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1. Check if a PDF file is a scanned one    stackoverflow.com

What is the best way to programmatically check if a PDF file is a totally scanned one? I do have iText and PDFBox at my disposal. I can check if a ...

2. query about pdf file    stackoverflow.com

hi How can i append 2nd page of a pdf file to the first page. in my case the page is getting overwritten..plz reply soon

3. java pdf file write    stackoverflow.com

I am working with java how to give page break in pdf file writing .... after 50 lines i want to start writing on new page I am using itext library

4. send pdf file in xml message    stackoverflow.com

i want to send a pdf file within a xml message. how do i do that in java? what data type do i use in the schema? thx in advance

5. "java.io.IOException: This may not be a PDF File"    stackoverflow.com

I want to read a pdf file from a url and convert it into a thumbnail image. I am using the following code. I didnt included the converting portion ...

6. Viewing a pdf file in java    stackoverflow.com

Hey Everyone, I'm devlopping an application for printing pdf docuemnts using java, so i've searched a lot for this on the web and i've finaly could do so using java library PDFRenderer ...

7. Embed XML file into PDF    stackoverflow.com

I need to embed an XML file (or simple text file) into a PDF generated via Java and Adobe LiveCycle SOAP call. I can't use iText or another library but only ...

8. Rename an existing file or pdf using JAVA its fails    stackoverflow.com

String fileOne = "C:/1236.pdf"; String fileTwo = "C:/22.pdf"; String mergedFileLocation = "C:/myMergedData.pdf"; if (new File(mergedFileLocation).renameTo(new File(fileOne))) { ...

9. PDF File upload using JAVA    stackoverflow.com

just 3 days ago I am getting the following error message when I am trying to upload a PDF file... not sure why it is not working now.... I havenĀ“t changed ...

10. Using Java to test for file damage and corruption    stackoverflow.com

I am looking at writing a program that can test files for corruption and/or damage. I would prefer to write the program in Java. Now for the tricky part, is it ...

11. Upgrade My PDF Files from Version Using Java    stackoverflow.com

I am currently using Java to get a PDF document and add text using PDFBox to it. I would like to know how I can upgrade my existing PDFs from version 1.2 ...

12. Java accessing a authenticated pdf file in java program    stackoverflow.com

I want to access a pdf file in a java program which is in some commom websites. By entering the correct and exact URL i can do that operation. But ...

13. Unable to edit PDF file with Java Desktop    stackoverflow.com

I have users on Windows reporting that using Desktop.getDesktop().edit(new File("Somefile.pdf")) is returning an error (that it doesn't have an editor). Adobe X Pro is installed on those machines. Has Anyone experienced ...

14. PDF File - Check for Update with Java?    stackoverflow.com

I want to post some instructional PDF files to my website for my customers to download. From time to time these PDF files will be updated with new content and ...

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16. PDF File storing and retrieving    coderanch.com

17. How can we write PDF file    coderanch.com

Hello, I ve an application, and i want ot write its input as pdf file, anyone can help me out please because i search out that we do need some pfd writer and mostly available on Sourceforge.net, but is there anyother way around that we not bother third party and use java api. thank you much !!

18. writing PDF to a file in java    coderanch.com

Doing file I/O in a servlet in no different than file I/O in a desktop app. If, on the other hand, you want to stream a PDF to a browser, that's no different than streaming any other binary content. Or is the problem the cretaion of PDF content? There are several libraries that help with this, they're listed on the AccessingFileFormats ...

19. Comparing PDF files    coderanch.com

What should be the result of the comparison? PDFs contain text, images, formatting information, watermarks, digital signatures, forms, document meta information, etc. Which of these do you want to look at? In general, it's not possible to access information in PDFs. Some tools let you extract their text (e.g. JPedal), but that's about it.

20. Problem in writing concatenated byteArray to a PDF file    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have to two byte Array. I want to write them to one pdf file. But the pdf displays only the second byte array content , i know its writing both because i concatenated the byte Arrays and written it as one byte array to the OutputStream. my code is as follows serverData = remoteServiceObject.doRemoteRequestProcess(clientRequest); System.out.println("server data in ...

