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1. cookies

2. Cookie's...

As far as i know a cookie is a bit of info sent by the web server to the browser that can be later read back from that browser. My question is how does the web server/servlet know what info to send to the browser. In the servlet, where should i store the info to send to the browser. I have ...

3. how to set Persistant Cookies

I think cookies automatically contain persistance. Looking back at my notes from class I noticed a statement that mentions that a cookie is sent back as part of the header. You need to make sure you send the cookie (res.addCookie(...)) before you send the body of the HTML. Also It may be a better choice to use the HTTPSession object because ...

4. Cookies....

5. basic cookie Doubts

I want the system to remember the user. So I have to create a Cookie. How to write the code so that it will remember the value? How will the server know that he is entering it for the first time? Now how does the server remember the name of the user? Please help me I am new to this cookie ...

6. Cookie code...

public class cokie extends HttpServlet { public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException { response.setContentType("text/html"); PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); Cookie [] cookies = request.getCookies(); String name = request.getParameter("uid"); HttpSession session = request.getSession(true); response.setContentType("text/html"); if (cookies!=null) out.println("" ); else out.println("

7. Cookie

8. Cookies

9. transien cookies

10. Cookie

11. About cookies and headers

12. Cookie expiry

Hi Preethi, Well after i have created the cookie and accessed the HTML page, I again access another HTML page in which I am retrieving the value of the cookie. I have put in the relevent try/catch blocks to catch an exception, in case no cookie is retrieved. But even after two minutes (wrt setMaxAge(120)) or even after 20 minutes the ...

13. Cookie expiry (contd)

Hi Preethi, Well after i have created the cookie and accessed the HTML page, I again access another HTML page in which I am retrieving the value of the cookie. I have put in the relevent try/catch blocks to catch an exception, in case no cookie is retrieved. But even after two minutes (wrt setMaxAge(120)) or even after 20 minutes the ...

14. Setting a cookie to expire at midnight

I am writing a servlet that is supposed to set a cookie to expire at midnight on the day it was set. Not having used cookies in Java before (or time, for that matter), I am having trouble. Below is my code: Cookie votingCookie = new Cookie ("voting", "voted"); Calendar now= new GregorianCalendar(); Calendar tonight= new GregorianCalendar(); Date time= new Date(); ...

15. Why isn't my cookie being set?

Another question about cookies (this is my first time using them and I'm struggling a bit). My code (and output from the logs) is below. The code is part of a voting system, and we only want someone to vote once a day- so we check if they already have the cookie, and if not, set the cookie and process the ...

16. Cookies

Originally posted by Bharatesh H Kakamari: Is it possible to find out from a servlet whether the browser at the client end support Cookies. For eg many web sites inform that to access their page Cookies have to be supported. If Cookies are not supported then the site exits saying Cookies are not supported. you can check whether browser is support ...

17. confusing cookies

i hav been using cookies . if cookies r used for session tracking they ideally r of no use once the session expires (i.e once the user closes his browser window) then what is the point in giving a max age of n number of days to the cookie so that it resides for that number of days on the client ...

18. Cookie

Cookie theCookie; Cookie[] cookies; boolean validCookie = false; cookies = request.getCookies(); welcome = "Welcome " + value; if (cookies != null) { for(int i=0, n=cookies.length; i < n; i++) { theCookie = cookies[i]; if (theCookie.getName().equals(name)) { validCookie = true; value = theCookie.getValue(); welcome = "Welcome back " + value; } } } if ((validCookie == false)&&(value.length() != 0)) {

19. cookie setDomain problem.

hi all, i am trying to set a session cookie. the cookie seems to set fine. a java servlet sitting on the same port (tomcat port 8080) can retrieve the cookie. and turning the warning on gives the correct warning for the cookie being set. and, yet, when it redirects to any other page on our site, the cookie doesn't show ...

20. Cookies

cookies are just set of name and string value pair. You definitely can put more than one cookie, but you have to set it one by one in jsp. Here is some notes from netscape about cookie specs. Multiple Set-Cookie headers can be issued in a single server response. Instances of the same path and name will overwrite each other, with ...

21. Cookies Enabled Flag ?

22. Cookies

Hi ! I'm a French programmer, so my english level will not be good... but i'll try to be as clear as possible. I've got a problem using cookies with JSP... Here is the way i use to add a cookie : cookie = new Cookie("login", str_login); cookie.setPath("/"); cookie.setMaxAge(3600); response.addCookie(cookie); With Internet Explorer, it works very well, but with Netscape, it ...

24. Cookie Help

I thought if I put the request.addCookies() statement before checking for the existence of the cookies, then that should be fine. In any case, I created a jsp page that I ran after ran the servlet that set the cookies, but I got the same results. The values for getMaxAge() and getPath() are returning -1 and null respectively. Any ideas?

