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I have written a custom login module for JBoss that authenticates/authorizes requests to a web service. The first call to the service authenticates fine. I can connect a debugger to the ...

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I have a working Kerberos SSO setup, I use apache and jboss with mod_jk. Apache is protecting (by kerberos) the auto-login.htm page with the following configuration:

<Location /auto-login.htm>  
AuthType  ...

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How can, we know the jboss username and password for login

4. How to integrate OpenID login authentication implementation (Java) with JBoss    stackoverflow.com

I have implemented one service that perform operation required for OpenID login authentication using openid4java library. Flow of application is some think like as below

  1. JSP page for getting OpenID from user
  2. JSP ...

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Is it possible to get JBoss 5.x to secure webpages, forcing a login validated against users and passwords in a database without writing your own implementation, just configuring what already exists? It ...