21. How to PDF file editable    coderanch.com

22. how to send fax and we must send pdf files fhrough fax    coderanch.com

sir i am using Rfax1.1 while sending pdf file it is not getting output but it is sending empty fax i am using this code for doing that. try { AcrobatFaxProducer pdf=new AcrobatFaxProducer(); pdf.setPDFFile("c:\\report.pdf"); FaxModem fm= new FaxModem(); pdf.pageImage=new BufferedImage(800,1290,java.awt.image.BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB); FaxModem m=new FaxModem(); m.setPortName("COM1"); m.flowControl=m.FLOWCONTROL_XONXOFF; m.faxClass=2; m.AtFBOR=true; m.open(p); if (m.sendFax("11111111")) System.out.println("Success ***"); else System.out.println("FAILED"); m.close(); } catch ( Exception e ) ...

23. Downloading PDF files    coderanch.com

Hi Bill, Thanks for the help, but to my utter dismay, setting the content length has not helped. If I keep the content type as application/pdf, The servlet is being called more than once if I use IE, but netscape does it only once. In case the content type is application/x-filler, the servlet is called once, but download is not possible. ...

24. PDF file serving    coderanch.com

The servlet only knows how to stream data to the client. As far as I know, I don't think there is a .PDF API to disseminate a .PDF file through Java (i.e. send a particular page..). So one way is to create a separate .PDF for each page and send out the correct file/page (ew!). sorry if i don't have a ...

25. pdf and binary files - URGENT    coderanch.com

Hi, I have some pdf and txt reports stored in oracle database as bfiles. I am retrieving it using a servlet. I could retrieve the text reports without any problem. When I select pdf, pdf reader opens and comes with blank pages. It is showing the actual number of pages though. I am sending the mime header to application/pdf. IF I ...

26. how to create a link to download pdf file?    coderanch.com

Jim, The browser decides what to do with links. If the browser is configured to recognize *.pdf files, it will perform the default operation (in some browsers, this is user specified). In most cases that means "launch the program that uses this type of file". You may want to investigate the use of funky javascript tricks.

27. Create a Pdf file using Java    coderanch.com

hi all, i had already posted a query regarding how to print the contents,but in vain no reply, can anybody tell me is there any class so as to create a pdf file and methods used to write into the pdf file. IOStreams,do create a pdf file,but me not able to open the pdf file. I saw a PdfWriter class,but not ...

28. Sending pdf file to user    coderanch.com

29. PDF filename problem,URGENT!!!    coderanch.com

Hi Sejal! The filename parameter must be enclosed in double quotes. Try using this: res.setHeader( "Content-Disposition","inline; filename=\""+ finFileName + "\";"); Hope this helps! p.s. and if you want to force the Save As Dialog box to appear, you should use "attachment" as the Content-Disposition instead of "inline" - Nikki [ September 21, 2003: Message edited by: Nikki Aniban ]

30. Delay in showing PDF file    coderanch.com

A little bit more complicated than the title suggests... Basically I have an app that allows the user to view the PDf version of a report. If the file doesn't exist or older than the data, create the PDF file first, store it in the file system, before sending it to the browser. The problem is, after the app creates the ...

31. linearized Pdf file    coderanch.com

You cannot "re-linearize" a PFD file. You have to do this at building time as you need special Objects in your file and you have to obey a certain order of their appearance. Maybe there are tools from Adobe, but as far as i know theres nothing in Java For further Information see PDF Specification 1.4 Appendix F (Available from Adobe) ...

33. Title as PDF file name    coderanch.com

34. Corrupt PDF Files    coderanch.com

Thanks for your quick reply. To answer your questions... Q1) Are you using Reader or Writer rather than InputStream or OutputStream? A1) I'm using a FileInputStream Q2) Are you using String or char[] rather than byte[]? A2) I am using byte to read in the data Q3) Are you ever converting between byte and String or char? No. Q4) Are you ...

35. access denied on pdf file    coderanch.com

Hello all! In my jsp application, a report is generated in PDF format (by using itext). On development enviroment (local server) it works's fine. But in production enviroment (external server) the following exception is throwed: DocumentException: java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.io.FilePermission /opt/tomcat5/work/Teste/kollinghd.com.br/teste/loader/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF write) This exception is throwed when the line bellow is executed: this.document.add(this.table); //where the table it's full fill with a ...

36. Enabling Copy in pdf file    coderanch.com

37. Concatinating two pdf files in java    coderanch.com

Thanks Keith. I will go through those site and I know about them earlier. I dont want to read or write pdfs.. I have all the pdfs and just I have to merge them into one.. Is it possible without them or will there be some functions in those api's to do this job?

