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1. Findbugs not finding potential SQL injection vulnerability

I just installed the FindBugs plugin for Eclipse, with the hope that it will help me find SQL injection vulnerabilities in my code. However, it doesn't seem to be finding ...

2. Ways to prevent SQL Injection Attack & XSS in Java Web Application

I'm writing a java class which would be invoked by a servlet filter and which checks for injection attack attempts and XSS for a java web application based on Struts. The ...

3. Java - escape string to prevent SQL injection

I'm trying to put some anti sql injection in place in java and am finding it very difficult to work with the the "replaceAll" string function. Ultimately I need a function ...

4. Prevent SQL injection from form-generated SQL - NO PreparedStmts

I have a search table where user will be able to filter results with a filter of the type:

  • Field [Name], Value [John], Remove Rule
  • Field [Surname], Value [Blake], Remove Rule
  • Field [Has Children], Value [Yes], Remove ...

5. Modifying code to prevent SQL Injection

Example of SQL injection The following Java servlet code, used to perform a login function, illustrates the vulnerability by accepting user input without performing adequate input validation or escaping meta-characters:

String sql = ...

6. Preventing SQL Injection in DAO Layer

Assume that we have data inside the DTOObject

public void loginUser(UserDTO)

String name = UserDTO.getName();
String pwd = UserDTO.getPassword();
String sql  = "select UNAME , PWD from LoginTable where uname='"+name+"' and PWD='"+pwd+"';
Please tell ...

7. Avoiding SQL Injection

I want to avoid SQL Injections in my Webapp. It's Java based. Are PreparedStatements enough? Do i have to filter out the ' and "? Are there already solutions for this in Java?

8. Java SQL injection code scanner?

I wanted to find out the SQL statements in my application which was not written using PreparedStatement which are vulnerable to SQL injection attack. Any code scanner which can does this ...

9. SQL Injection Attack and JDBC

" SQL Injection is a way to attack the data in a database through a firewall protecting it. It is a method by which the parameters of a Web-based application are modified in order to change the SQL statements that are passed to a database to return data. For example, by adding a single quote () to the parameters, it is ...

10. SQL Injection

11. sql injection

12. SQL Injection prevention

I have never been convinced of the ability of an automated tool to definitively find vulnerabilities. The tableName value that is being passed to the PreparedStatement could very well being retrieved from a drop down menu. If that happens to be the case, and the tableName is being pulled from a controlled vocabulary of some sort, then there is no "vulnerability". ...

13. SQL injection?

SQL injection is an attack where a user can exploit weaknesses in your code to "inject" SQL clauses into your statements, yeilding unintended results. The aim is usually to gain access. Here's a classic example: suppose you accept a username and password and use the following to construct a Statement: String query = "select * from USERS where username='"+username+"' and password='"+password+"'"; ...

14. SQL injection

15. webapp sql injection

16. Filter for SQL Injection attack protection

Why would you be doing this in a filter? It's main-line functionality and not really suited to a filter. And I'd even delegate it to lower levels than the UI. After all, database security is not a UI issue and should be independent of the UI. [ October 11, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

17. Filtering Data to prevent SQL Injection

18. avoid sql injection

19. SQL injection and HTML

Hi All, I have a text box(on a jsp page) which should enable a free txt input including an HTML tags. Some background: In my customer page, there is an empty

that shoud be filled dinamiclly by calling to my servlet. my servlet should return a text that can be including an HTML tags and this text will be emmbeded ...

20. Dynamic SQL Injection Prevention.

Hi all, I have a unique scenario which is making it difficult for me to figure out a proper way to prevent SQL injection. A user has a text box in which they type the WHERE clause to a SQL query. I take that WHERE clause into a Servlet, validate it, execute it and display results back to the user. The ...

21. how to prevent sql injection

Hi Jeanne, Yes, I do recommend using parameters when the dynamic part of the query is a value. I have an example in my book of adding a list of ? parameter placeholders to a query string and preparing that. Your batching idea takes that a step further, and gives benefit in some vendors of RDBMS, where the optimization of a ...

22. Preventing SQL Injection in DAO Layer

23. What is SQL Injection

Hi, SQL injection refers to the act of someone inserting a MySQL statement to be run on your database without your knowledge. Injection usually occurs when you ask a user for input, like their name, and instead of a name they give you a MySQL statement that you will unknowingly run on your database. SQL Injection Example Below is a sample ...