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1. Modify Torrent file when clients are using it, possible?

I trying to build an application that is using the torrent technology to make it easier to share the files between friends. The question are, is it possible to modify a torrent ...

2. Java FileWriter: Repeated File Open/Close(Multiple Instance) vs Single Open/Close(Single Instance) on Client-Server Environment

We currently have a client-server system. We have this application that will monitor the performance of each transactions on our system (start-end time of a request/processing/sql queries...etc.) by writing the logs ...

3. server sends file to clients java

I have a server and multiple clients and i am trying to make the server-thread send a file to the all connected clients at the same time.The weird thing is,sometimes the ...

4. Why file gets corrupted on client side in java socket?

I have written a java code which sends a .exe file from the server to the client using FileInputStream and BufferedInputStream, but the file gets corrupted at the client side. What could ...

6. How to sent file to client by socket?

Well, sometimes the client can also be the server. Method 1: on the client side, establish a socke to the server. Method 1: make your client a server, listen on a specific port and the server (now a client) establish the socket (or connetion) actively. Anyway, you need coding on both sides.

7. Transferring file from client to server

1.I am trying to develop a program that would transfer a directory containing any no of sub-directories having any number and any type of files (exe,dll,txt etc) from the client to server of any size. Please Help What OS is running on your server?If it is any flavour of UNIX, it would be a bit easy. Are you going to write ...

8. running an executable file on the server by client

hi guys, can anyone please tell me how can a client run an executable file on the server.right now in my application,the client wishes to run an executable file on the server,he is able to access the server,but rather than running the executable file,he gets an option for saving it on his local machine,so how can i make the executable run ...

9. how to create a file on server for ALL clients to use ?

When users access servlet "TicketBookingServlet", I want "TicketBookingServlet" to access database and get ALL the information about city names and flight info, then in the picklist I want these values to be poped so users can choose. However, this requires every session opens database connection, although I can use some connection pooing method to improve the performance. I want to just ...

10. Display text file in server from client

Hi I am having a problem with writing and displaying text file from servlet. I can display the file when developing on 1 pc but when i make the development pc as server and let other pc to access it as client, instead of the client, the server display the file. Below is part of the codes executeTrxRpt(); Runtime rt = ...

14. transfering file from server to client

15. changes in server side java file not reflecting in Client side java code?

Hi friends, iam using eclipse IDE, JBoss server, SWING GUI and Oracle DB ( looks like : SWINGGUI (Client) <--> EJB's (serverside) <---oracle ) my problem is , when i make change in server side bean file, that changes are not reflecting in GUI programs. (for ex: iam adding settr and getter for a field and using that in GUI program. ...

16. how to update server files from a client?

I'm writing an application that has a "load" button to read images, and a "save" button that writes images (using ImageIO.write(currentImage,"png",outputfile). It works fine offline, but when I run it as an applet on a webpage, it doesn't write the file. Is there a way I can make this work online, or does this really complicate things? Thanks!

17. Navigate server side files from client browser

Dear All, I need to have user browse server side files from client using jsp, I searched a lot and didn't get out. I wonder how it is implemented in Weblogic 8.1 server in which user can deploy any webapp by choosing wherever there is java webapplication. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Shane

18. to view syslog files of the client from server usings sockets

hi this is lalita and i need to view the log files of the client from the server using a socket connection. I have created a socket connection between the client and the server. Now i have to pass the command from the server to the client to retrieve the log files of the client . i need to write a ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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