38. pdf file    coderanch.com

39. how can do I run this java code and pass the pdf file ?    coderanch.com

I have a java file called PdfFormGenerator.java and when I execute the file, I get the following msg: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: student/bhc/PdfFormGenerator Press any key to continue.... and when I compile the file I get the following two error msg: cannot resolve symbol variable CLASS_LOCATION cannot resolve symbol variable FORM_LOCATION My question is, how can I use the Java ...

40. Can Java work with pdf files?    coderanch.com

41. Handling PDF files    coderanch.com

Hi Everyone, I would like to have some pointers from all our remarakable readers. Here is what I want to achieve. I have few 100's of files in pdf format.(very large in size) all the pages are scanned and are images. No consistent page numbers No bookmarks. What I want to do is split the pdf files into smaller chunks. To ...

42. store pdf on file to another file    coderanch.com

Welcome to JavaRanch. The general approach would be to read the file into a byte[] (using the FileInputStream class), and then use that with the Blob and PreparedStatement classes for inserting it into the DB. For retrieving it from the DB you'd call ResultSet.getBlob, and then use FileOutputStream to store it in a file.

43. Etract data from pdf files    coderanch.com

Hi, I have an assignment to extract text from a pdf file. The pdf file has both Arabic and English text. My understanding is I can't use standard Java library to get this done. Can anyone recommend some free and easy to use 3rd party software? Has anyone worked on Arabic before?

44. java program to add digital signature into a pdf file    coderanch.com

dear all , 1. i need to write a java program for adding digital signature to a page in a pdf file . * i have to use the profile created by the user where private key ,certificate and public key are stored . * i need to use the signature found in that profile . may be i have to ...

45. How to create a .pdf file?    coderanch.com

46. pdf byte to pdf file converstion    coderanch.com

47. How to enable commenting into pdf files using java?    coderanch.com

Hi All, Is there any way available to enable comments into pdf files through java. I have a Adobe Reader 9 and also I want put some comments into pdf file, but the reader is not allowed to place a comment into pdf file before enabling the Comments into pdf. After enabling the comments in pdf file then only we can ...

48. Identifying readable PDF files in Java    coderanch.com

Ok, I know this isn't entirely a Java question but . . . I have a Java program that, among other things, has to look at a file and determine if it's a PDF. I have, basically, a byte array to work with. I know I can convert the byte array to a String, and look at the first 5 characters ...

49. how to import xfdf file into the pdf file    java-forums.org

As far as I am aware XFDF data is collected in one of two ways, either form data is submitted to a server (submit button on the PDF form), or users themselves export the data using 'Advanced'->'Forms'->'Export Forms Data' option in Adobe Acrobat, so regards exporting data, I guess it depends on how the PDFs in question are setup. There are ...

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53. writing pdf file    forums.oracle.com

hi friends i am making program to write data in pdf file. i am using PDFBox API .I have done it.Its working only for english text but not working for other language such as hindi ,punjabi ang urdu.In case of other language except english it write digit.I am not able to provide unicode support.I dont why its happend. Please help me ...

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58. write japenese character in pdf file    forums.oracle.com

59. How to apply the superscript and subscript to PDF file with using iText5.0    forums.oracle.com

Hi All, I am drawing text to pdf page using the AttributedString. when adding the Surperscript and subscript Attributes to AttributedString then drawing aAttributedCharacterIterator from AttributedString is not working properly , but i can achieve it by TextLayout object can any one pls let me know why AttributedString dosnt work properly. here is the sample code import java.awt.Graphics2D; import java.awt.font.LineBreakMeasurer; import ...

60. writing pdf files using java    forums.oracle.com

hi, i'm currently try to develop a program which read html templates and generate some reports and save those reports in html format. this works fine. but i feel its better the reports are in pdf format instead of html. did anyone know how to do this using java....and is there any free api for this. i search on google there ...

61. uploading PDF file results to corrupted file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have the following java code that saves a pdf file into a local location tempFile = new File(this.getRecFilename()); ByteArrayOutputStream baos=new ByteArrayOutputStream(); FileInputStream in=new FileInputStream(tempFile); int read=-1; while((read=in.read())!=-1) { baos.write(read); } this.setRecData(baos.toByteArray()); It is working perfectly except for this one particular PDF file, once it saves the file to the local directory, the file becomes corrupted. I'm not sure why ...