25. Cookies, and more cookies

I'm currently working woth an application is servlet based and is using cookies and has done so with out any problem. Just recently I have discovered a problem where cookies from one particular page of this application are not being written to the web browser. I have checked the data in the cookies, URL encoded them, and there isn't any exception ...

26. Cookies

27. Cookie Problem

I'm using the following code to check for the exisitance of a cookie, if it doesn't exist a new one is created with the value of a countrychoicecode passed in. If a cookie already exists I want to modify the countrychoicecode and rewrite the cookie. The problem is that when I try to modify the cookie and rewrite it the cookie ...

28. Detecting a cookie from another application.

Let me clarify just a bit. I know the name of the cookie. I know what parameters are being passed to the cookie as the value(s), but I won't know the exact value for the cookie as it will be different for every user. It's generated dynamically. This obviously isn't the most secure thing in the world. It's running on an ...

29. Cookie handling...

30. New to cookies

dear curwen, thanx for you reply curwin and what you have said is perfectly right but in my cookies initialization program , setting cookie works fine but at the time of retrival i get the null exception. i dont know where the cookie is gone. and i have even set the cookie time as xxx.setMaxAge(10000). thanx prabhakar.

31. Cookies

Hello everyone, Speaking of cookies... Does anyone know of a routine that lets you add and retrieve a cookie that holds more than one name/value pair. I wrote stringIt and unstringIt methods to name a cookie and for the value use instead a list of N/Vs in this format name:value|name:value| etc etc I probably am reinventing the wheel here but I ...

32. Cookies across multiple domains

The problem with your idea is that cookies are only recognizable by the domain they were issued from. IE: you drop a cookie from and then try to retrieve and read it from't work! no if ands or buts. If you think about it it makes a lot of sense. If you could read other sites cookies you could ...

33. Cookies not getting reset in Netscape 4.72!!! URGENT!!!

Hi, I'm having a problem resetting cookies on Netscape 4.72. I set the preference in netscape to warn me before accepting any cookies, whihc also told me the expiration date of the cookie. Through this I could see that the cookie was being reset (the expiry time for the cookie was shown as year 1970). But when I try to access ...

34. Cookies

35. How can I give a Cookie Name

36. Cookie question

I am working through Marty Hall's CoreServlets and JSP examples in the book. If I create a cookie using the default maxAge() of -1, I cannot find the cookie in the windows/cookies folder. If I create a persistant cookie then I can find the cookie. Because I cannot find the file does this imply that nonpersistant cookies are saved into memory ...

37. where cookies disappeared?

hi, i have a servlet called "test". i have another servlet called "readCookie" and a perl script called "readCookie". i am inserting cookies in the response from servlet "test" and i have an option of REDIRECTING the request to either the "readCookie" servlet or "readCookie" perl script. now funny thing happens about which i'm not sure for the reason beneath. when ...

38. cookies

39. setDomain() on Cookie

hi folks! i've a question. if i use setDomain() on the cookie tell which one would be the correct answer. Cookie c = new Cookie("test","testCookie"); c.setDomain(""); options: 1. 2. (this is from the Java Servlet API but i want to make sure that i understand it correctly) my answer is (1). is that right? 'coz for the cookie to ...

40. Cookie Detection

Hi Guys !!! I wanted to create a Cookie holding user authentication info and place it on the client side and furthur pick it up the next time the user tries to access the site. In this case how should it be detected whether the user has Cookies enabled / disabled in which case the user could be furthur prompted to ...

41. Cookie

42. cookies getSecure()

43. Cookie will not die

What do I have to do to delete a cookie? I tried: loginCookie.setMaxAge(0); loginCookie.setValue(""); response.addCookie(loginCookie); The cookie is sent in the response and with the values I have sent, but the browser sends it back to the host on subsequent http requests. It seems the browser is reviving my cookie (?) How to kill this cookie for good?

45. Cookie.setMaxAge() doesn't work?

OK, cookies should be ultra simple to write and retrieve. For some reason, I'm evidently not doing it right. The code I wrote is below: Cookie userNameCookie = new Cookie("userName", userName); userNameCookie.setMaxAge(2592000); response.addCookie(userNameCookie); I use Mozilla to develop my sites because it has neat tools like the cookie manager that help me out. So, if I look at the cookie manager ...

46. Adding cookies and headers (P3P) error

47. Cookie problem with a Mac OS X user

I have ONE user who receives the following error. (To my knowledge he is also our only Mac client) The message board will not allow me to post the errors (it says I have invalid HTML, but there isn't any in the message or an carats - frustrating!@). If any one would be willing to look at the message please e-mail ...

