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1. How to set Cookies at Http Get method using Java

I want to do a manual GET with cookies in order to download and parse a web page. I need to extract the security token, in order to make a post ...

2. What is the best way to send and detect cookie in java application?

When a user visits for the first time, how can I detect if the client browser has cookies enabled and if so send the cookie to the client without resorting ...

3. Java http cookie

How can i get the cookie contents from a URL in java ? Eg: Using LiveHttpHeaders when i visit i can see cookie returned as follows. Cookie: SID=DQAAAKEAAADA1VJiGC-O-Ml8cPfRIA8NxJ3rCQfXbRnh5NMw-l8eunfAKJNypj9Rss1_Ok2yyQXCU9qu4jM2TuASy2EE0KUknUOsdOgMz3W7WCDgey6OSZ-xi_ozh_lZP8paJ_OViG_G2FaTWciTyd4Mp_V0LYjgov1u6KkhATu8day8-nEckMXb4I56cse8SaiYFCjDmpUDmL6CDFij8Nxd3XDUEOTn5SCifKrRDohW6mAAaqzFPA; HSID=AvoV_TPUEmoSB6KMm; PREF=ID=260f8c0212fee1a7:U=6ca9509bc747fb21:TM=1297164689:LM=1297164690:S=opeCe3s85Xhm3Bq1; NID=43=EZNhkfgLmXVNQriZ2rjU0HGj6flDYy2nfsPD4Ef6pME0wvXxc5_avP1R9fSea0py_-F9xY3SJ6DpMvLXRT_bU7FH97s8sOmx7l49cwvNUbYTwJcY0xqs-0vKqybTeNZY How do ...

4. Creating and loading cookies in Java

I'm writing a small webserver in Java, using HttpCore for most Http requests/responses etc.
Now I would like to be able to create, store and load cookies. I can't find anything in ...

5. Need Java Expert Help on Executing HTTP GET with Cookie

My problem is that I want to use Java to implement an application which sends an HTTP GET request to some website. However, the target website needs one cookie to be ...

6. What is an HTTP header element?

According to this Apache documentation "Some HTTP headers (such as the set-cookie header) have values that can be decomposed into multiple elements". I can't make much sense of this. ...

7. Handle http cookies from jpcap packets (Java)

I used the jpcap lib to capture http packet but now how can I identify the cookies in the packet ? Thanks

8. HTTP Cookie question

Hi guys, I am trying to share authentication for one web server to get access to files on another (server 2). I do not have access to the first server (server 1) to which I want people to login and after that they can browse certain files on the second server. I thought of using cookies and I can get them ...

9. HTTP Status 404 - simple Custom Cookie from HF book

import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import*;//for the IOException public class CheckCookie extends HttpServlet { public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp)throws IOException,ServletException { resp.setContentType("text/html"); PrintWriter pw = resp.getWriter(); pw.println(""); Cookie[] cooks = req.getCookies(); // get cookies from this request which comes form 1st servlet. if(cooks!=null) { for(int i = 0;i

10. Scraping data from http using cookies

I'm trying to scrape some data from http, using URL and URLConnection. I'm connecting to the site and saving the Set-Cookie string 'ASP.NET_SessionId=xrtmpu55c31ugk45qd2uc2qw; path=/; HttpOnly' (expires at end of session). When I open the second URLConnection and using urlConn1.setRequestProperty("Cookie", cookie); I dont get the data, I get data like I have no cookie. However it don't send a Set-Cookie (new cookie) ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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