62. How to enable commenting into pdf files using java?    forums.oracle.com

Is there any way available to enable comments into pdf files through java. I have a Adobe Reader 9 and also I want put some comments into pdf file, but the reader is not allowed to place a comment into pdf file before enabling the Comments into pdf. After enabling the comments in pdf file then only we can place the ...

63. Getting java.lang.Null pointer Exception when i close the pdf file.    forums.oracle.com

final Browser browser = new Browser(comp, SWT.FLAT); try { File file = new File(exportFile); URL url = file.toURL(); browser.setUrl("file:" + url.getPath()); } catch (MalformedURLException malURLEx) { // malURLEx.printStackTrace(); throw new ProgrammingExceptionAdapter(malURLEx); } shell.addDisposeListener(new DisposeListener() { public void widgetDisposed(DisposeEvent arg0) { File file = new File(exportFile); if (file != null && file.exists()) { file.delete(); } browser.dispose(); } }); shell.open(); shell.setFocus()'

64. concat pdf files    forums.oracle.com

Document document = new Document(finalPageSize, 0, 0, 0, 0); PdfWriter writer = PdfWriter.getInstance( document, new FileOutputStream(finalFileName) ); document.open(); PdfContentByte cb = writer.getDirectContent(); int current = startNo; for (int sheetNo=0; sheetNo

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66. What is the BEST way to store pdf files.....    forums.oracle.com

67. how to compress a pdf file in java?    forums.oracle.com

String pdf_file = tiff_file.substring(0, tiff_file.lastIndexOf(".") + 1) + "pdf"; Document document = new Document(); try { PdfWriter writer = PdfWriter.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream(pdf_file)); int pages = 0; document.open(); PdfContentByte cb = writer.getDirectContent(); RandomAccessFileOrArray ra = null; int comps = 0; try { ra = new RandomAccessFileOrArray(tiff_file); comps = TiffImage.getNumberOfPages(ra); } catch (Throwable e) { System.out.println("Exception in " + tiff_file + " " ...

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73. Create PDF file in JAVA    forums.oracle.com

There's also a package call PDFBox. You deliver the PDF just like any other data stream, In a Servlet set the resonse type to "application/pdf". However Internet Explorer has some anoying quirks in this area. Microsoft never really got their brains arround the MIME thing, and you need to have a URL ending in .pdf before any query string. There's a ...

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76. How to get Chinese characters from PDF file ?    forums.oracle.com

I've searched the web trying to extract Chinese characters from a PDF file, but so far no java package can do it, many of them claim they support CJK characters, but after I tried them I was disappointed. The pdf file is located at : http://www.cnstock.com/paper%5Fnew/images/2007-06/10/11813242048127.pdf The best I've tried is : Big Faceless PDF Library at : http://bfo.co.uk/products/pdf It says ...

77. Copy PDF file    forums.oracle.com

Hi all! I use the following function to copy a pdf file from a folder to another and the new file seems correctly created but when i try to open it I get an error. public String copyFile(File in, File out) throws Exception { FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(in); FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(out); byte[] buf = new byte[1024]; int i ...

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79. How use pdf files    forums.oracle.com

Hi; I have the following process : I receive via FTP of the pdf files which are stored on a directory of my server (Tomcat + JOnas). This directory is outwards of the deployment directory of JOnas (work directory) and the pdf files are not inside of war file but uploaded directly on the directory. I must realized a JSP which ...

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81. How to create pdf files dynamically using Java    forums.oracle.com

I am new to java world. I got a task of generating dynamic pdf files using Java. I have tried with some third party APIs for generating pdf. But most of them are not so feasable. I am looking for source code for one such APIs so that I can build my custom requirements over it. Thanks

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83. help needed in creating pdf file    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, I keep coming back to this question again. I chose iText over jasper reports to generate PDF files for some good reasons. in my application I 1. accept file uploaded by the user 2. process the data inside files and separate them into good data & bad data 3. put these good and bad data in a vector 4. ...

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90. Directly Click the pdf File and my Java application will run    forums.oracle.com

Hello Every one i have an application a java application that read pdf file and display the pdf file on a jPanel but i hate the way it work because before i can open and read pdf file i must click the jmenuitem and open the jfilebrowser so that my java application will open and read the pdf file. i want ...