beta, Draughts

Thanks for the code it will be useful. Is there anything obvious from my code where it seems the problem may arise? Could I be looping through the moves wrong? I just want to check thats it isn't just a small problem before i try implementing AB the other way. This would save me time. Thanks Again.

81. Can't get Checkbox selection status in Tree

82. Tree Model

Hi. I am creating an application that would look into a directory folder specified by the user and convert it to a tree model. I would also want to serialize this tree model and put it into a string like String modelString = "FileSystemModel-"+//serialized tree model ; I would also be sending this modelString as a TCP socket String message across ...

83. Java Tree Grammar Beginner

I have had rather limited exposure to trees and our professor is throwing us in the deep end. I have to write a program using a particular grammar and I have absolutely no idea where to begin. The professor has yet to go over how to translate the grammar into usable code. We're supposed to use the following grammar: E -> ...

84. General Tree in Java

Hi, I know this question has been asked several times in the forum. I read all of them but i still have problems with implementing a general tree in Java. I can't use binary tree, because i don't know how to use binary tree instead of general tree to solve this question. Binary tree or red-black tree doesn't work for me. ...

85. Tree Hierarchy in Java (just Like MS WINDOWS)

Hello Folks.. I am trying to make a File Sharing System in Java using RMI (multi-threaded). when a user logs in and authenticates it, then he is shown a GUI in which he is shown all the folders uploaded by the other users. Here is what i want to do (Just Like in Windows, when Click on MY Computer, then Folders ...

86. Java Programming (Trees) - Help Please

Hello, I am in a class where we have to create a Java programming implementing a tree. We are supposed to take two numbers (but right now I can't even get one to work) and convert it to a bit string (e.g. 4: would be 00000100) but I am having some difficulty. I wrote this so far and was guided by ...

87. Creating Tree

Hi, I want to create a filesystem explorer. I am using Jtree. I want to create a tree exactly like windows explorer i.e. Desktop as root entry then MyComputer and MyDocuments, Recycel Bin as childs of Desktop node etc. But when get the list of files for Desktop, I am not getting these childs i.e. MyComputer and Document. What should I ...

88. stream and buildin xml tree

The client become a soap message from a server. Trying to build a xml tree to find certain nodes , i become error in the //*// position: try{ XMLStreamReader reader = createXMLStreamReader(httpConnection.getInputStream()); StAXOMBuilder builder = new StAXOMBuilder (reader);//*// OMElement doc = builder.getDocumentElement(); Compiler break down in //*// position! There should be another way to do it ?????? Thanks for any ...

89. JAVA and Tree

Hi there I got two phases of my question First, I want to implement data structure TREE by JAVA. (Not Jtree in GUI). How do I do that? Second, once I am done with a TREE, I need to save that into a database. What is the best way to save my TREE into a database? take care Mohammed Jubaer Arif ...

90. Creating a tree class...

91. General tree

I am trying to make a general tree but got confuse. I understand when it is binary tree. However, what do i do when i want to add n-nodes. more importantly how can i get to a particulate node? if u can give some psuedo code that would be very much appreciate. Pal

92. Tree for minimax

93. Tree Expansion

94. Updating tree

public class GUImain extends JPanel implements ActionListener, ItemListener, TreeSelectionListener { ... public void addObject() { // Add new object as child for selected tree item MyObject o = new MyObject("NewObj"); MyObject parent = (MyObject)tree.getSelectionPath().getLastComponent(); parent.addChild(o); // Add MyObject to Vector children -- // field of MSiteObject } ... } Following occurs when I call addObject: 1. If I do not expand ...

95. Generate XML from tree

Have a method that takes a Node as its parameter. (I'm supposing you want each tree node to map to an element, but you didn't give any details.) Generate the opening tag for the element. Then for each child of the Node, pass the child to this same method recursively. Finally, generate the closing tag for the element. To get things ...

96. 2-3 Tree

hi i am trying to write code for a 2-3 tree but am having a lot of trouble. i am able to write basic code for a binary tree but when i try to write a 2-3 tree i dont know what to do. does anyone know of a website that has basic code for a 2-3 tree or would anyone ...

97. Can Java execute batch file outside of current JVM in separate process tree

Hi, Does anyone know how to run programs from Java as separate processes that will not die when the spawning java program exits (JVM exits). The problem I have with using Runtime.exec is it spawns only child processes under the current running JVM, thus when the origonal program that called Runtime.exec ends so does all child processes. Basically I want to ...

98. about TREE in ja

99. about TREE in java?

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