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1. how can make two clients chat with each other?

this is not my homework(my homework is just about doing chat with a client and server which it works correctly especially with your help[:-)] but I want to make two clients ...

2. Acceptance testing for a chat client

I'm writing a chat client (msn messenger style) and I've got some problems in writing the acceptance tests for the send/receive feature. Think for instance to the user story "A user can ...

3. import chat.server. not found in client server Application java -chat -

All! When i develop a RMI server,i use import java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteServer; import java.rmi.server.StubSecurityManager; import chat.server.*; but when i compile the java file,it occur an error,it said Class java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteServer not found in import. import java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteServer and also error with StubSecurityManager also it ...

4. java client and server chat system

i have little problem when i creating client and server chat system client doesn't read characters i am using bufferedinput stream

5. Problem with Chat client program

I have a server chat and client chat programs running on localhost. When I try to connect to the server my client program freezes on next line in = new ObjectInputStream(socket.getInputStream()); ...

6. client server interaction question

I am trying to implement a minimal chat server in java over regular TCP protocol. The chat server will listen on a specific port. The question I have is if there ...

7. Is there a way for a java chat client program to dynamically find the host server?

I want to just execute an instance of client with no parameters other than the port number and have the program find the server listening on that port anywhere on the ...

8. Java Multi-Client Instant Messenger concept help

I am try to implement a Java chat program. In this program multiple clients will talk to each other via a server. The server will relay messages from on client to ...

9. Detecting a specific client

I am developing an application for chatting. I have a problem. How can I detect a specific client over server? I am using ServerSocket and Socket classes for communication.

10. Sending a class instance through a static reference member in a small chat client

I am building a small chat-room app in Java. What I am trying to do here is to send the current class ClientGUI instance (this) through a static ClientGUI reference member. ...

11. Java simple server/client console chat application

I want to create a simple server client application, but i think there is something wrong with the IO Streams. There is no GUI so the chat shall happen through the ...

12. Yahoo chat client, any ideas.......

Ok, check this out...the reason why the login URL doesn't want to work for you is because good old Yahoo has changed the Messenger login protocols for version 5.0 and up, now there's a challenge response type system that involves encryptions and other such crazy things. The best I can do for you is point you to a site that explains ...

13. Viewing Clients In A chat program

Looks like you already have a collection of user IP address in users[]. Your ServerThread could accept a special message (like .who) that means send me back the current list of users. Then a user could ask for the list and see it in his message window. Or your server could push the complete list to all clients every time somebody ...

14. How to update user list in chat client

15. :( simple chat client n server..

i am developing a code from headfirst java book from orielly on netbeans.. since d code is huge i cannot type it or copy it here.. so i hv uploaded it on d site.. megaupload try compiling,, and running n d problem i am having is when i try sending message from client d printwriter or ...

16. Client Server Chat Network Issue

I have tried running the server on my machine, and then connecting to my internal IP address via her machine. It does not connect. My goal is to run the server on my machine, and have friends from outside my private network connect, as well. I'm having similar problems using a program which opens a port. My friend in another country ...

17. I need help improving this chat server and chat client!

Can someone please help me make this server more secure and the chat client looking a little cooler. Also can you show me how to make it where a user types in their names and it shows up next to the text that they sent? right now it just shows what a person wrote, not wich person. thank you. ChatServer.Java import ...

19. Simple client and server chat system

Hi Guys, I'm adding network functionality to my Chess game so that users can play over the net and chat whilst 'in game'. At the moment I'm using a very simple client & server to enable connectivity (will only send a message one way). I'm not having trouble with sending messages however on the server side that game becomes unresponsive when ...

21. Chat Multi Client Server programm On LAN

after compiling It gives following errors: C:\j2sdk1.4.1\bin>javac illegal start of type public ChatServer(1234) ^ expected } ^ ChatServer should be declared abstract; it does not defi n() in ChatServer public class ChatServer implements Runnable ^ missing method body, or declare abstract public ChatServer(1234) ^ .\ cannot resolve symbol symbol : method remove (int) location: ...

22. Close a client part of the socket in a chat application

Hy. I have a chat application where the clients connect to the server. For example lets suppose that there are 3 clients connected to the server. I want to make a method that makes the followings : when a client wants to disconnect from the chat application(from the server) he types 'disconnect', and the connection between server and client is interrupted. ...

23. client - server chat

You cannot assume that one write will result in one read. You can have multiple reads per write and multiple writes per read. You need some way of identifying when one message ends and another starts. I suggest using DataInput/OutputStream and send the length of the message followed by the message. When reading you know how much you have to read ...

24. Client Server Chat

25. Client Server Chat program

Hi.. the problem is : 1. I dont have any client that will work with this server, s if any one can write a good client for this server. 2. right now, when I want to connect to this server , I use telnet. and if there is 5 telnet connections to this server, when one client writes some text, It ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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