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1. Can't manage to close blank window left after download an xml file in IE6.    forums.oracle.com

hi All, I have a requirement where i have to open Xml type attachment in New blank window for download. I am using the following code for the same: window.open ("URL", "_blank", "location=no;scrollbars=1"); The code works fine and allow me to download xml in new window. But after download the blank IE window remains which the user need to close manually. ...

2. huge XML file    forums.oracle.com

I have no problem with that file at all; just I don't like it so big; it must be read by another application. So do you suggest to zip and unzip while reading it? I was wondering too if it was a good idea to keep double with a such precision...(maybe trunc them?) Edited by: mickey0 on Sep 10, 2009 7:28 ...

3. how to embedd Fusion Charts with XML files in java? Please help me.......    forums.oracle.com

Hi....iam trying to display Fusion Charts. Iam using Hibernate to bring data from database. what i want to do is to put data on xml, once my xml gets dynamic data from database, then it will be clubbed with swf files(fusion charts) to show graphs such as line charts,etc. I know wat to do. But big Question is how to do ...

4. Retrive the XML file    forums.oracle.com

5. Open a xml file    forums.oracle.com

an XML file is just a file like any other so if you know how to open files you know how to open XML files. If you don't know how to open files, go back to your teacher and ask to be caned until your bum bleeds because you would have known that had you not skipped classes.

6. how to create xml file....?    forums.oracle.com

7. Construct XML files in Java    forums.oracle.com

8. Help removing BOM character from beginning of UTF-8 XML file    forums.oracle.com

thomas.behr wrote: You do understand that the BOMStripperInputStream does not modify the file but only hides the offending bytes when reading from the BOMStripperInputStream? Thank you - this was the basic piece of information that I had a suspicion about, but wasn't 100% entirely sure on. The unmarshall method is actually a Castor XML method and it expects a Reader as ...

9. creating Xml file    forums.oracle.com

i want to create XML file using java , im using using some classes of apache.batik package. i m able to create the tags and attribute , but dont know how to create the tags that contain the text . like *some text* how to create this type of tag that contains text in between the closing and opening.

10. unicode symbols in xml file    forums.oracle.com

11. All XML files are not processed properly    forums.oracle.com

You should be using Process#waitFor() rather than sleep(). Create a collection of the created Process objects and then when you have used exec() on each file you should iterate though the process objects using waitFor() on each one. When the iteration completes, all the Process objects will be complete. You need a thread for each Process stdout and one for each ...

12. How to transfer a XML file from java to .net    forums.oracle.com

hmmmmm.....simplest thing to do it reading XML file as String and sending that String with XML file name embedded into it. This may not be the best way to do it but will solve the purpose. Just a work around. Hi All, Please let us know best way to transfer XML files using web services.

13. comparision of two xml files    forums.oracle.com

You can simply compare the entire contents of the strings if you like, although simple whitespace differences (spaces, tabs, carriage returns, etc.) would result in an evaluation that the two are different (probably not what you want). You can parse them in DOM or SAX, and the minute an element fails, return false. Look up a tutorial on either DOM or ...

14. Generate XML file Dynamically    forums.oracle.com

15. How to saveAs MSWord file into xml file ?    forums.oracle.com

Or alternately download Open Office (for the cost of the bytes), then either integrate it into your app., or just use it, to open the document and save it as ODF format. It will not only be XML, but Zipped as well. Edit 1: For more details, see the [OpenOffice API|http://api.openoffice.org/]. And in regard to your most recent post. I bet ...

16. Help with Packages and xml files    forums.oracle.com

I have a XML file that is read by the program that I want to add to my package. The package can be check out with a different name and different location each time, so how would I set up for my file to be read in by com.compname.project.lib.xml enstead of c:/dev/com/compname/project/lib.xml

17. How to edit doctype in xml file using java    forums.oracle.com

18. Creating large XML files    forums.oracle.com

I have been working with DOM parser for creating XML files but as the size of the XML file increases, the memory allocated to the JVM gets consumed at a high rate. So i needed to find another parser that can make my life much easier. SAX parser is not a solution for me as it gives problems with doc manipulation ...

19. Guidance required in creating XML files...    forums.oracle.com

Output required will be 10 Praveen CS 10 20 30 20 Test CS 200 The problem is, I cannot write a ORACLE Query which will fetch me only one record for each EMPLOYEE with their appropriate Q. Therefore, the Servlet has to fetch the records, which will ...

