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1. Getting data to the client in an Java MMO

I'm trying to make an online MMO in Java. It will be a simple one where you get a character and can move around and shoot other players, all in top-down ...

2. How can server push data to client?

Learning java server technologies, trying to clarify some things. There are few technologies that allow java applications to communicate with each other. 1) Web services (REST/SOAP) over http 2) Simple POST/GET using URLConnection ...

3. Advenced Socket Programming - Sever to client extra data transfer problem

Here One server and one client is there. And communication has been maintained by selectable Channel. like-- Server ---

  SelectionKey selectKey = channel.register(this.selector,


while ...

5. client->server : data flow prob.

Originally posted by Harish Kashyap: hi friends! i have a problem. i'm creating a client-server aplication. client is an applet and server is an application. on the client side i send some message to server using writeChars() method of DataOutputStream and reading it on server side using readLine() method. and same vice versa. now my problem is that the string i'm ...

6. Serialized object is not tranfering data between client and server

Hi all, i wrote a program to trancefer one string and one interger from server to client thrugh serialized object. But not getting values set in server to client side. Please help me. Code is as Server: import java.lang.*; import java.util.*; import*; import java.rmi.*; import*; public class Server extends Thread { public ServerSocket sc; public dataStore ds; String str; ...

7. client hangs after getting data from server

i have designed a client server architecture where in the client asks the server to authenticate and allow hime to chat. the client hangs when the login button is pressed. the server authenticates him properly and it informs the client that he is valid . the code of client to server for authentication is clientbfw.write(username+"\n"); clientbfw.flush(); on the server side the ...

8. Moving huge data from Client to Server

What could be the best way to move large amount of data from client machine to server ? . For eg if i have a system which is developed for taking back ups and i want to move the data to some remote machine ? !!! Please help... Thanks in Advance.. Peter

9. Simple socket client listening to data from server.

Hi, I'm learning how to build Socket client that listen and do some processing based on what sent from server. --> The server will send data. The client will just wait and listen. If there's some data sent, then it will process the data. I'm trying to build from this simple example: So I build it like this below. It ...

10. Moving huge data from Client to Server

What could be the best way to move large amount of data from client machine to server ? . For eg if i have a system which is developed for taking back ups and i want to move the data to some remote machine ? !!! Please help.... Thanks in Advance. Peter

12. Transfering data from client to the Server via Bean

Hi, I have form, which takes some input from the user and submits to the servelt. If i have bean associated with form values, how do i set these values in the bean and how do i retrieve them on the server-side ? I created a bean, mybean


13. Web client to obtain data from 2 servers [newbie question]

Hi, Please let me know if this is the wrong category to put this. I am attempting to create a web application(using jsp, servlets, maybe javabeans too) that can connect to 2 different servers hosted externally. question 1: should i do this(as i just tried it) , in my GoToSite.jsp file. or ...

14. Data from server is not sent to client

I have attached a file with 2 programs in it.. The main problem is the client is not getting the data from server.. The connection is successfully created but still there is something wrong with the data delievery from server to client. Please respond me... M trying to develop a chat application

15. Client not passing data to server

16. server sends data to client

17. How to intercept data exchanged between a server and client program?

I'm looking for a way to listen to a port on my machine in order to get the data exchanged between a client program running on my machine and the server it connects to. I get the port that the client opens on my machine using netstat, and I tried using ServerSocket with that port # but it doesn't work, producing ...

19. need help with server / client data

20. stream of data from server to client, what is a good form

I am building a small client server app where the server is constantly sending data to the client. The data is such that it readily lends itself to being in key/value pairs. My thought is to basically have the server send out a string of text to the client like "1:name, 2:age, 3:date, 4:salary" and then have the client parse it ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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