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1. How do I send an SMTP Message from Java?

How do I send an SMTP Message from Java?

2. SMTP with CRAM-MD5 in Java

I need to send email through an (external) SMTP server from Java however this server will only accept CRAM-MD5 authentication, which is not supported by JavaMail. What would be a good way ...

3. is there a java api that supports esmtp pipelining?

I've been looking around, with no luck, for a java mail api that supports ESMTP pipelining. javamail does not, nor does ha-javamail. does anyone know of an api ...

4. can't refer to non final variable password

I am writing a standalone code for Sending mail from java. In this program I am taking all info by user on console . but here problem is with Authentication part. ...

5. Authentication with Wiser/Subethasmtp in SMTP

Does anyone know how to set up Wiser to force authentication for emails? Right now I have

wiser = new Wiser();
UsernamePasswordValidator validator = new MyValidator();
EasyAuthenticationHandlerFactory authenticator = new EasyAuthenticationHandlerFactory(validator);
wiser.getServer().setAuthenticationHandlerFactory(authenticator );
This compiles but ...

6. Java SMTP Authentication only when required

How do we use java mail API so that SMTP authentication is done only when needed. For example, if mail.smtp.auth property is set to true, authentication is done even when it is ...

7. Problem with configuring hmailServer

I am writing a program using java to send e mail. I notice that, the java program executes successfully, but the email is not reaching the intended recipients. I am using ...

8. Mail4ME Api works on emulator but not on the phone

Hi I think the title says it all, but i will explain: I am developing a j2me application that sends emails. this is the code i wrote:

public class SendMail extends MIDlet implements ...

9. Apache Camel smtp component hangs the whole bus if mailserver is down

I have what I think is a very common scenario. I have an invoice system that is managed via Apache Camel. When something goes wrong I would like to have an ...

10. Testing SMTP errors in my Java app

My Java application encountered an issue in production where the SMTP server is rejecting mails sent to more than x destinations at once. I would like to test the behavior of ...

11. Need help regarding sending SMS using java

I have a problem with my java program I posted my question in this forum but I didn't get any answer I hope that you will help me . Here is ...

12. package


14. smtp

15.'s ???

Eric, I've just signed up with webappcabaret. Here is a snip from their faq: --------------- Can I use Javamail? Yes. It is already in your classpath. Check out the Web Smtp example in the App Directory. The SMTP address was provided in your registration confirmation email. You may also refer to the Help section on how to use the JavaMail API ...

16. sending form data to smtp gateway

17. Using

Sun's SMTP client is fairly simple, but I think it probably supports what you are looking for. Have you tried just adding: message.println("CC: " + cc); It might work. Also, unless you have some restriction against using it, the JavaMail API is pretty easy to use also, and it supports pretty much everything you can do with email. Hope this helps. ...

18. "Sent:" attribute

Hi.. I am trying to set the "Sent:" attribute in my message but I am not able to. The message goes out fine to the recipients but the time displayed on the email message is off by an hour. I am in Central Zone and I want the time in the email message to appear according to my time zone. Any ...

19. No provider for SMTP - cannot resolve

20. Image to ASCII for submission via SMTP

21. setReplyTo not found in Java smtp?

22. SMTP Configuration error

The command line arguments are --interface-property-file=../conf/interface.prope rties 23 Mar 2009 17:08:50,865 [main] ERROR MailConfigManager - setServerProperties error : null doConfiguration: java.lang.Exception: Error while configuring SMTP: org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionOperationNotPossibleException IntegrateInterface::initialize(): com.formity.integrate.server.IntegrateServerException: Unable to set startup properties: java.lang.Exception:Error while configuring SMTP: org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionOperationNotPossibleException 23 Mar 2009 17:08:50,865 [main] ERROR ap-export - Message: process: ap.initialize: Unable to set startup properties: java.lang.Exception:Error while configuring SMTP: org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionOperationNotPossibleException Source: ap-export ...

23. SMTP Code request

Well, if you don't know Java and you need to know Java for your work, it's going to take you a very long time to get your work done if you do it by begging for people to feed you pieces of code. I would suggest one of two things: (1) take a couple of months off to learn enough Java ...

24. SMTP help

I am very new to java and I have to take a Networking class. I need some very basic help and need somebody to help me get started in the right direction. Our assignment is just to send a hard coded email using SMTP. Here is the code that I have to start with: class testSMTP { public static void main(String ...

25. Problem while creating my Smtp class.

Why are you connecting to port 465? That's secure SMTP (SMTPs). You can't just send unencrypted SMTP commands and data. That would not be secure, and the server is not expecting an unencrypted EHLO, so it closes the connection. Stick with unenctryped SMTP first (port 25). Once you get that working, if you want to try to encrypt it, you'll have ...

26. implemeting SMTP class , I got a litle question, Please help

Anyway , A freind of mine told that I should try first to send email manually through the CMD using the smtp commands... but he said that, for sending email from gmail, I cant use the telnet protocol because I need to use TLS , and the telnet protocol doesnt support it (or something like that) so , anyone maybe know ...

27. SMTP proxy

28. Java SMTP Component (With Attachment capability)

Hi All! I would like to ask regarding SMTP in java with the capability to attach microsoft excel files and txt file. I need to use an html file also as the message for the mail (This is what the recipient will be reading), and need to attach excel files and the text files that I generated. I previouly tried jakarta ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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