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1. Too many files open in nio.serversocket?

2. question about backlog in the serversocket

public ServerSocket(5600, 5, inetAddress) , what I understand from some internet websites my serversocket will only serve a 5 stand alone connections simultaneously If that's what the internet sites say, they are wrong. (I couldn't find any that said that with a quick search: can you provide some URLs?) and the serversocket will not accept any more connection till one of ...

3. Is it possible to slow down a ServerSocket

I have a ServerSocket which listens for messages ... each message will perform a database update. Certain times of the month, a time-initiated function spews forth messages into this ServerSocket and they come in so fast that they use up all our database connections. Is there any capability on the ServerSocket side to slow down the messages that get read in? ...

4. ServerSocket Help needed

A ServerSocket is not limited to a single connection. Also a ServerSocket is not used to transfer data between a server and a client. A ServerSocket only accepts connections and creates a new Socket for every individual connection. So here in very short, how to use a ServerSocket. 1. Create a ServerSocket and bind it to a port. (Binding to an ...

6. ServerSocket.accept() calls 100% of CPU when one of client is down.

I wrote a small chat program for my servers (Linux, Windows and NetWare). The program works fine when the clients normal log out from the server. But sometimes I am facing with the problem, when anybody disconnects a network cable or turns off a workstation. In this case CPU of the server is 100 % until the program automatically deletes a ...

7. Socket - connecting to ServerSocket on localaddress without knowing address

Hi, At the moment I'm using ServerSocket to host a game on a certain port, and any clients need to know the local address of the server or it's IP to be able to connect. What I'd like to be able to do is let the client have a quick connect option where it searches for a server on the network ...

8. Using serversocket over the internet

9. ServerSocket vs Socket

Hi, I'm not sure what the clear difference between a ServerSocket and a Socket is. Sure I know that you're supposed to use one for a server and one for a client, but what's the difference between them functionally? Also, I'm creating a client-server program which, in terms of networking, should work just like a chat program. Now the only way ...

10. ServerSocket and Socket help

Usually, a server does not have information about each client, so it can't initiate communications. A client would need to inquire as to whether the server as restarted, and the server would reply. In a peer-to-peer situation, where each peer has knowledge of how to initiate communications with any other peer, then the "server" peer could just send a message to ...

11. ServerSocket not sending exception

I have a multithreaded server with clients connected to it. There is a while loop on the client side constantly reading for inputs from the server and vice versa. Now if I close the client it causes a connection reset exception on the server and I can catch it, however if I close the server, there seems to be no exception ...

12. ServerSocket Problem (need immediate solution)

import*; import*; class ChildThread extends Thread { Socket s; int id; ChildThread(Socket ps, int pid) { s = ps; id = pid; } public void run() { try { InputStream is = s.getInputStream(); DataInputStream fromclient = new DataInputStream(is); while (true) { String str = fromclient.readLine(); if (str.equals("quit")) { fromclient.close(); break; } System.out.println("ID = "+ id + " : " ...

15. A problem of "ServerSocket" over Linux

16. can we use ServerSocket and Socket for Wide area network?

hi in local area network this is working //server ServerSocket ss = new ServerSocket(2346); //client String hostname = "PCNaameHere"; Socket theSocket = new Socket(hostname, 2345); then my question is some IP addresses are the same. correct me if im wrong is IP addresses thesame with TCP IP? if not where to find IP addresses that is needed to use for WAN ...

17. ServerSocket communication is erratic  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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