48. About cookie

49. cookies and storing data

50. Difference Between Javascript Cookie and serverside Cookie?

Originally posted by Ravi Kumar R.S: Hello Gray Man, Server-side cookies means cookies set through servlets using cookie api.What are the advantages of javascript cookies over server-side cookies.Awaiting your reply. Regards, Ravi Well, you already know about server side cookies using servlets/JSP, with client side JavaScript, you instruct the JavaScript/JScript engine of the browser to place a cookie for you, so ...

51. whilst fooling around with SessionId and cookies...

I often use a little java program to (re)familiarize myself with header and session data. Whilst playing around I noticed that when I hit a page for the first time with HttpSession session = request.getSession(true); session.getId(); it retrieves and displays the session ID whereas the following methods return nulls the first time around request.getRequestSessionIs(); ... Cookie[] cookieArray = request.getKookies(); cookie.getName() + ...

52. A cookie question

the cookie will be ignored and the automatic session tracking of the container will not work. if you want to session track without cookies you will have to use URL Rewriting. to enable cookies depends on which browser you are using. in mozilla firebird my browser of choice you go into Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies

53. What is wrong with my cookie?

54. how to know if cookies are enabled?

Hi all, How can we know if cookies are enabled via just the request object we have. I know the way via which we can, - write a cookie - read it back and if we do get value it means cookies are enabled BUT I want to know if there is anyway I can know this information w/o doing these ...

55. Using Cookies

Hi Mohan Also notice that we can't retrieve the cookie's domain, path etc except Value via a program- not from JSP, not from Servlet , not even from JavaScript cookie reading.... So, the only code that actually wrote the cookie knows those details about the cookies and hence manipulate further via deleting cookies and all... This also means that if we ...

56. A question in cookie

57. cookies

58. Doubt in Cookies

Thanks for ur reply.I saw the javax.servlet.http.Kookie specification It says. "Cookies affect the caching of the Web pages that use them. (HTTP 1.0) does not cache pages that use cookies created with this class. This class does not support the cache control defined with (HTTP 1.1.) " So I think I cannot use addKookie() .What else can I do to add/create ...

59. HttpSessionListener and Cookies

60. Problem with cookies...

Dear friends, I have 3 webservers running on three different machines. Now the client is accessing the webpages on either of these three machines. I have the same url for all the 3 applications running on the machines. But the machine number will be different. Now can I send a cookie from the webserver in such a way that the cookie ...

61. problem in cookie

Hello there , i am facing problem with cookies ,i have also made session in the coding- * it is storing a JSESSIONID & its corresponding value,eventhough i am not setting in it. * also , plz. tell me the way if we can destroy the cookie that is already present ,created by another user , before surfing the site . ...

62. want add cookies to make sso

hello,all: I want to use response.addCookies() method to add Cookies which I get from a backend system. and after I execute response.sendRedirect("url of backend system") method ,I can direct go to the backend system without log in.But it seems don't work. I get two cookies : one is :TempGuid=F2FA1E7C%2DC452%2D4880%2D81ED%2D3D6790D9A922; expires=Wed, 24-Mar-2004 10:38:40 GMT other is :ASPSESSIONIDCATQRDCS=JCKFDHDCJHOLNENLCPLPFKPJ I first create new Cookies ...

63. Issues with sending cookies to server

I am writing a program that logs into a web site. On the first request, and after successful login, the server sends the following cookie header to my program... Set-Cookie TaiChiChuan=kashmir=784b3d6d-bda5-4a89-996f-e0532acda531&tomorrow=30&timeoutofmind=3/30/2004 7:18:35 PM&semperfi=3/30/2004 7:48:35 PM; path=/ I extract the cookie from the response and resend the cookie to the server on the next request. For some strange reason, the server sends ...

64. Cookie question

65. Setting cookie takes time?

In my login servlet I make a test if it is possible to set add a cookie on the users computer. Only if it is possible to add the cookie the user is allowed to login the system. If I have turned on the cookie settings on my computer and I try to login, the I am rejected first time but ...

67. Cookie problem

Hi All, I am having problem here reading cookie values. I am setting cookie with some information which is little extra but for sure not more than 4KB in size. But still, when I read back that value, it is getting truncated. I've tried to find a reason for that but no luck. Is there any constraint that it should not ...

68. Cookies

69. Cookies

70. Cookie

71. Unable to create cookies

72. Cookie getComment

How do you make the setComment and getComment work for cookies. Starting to wonder if it's a browser/server setting. Browser is set to accept cookies and when I check the cookie on the client I can see it was added BUT I can't see the comment. So even though the cookie is added to the response for some reason the comment ...

73. Cookie setting

We have arequirement that a survey is popped up when a user enters the site first time. If he fills it once we need not pop it up for a year again. And when he is in one session if he minimises or kills it we need not pop it up again if he clicks the home from the website or ...