21. How To Import packages in XML File    forums.oracle.com

What does that have to do with xml? Are you talking about build.xml? That's an [Ant|http://ant.apache.org/] build file. The problem you have is a classical library-is-not-in-classpath problem. Check line 47 of your build.xml and see what classpath it uses. Add the library to that classpath. You will have to learn some ant to do that, so don't give up if you ...

22. Need help to edit a XML file    forums.oracle.com

23. Manipulating the XML file without storing it physically    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have an urgent requirement. My problem is: I want to manipulate XML file using JAXB but without creating or storing the xml file physically. I have done manipulation but by storing the file in some location but as storing and retreiving the files are expensive operations so i need to do all these this manipulation without storing the file. ...

24. Broke a xml file    forums.oracle.com

25. restricting Xml file    forums.oracle.com

You can write a XML file without the children that should be visible, or provider your own CSS file, which styles it as you like. Note that the second solution doesn't add any security (the data is still acessible), but if you just want to hide it for convenience, then it might be ok.

26. Regarding appending a XML file    forums.oracle.com

my requirement is to append the existing XML file i,e if I append my XML file it should give me a output as a ATSPLJECP/KAR/083 24-Jan-2008 Feb 08/Pur/18 12-Feb-2008 Applicable 27080336785 ATSPLJECP/KAR/083 24-Jan-2008 Feb 08/Pur/18 12-Feb-2008 Applicable 27080336785

27. Problem in decryption of xml file    forums.oracle.com

Hi Friends, I have encrypted an xml file using RSA-1024 (using a public key) . It is encrypted successfully. Now to decrypt the resultant file, I'm using the same algo (using a private key), but it results a blank/empty file instead of original xml file. Pls help me to decrypt the file. Thanks. Edited by: PSS_Delhi on Apr 29, 2008 2:25 ...

28. Receiving XML file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I am developing a J2ME OBEX(Blue Tooth) application to receive the XML file. Now the problem is that server always sends the file to the SMS inbox by OBEX object push function that is built in the phone. And the server never sends the data to my application. Anyone can help me?

29. can we change the web.xml file name???????    forums.oracle.com

30. xml_file    forums.oracle.com

32. build.xml and war file    forums.oracle.com

hi. Hope someone could help me out. I made an app that generates a report in pdf form. It works fine. How do i generate the war file? build.xml? how do i deploy the app in another server? Below is the directory structure of the app. Report |__ src |__web.Report.dao |__web.Report.dao.impl |__web.Report.domain |__web.Report.service |__web.Report.service.impl |__web.Report.servlet |__ src-test |__web.Report.dao.test |__web.Report.service.test |__ build ...

33. edit xml file    forums.oracle.com

With text files writing a new file is almost always the way to go. To insert or delete stuff from an existing sequential file you need to move everything that follows the alteration up or down which is very complicated and hideously innefficient. Create a new file using a temporary name, then rename the old and new files so that the ...

35. To add methods in a xml file.    forums.oracle.com

36. listbox from xml file    forums.oracle.com

Element fstElmnt = (Element) fstNode; NodeList fstNmElmntLst = fstElmnt.getElementsByTagName("code"); Element fstNmElmnt = (Element) fstNmElmntLst.item(0); NodeList fstNm = fstNmElmnt.getChildNodes(); System.out.println("Code : " + ((Node) fstNm.item(0)).getNodeValue()); NodeList lstNmElmntLst = fstElmnt.getElementsByTagName("name"); Element lstNmElmnt = (Element) lstNmElmntLst.item(0); NodeList lstNm = lstNmElmnt.getChildNodes(); System.out.println("Name : " + ((Node) lstNm.item(0)).getNodeValue()); } } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } Now I want to display the all ...

37. Creating XML File Dynamically - Pls Help    forums.oracle.com

38. Problem with Xml File...    forums.oracle.com

39. how to create xml file using java    forums.oracle.com

40. Intelligently generate file structure as xml    forums.oracle.com

So I have about a g'zillion songs on my personal server. (well maybe not a g'zillion, but close) I recently wrote a simple java class to recursively run through and print the filenames under the directory name. What i get is a nice xml document that I can render using xls. This all works very except when I hit the last ...

41. XML scan files    forums.oracle.com

I need to scan a few hundreads xml files and to map those files to a graph which says "which file calls to a file" or in another words, I should track down the "forward" command in the xml file and map it as a graph from father to his sons (just like a tree except i should also recognize circles ...

42. Number of notes in seralized files limit of 1000 ( XML) is there a way to i    forums.oracle.com

The problem is in my application I have a vector which contains number of XMl nodes when I try to serialize that vector to local file it gives stack over flow error. How to handle overcome this stack over flow error? Is there any limit of no objects in vector or no of objects in object tree.

