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1. How to clean private data from browsers(temp files, caches, cookies) using Java on Windows

I think of doing something like a file cleaner for Windows with Java just for fun, I want it to be able to clean the temp files, caches... etc for the ...

2. Detecting whether cookies are enabled through Java

Is it possible in Java (SE, not J2EE) to detect whether cookies are enabled in the default browser? This isn't a client/server application. It's simply a desktop application that happens to ...

3. Java / .NET spawn browser with cookie set

I can spawn a browser from my Java thick client using java.awt.Desktop. Apprarently, I can also spawn a browser from my .NET client using System.Diagnostics.Process.Start My question is, is ...

4. how browser relates the cookies for web sites in each tab

How does the browser relates the cookies for the websites opened in tabs.for example in firefox i have opened five tabs and in each tab i have loaded different sites. my ...

5. set cookie in java

I am developing a web browser in java . To parse the HTML page into a DOM document then to render it I use an API "cobra" . But it ...

6. cookie enabled browser

8. What will happen when my browser does not support cookies?

good server like tomcat will detect if a cookie would get rejected and rewrite all the urls - hence why keeping info in sessin is better from that point of view - alternatively if youare creating a very high volume site it may help you to send cookies instead and require people to accept cookies. If it is an important enough ...

13. How to find that Cookies are supported by the browser or not

here is some info for you of how session works. you do have to tell container that you want to create or use a session, but container takes care of generating the session ID, creating new Cookie object, stuffing the session ID into the cookie; and setting the cookie as part of the response. Container tries to use cookies first. If ...

14. Server needs to know whether browser supports cookies

Hi, I have a servlet that needs to verify that the browser supports cookies. If not, it should issue an error message "you must enable cookies to use this site". (You may argue with this business approach, but that's what we want... even though we know of "url rewrites"). But how can a Servelt know whether the browser supports cookies ? ...

15. How to enable cookie on jExplorer Browser

Hi All, In my project, I used jExplorer browser for browse the sites. My problem is i can't able to login to most of the sites on jExplorer. if i try to login that site, i will be geting the login page of the site again and again. i used class. I think that the Browser doesn't support / allow ...

16. how to remove cookie from other domain in browser using java

for example 1. if i logged into portal at that time some cookies will created under portal domain like 2. after i clicked soa application link in portal and it will open in a new browser at that time some cookies will be created under soa hostname like 3. next i closed the soa window and came back into ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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