74. Test Cookies enable/disabled

75. Writing Cookies

You can do it from a jsp with scripting... just include the same code inside the <% and >% tags. JSPs have both a request and response implicit object. You can also get (but not set) cookies VERY easily using EL. EL has an implicit object called cookie that is a map of cookie names/values. ${cookie.username.value} will return the value for ...

76. Cookie Code Not Working

I'm trying to read and write a cookie. I'm doing this within the action in struts. The code that writes the cookie looks like this... //write cookie Cookie personCookie = new Cookie("personID", person_id); agentCookie.setDomain(""); agentCookie.setPath("/"); agentCookie.setMaxAge(60*60*24*365); resp.addCookie(personCookie); //write cookie end return mapping.findForward(forward); As you can see.. the last line is doing a findForward because this is inside of an action within ...

77. cookies

Hi, Despite checking for the cookie array to be null, the below code throws a nullpointer exception at random (once in 50 times). Could anybody please tell me the reason why? public static String getKookieValue (HttpServletRequest request, String kookieName){ String kookieValue = null; try{ Kookie[] allCookies = request.getKookies(); if(allCookies==null) return null; for (int i = 0; i (is less than - ...

78. Removing the LtpaToken Cookie

Hey folks, I've been working on securing a web application that I've been working on and I've run into some difficulties. This is the first time I've ever been involved with securing a web application so this is all pretty much new ground for me. Just as a side note, I'm using WebSphere 5.1 as an app server. Well, I've gotten ...

79. cookie

Browsers don't really care (and probably have no idea how to find out) which type of software runs a server. They simply send whatever cookies they have for that domain with each request. So as long as the domain is the same, the cookies will be sent no matter what the server software is.

80. Cookie Problems

If you need to pass data from a servlet to a page, a cookie is not the best mechanism. You have so much more POWER at your fingertips, why fiddle about with cookies? How about binding an object to a session? Then you'll know if you got the stuff from yourself, or from the client. --Dale--

81. Application Fails when cookies where not cleared daily

The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way. - ...

82. Consolidate Cookies

83. Cookies

84. cookie, URL-rewriting and hidden fields

85. Cookies

Using the Cookie getName() is fine. But do I have to iterate through all the cookies and use an if equals to cookie name logic to get the cookie that I want? Or can I use the getName() method to get the value of the cookie that I want directly? Could you please write a little piece of code that retrieves ...

86. update cookies ????

87. cookies

88. encodeURL and cookie

If I use "encodeURL" the server will first check if the browser supports cookie. if yes, the URL remains unchanged; otherwise a "jsessionid=.." will be appended to the URL. I know this well. Now the question is -- 1. How can I let server NOT to use cookie (no matter cookie is ON or OFF on the browser) ? Can I ...

89. what's the security issue about cookie ?

I heard some 'rumor' about the security problem if server uses cookie on browser. Can someone describe in some detail what can be the potential problem ? do we really need to worry about it ? I know if I use "encodeURL" then server will first try using cookies unless user blocks it, so is ther any big security risk associate ...

90. Multiple cookies of the same name?

Hello, I read somewhere that you can have multiple cookies of the same name (and path.) I'm guessing this is why there's a response.addCookie() instead of a response.setCoookie(). But does this mean that if I have a cookie that stores the user's most recently used login id, when I add a login cookie with a new value, the browser keeps the ...

91. cookies

92. Problem with cookie

93. Problem with cookies and oas 4.0

94. Clarification about secure cookie

95. setsecure method in cookies

I have seen in the Cookie class a method called setSecure() which tells the browser whether the cookie should be returned over a secure protocol(HTTS or SSL) or not. Please tell me what is a secure protocol(and what is an ordinary protocol . IS Http secure protocol or not). And how does this protocol works

96. Where is my cookie?????

Hi all, Probably a beginners question this one, but I'm not sure about the answer even after reading the the mails about it in this forum. When we are using HTTP-sessions is a servlet application, it is most of the time doen by using cookies, or by URL-rewriting. When we use cookies, is this then a persistent cookie or a memory ...

97. Doubt regarding the cookies.

Hi, We all know that response object is used to add cookies, which are send to the client, when he logs in for the first time. We also know that the subsequent request from the client gets the cookies from the client in the form of request.getKookies(). My question is suppose a particular site want to know the name of the ...

98. about cookies

99. cookie question

Some searching from google reveals the answer: "Normally, the browser returns cookies only to the same hostname that sent them. You can use setDomain method to instruct the browser to return them to other hosts within the same domain. To prevent servers from setting cookies that apply to hosts outside their domain, the specified domain must meet the following two requirements: ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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