43. Extracting data from an XML file...    forums.oracle.com

44. how to prevent file not found exception while ziping the xml files .    forums.oracle.com

} origin.close(); } out.close(); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } when i am trying to zip xml fils in a directory it is throwing file not found exception even though the file is there in the directory .i am able to zip java files properly. plese anybody show me some way?

45. Display extended ascii characters as question mark in xml file    forums.oracle.com

I am creating a XML file with encoding as UTF-8. Some tag values contain some extended ascii characters. When i run the java program to create the file in windows, the extended ascii characters are display correctly. But in linux it is displaying as ?(question mark). i am not able to rectify this. can anyone help me.... Its urgent Thanks in ...

46. XML files    forums.oracle.com

47. xml file presentation    forums.oracle.com

Hi, Im using the following code to create xml file: try { Source source = new DOMSource(this.XMLDocument); File file = new File(filename); Result result = new StreamResult(file); Transformer xformer = TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTransformer(); xformer.transform(source, result); } catch (TransformerConfigurationException e) { } catch (TransformerException e) { } My problem is after i created the file, i open it in eclipse and i see all ...

48. XML File Editing    forums.oracle.com

Out of curiosity, how do u edit text files though? I know how to write a text file and read a text file. But coudln't seem to find a way to edit it. Not that i will use it in my project or anything. since everyone seems to be stopping me from doing so. :P

49. Sending an xml file through HTTP?    forums.oracle.com

In my web app that i try to build, every content request that made by the user is saved in DB & create the xml file for each request. The xml file is presenting all the information about the request. After that, the xml is sent to another web app, in order to be parsed & processed. I think that creating ...

50. Current Time in an XML file    forums.oracle.com

51. find XML file from archive    forums.oracle.com

I have some XML files that are packaged in a EAR file and deployed to Websphere AppServer. Ex: WEB-INF/classes/XMLDir/test.xml I have to find the location of these files ( relative to Webspere classes dir ) and Parse through these files. The below code is not finding xml files (returning NULL ) and throwing Exception. String xmlFile = "XMLDir/test.xml"; InputStream input = ...

52. new File xml    forums.oracle.com

53. how to use sequence.nextval in xml file    forums.oracle.com

54. Configuring a web.xml file    forums.oracle.com

I have a hosted server that uses Tomcat through Apache. I am trying to create a JSP page that, among other things displays a random image. The JSP file is in .. /ROOT/index.jsp The first problem is that the JSP page can only access images and css files if it is under httpdocs in the apache server. The path I need ...

56. XML Configuration File Editor    forums.oracle.com

In my quest for not making something that has already been made, I am looking for an XML configuration file editor that is customizable to a certain data specs. What I mean is if I have an xml file with a series of entries Joe Smith 22 The reader can read in the values into an editable listbox the ...

57. Java and XML Configuration Files    forums.oracle.com

Hi, Can anyone tell me the best way to read information stored in an XML configuration file into my Java program? I have a factory class which I want to instantiate classes from at runtime and I want to be able to read in the class names from a XML configuration file to make it extensible.. Many thanks....

58. File using XML Unable to complile    forums.oracle.com

Hi All I am trying to compile XMLAdaptor.java file, it throws me following exception... D:/valenyap/cvs/common/lib/xml/parser-1.1.jar(org/w3c/dom/Document.java) [70:1] class Document is public, should be declared in a file named Document.java (source unavailable) D:/valenyap/cvs/common/lib/xml/parser-1.1.jar(org/w3c/dom/Node.java) [250:1] class Node is public, should be declared in a file named Node.java (source unavailable) D:/valenyap/cvs/common/lib/xml/parser-1.1.jar(org/w3c/dom/DocumentType.java) [77:1] class DocumentType is public, should be declared in a file named DocumentType.java (source ...

59. class instance from xml file    forums.oracle.com

No. You don't want the ".class" as part of the attribute, and you need a call like Class.forName() or ClassLoader.loadClass() to load a class given it's name in a String. The code you give would work (and produce an empty String) but it wouldn't get you anywhere since it's no different from o = new String() i.e the class name is ...

60. What's the recommended API to read/parse XML files in Java?    forums.oracle.com

Unless you are planning to edit and change the nodes I would recommend you use a Sax parser which is a lot less memory hungry that a DOM parser. The DOM parser tries to read the complete document into memory for user manipulation. If you are only looking to read the document and extract particular values then a DOM parser would ...

62. two context param in web.xml file    forums.oracle.com