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1. I need to call a batch file from java and pass arguments to that Batch file

Hi, I need to call a batch file from java and pass arguments to that Batch file. For example say: The batch file(test.bat) contains this command: mkdir I need to pass the name of the directory to the batch file as an argument from My Java program. Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c start test.bat"); How to pass argument to the .bat file from Java ...

2. how to give input to batch file

3. Batch File Problem?

Dear All, rem ** JAVA_HOME SET JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_02 rem **PATH for java bin SET PATH=%PATH%;%JAVA_HOME%\bin rem ***************************************************** rem ** New environment variables for CLASSPATH rem ***************************************************** rem ** All_LIB SET All_LIB=lib rem ***************************************************** rem** CLASSPATH rem ***************************************************** SET CLASSPATH=. rem ***************************************************** rem ** Add jars to the CLASSPATH rem ***************************************************** rem ** All jars for program run SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%All_LIB%\ac-interfaces.jar SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%All_LIB%\kb-interfaces.jar ...

4. Java program run using batch file

5. Need Batch File to Compile Java Program

Hi, Currently I have a batch file to run a Java progam which utilizes 2 Jar files. I now need a new batch file to compile the same program with the 2 Jar files. Here is my .bat file to run. Could someone provide me with one to compile as well? =========================== echo Running WIS extraction... set JARPATH=C:/Documents and Settings/willse/Desktop/ set ...

6. Batch file program

7. Get Batch File Output

Not necessarily. in the batch file, when you have it execute the exe, have it redirect the output to a file or better a blocking message-oriented pipe. : start blah.exe > pipe you can create pipes with, for example, mkfifo on linux. Or you might be able to use a PipedInputStream wrapper around a file that you are going to output ...

8. How to invoke and pass arguments to a batch file from a java code

Hi I have a batch file (marcxml.bat) which has the following excerpt : @echo off if x==%1x goto howto java -cp C:\Downloads\Marcxml\marc4j.jar; C:\Downloads\Marcxml\marcxml.jar; %1 %2 %3 goto end I'm calling this batch file from a java code with the following line of code: Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c start C:/Downloads/Marcxml/marcxml.bat"); so ,that invokes the batch file.Till that point its ok. since ...

9. Catch Java exception in MS-DOS Batch File

Hello, I am new to java programming. I have written a program which reads a file and create multiple files based on certain condition. I am executing my java executable from a MS-DOS Batch file. I have a situation whereby I want to move these newly created file to a new folder/directory by executing the MS-DOS command in the batch file. ...

10. How to capture Java Exceptions in batch file

Try capturing the return value of the command "java Test". If it succeeds, you should get a '0', otherwise you'll get something else. I admit it's been years since I had to do that, but it rings a bell. If it works, and you're on Java 5 or later, you can use the method Thread.setDefaultUncaughtExeptionHandler ( look at the docs ) ...

11. compile and run java programs using batch file

a) just write a batch file, and add it to the project. When you want to run it, go to a command window and invoke it. (There is probably also a way to invoke it from Eclipse) b) if the project is complicated, take a look at ant. Eclispe knows about ant files.

12. calling batch file from java Program

I have made the java program in which i have called the batch file.But the problem is this that when i call batch file locally it executes normally but when i try to execute batcvh file from remote machine it doesn't runrather it gives Runtime IO execption.Error123.Can anyone provide me the solution for this?

13. running a batch file

What window should close? When you invoked cmd.exe it didn't open a new window did it? So I am left thinking you're talking about closing the command window YOU opened before you started this Java app. It would not be the job of either the batch file NOR the Java app calling it, to close that window.

14. Batch files

I know the basics of Java, but I was wondering if someone could tell me an easy way to do the process of "dragging and dropping" a file on a batch file using Java programming if possible. Though U might be getting ahead of myself. Thanks in advance Message was edited by: Radioactive_Ape

15. Detect Java Installation from a Batch File

Hi , I need to find out the Java Installed on my machine from a bat file. The actual requirement is that i need to check if the Java Version is equal to or greater than 1.5 from a batch file , if not then i have to echo an error. IF anyone has a sample for the same can you ...

16. batch file in Mac and Linux