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1. Do common JARs have to be repeated accross WARs in an EAR?    stackoverflow.com

I have a JAR file for authorization. I need it for each of my WAR files. All the WAR files are packaged in an EAR file. Do I ...

2. Getting the absolute path of a file within a JAR within an EAR?    stackoverflow.com

I have a J2EE app deployed as an EAR file, which in turn contains a JAR file for the business layer code (including some EJBs) and a WAR file for the ...

3. Does the Java JVM load an entire jar or ear if it only uses one class from it?    stackoverflow.com

Lets pretend you have a 3 Gb jar file and your application only uses a small class within it. Does the JVM load the whole jar file into memory or ...

4. tell me a clear differnece between EAR WAR and JAR    stackoverflow.com

i need to know a clear difference between WAR,JAR and EAR-

5. Is it possible in Java read files placed in a Jar that it's placed in a Ear too?    stackoverflow.com

I was wondering if is possible to find the content in an XML file placed in a jar thath is placed in a ear too. It would help me find the ...

6. Search Java jar (ear,war,...) files for class / method    stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a tool where I can search several jar, war, ... files for a certain class and method (even better Signature). So far I have found tools such as ...

7. Java EE - Get Cell/Node information from class    stackoverflow.com

I have a need to interface with C/C++ from Java Enterprise applications. I would like to write a class that will be able to gather Node/Cell information, possibly any additional information ...

8. Get .class files in a nested .jar    stackoverflow.com

I need to get all the .class files located in a .jar file which in turn is located within another .ear file. I am trying to use the JarInputStream to get access ...

9. Trying to edit a property file in jar from a ear file. Best way to do it?    stackoverflow.com

I am thinking using truezip API in Java to manipulate with ear file by

  1. extract ear into tmp directory,
  2. then search through jars in tmp,
  3. if found properties in jar,
  4. then ...

10. Any good tool for browsing archives(Ear,War, Jar) on OSX    stackoverflow.com

On Linux i can use file-roller and open an browse the content of an EAR file without manually open it, can even dig into contained WAR file and within that JAR ...

11. Injecting a bean from a different Jar in Weld    stackoverflow.com

I have two Jars A and B where A depends on B. Jar B has a single class:

public class MyManagedBean {

 private String user;

 public MyManagedBean(){
  //Constructor necesary for CDI


12. Difference b/w .ear, .war & .jar ?    coderanch.com

Can someone please tell me the exact difference b/w .ear, .jar & .war ? & under what circumstances should a application have these files ? One of my application has a .ear file & an other application doesnt have. Both applications use framework which is based on MVC architecture. So can someone tell me when do we deploy .ear file ? ...

13. War with WAR, EAR and JAR    coderanch.com

Hi, What are the uses of having JAR, WAR and EAR (some other is there??) I know about JAR file. As far my knowledge the JAR file is used when we want to give our application to the cilent, by placing all the class files with one manifest file stating which one has the main method. Correct me if I am ...

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15. Diff. Btwn EAR, WAR, & JAR Files????    coderanch.com

Hi All, I'm a little confused on where EAR, WAR, & JAR files can run. I'm working on an application in which an application server farm group requires us to package our service in an EAR file. That's fine. But now I would like to ask about what is the best way to package our client packages. For one pacakage the ...

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18. Executing EAR, JAR etc.    coderanch.com

Hi I am new to J2EE technology and currently I am working on a project where client has sent his old code and some exe files etc in .ear and .jar jave file formats, some .ear files contain .war files also inside them. Now i want to work on these bundles of codes and files and lay novice about the commands ...

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