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1. Identity the file for the data sent to server at any instant

There is a Java Applet which is uploading multiple files to the server at the same time(not sequential). I wanted to know , data from which specific file is being sent ...

2. Outputting data to file on server

I am writing a database-style application to be launched using Web Start. When the application starts, it reads data from files that are stored on the server. As the program runs, the data could potentially be changed by the user. I need help figuring out how to save the current status of the data on the server when the program exits. ...

3. data loss during file transfer from applet2servlet

1.I am uploading a large file from applet to servlet by part by part ie.4MB. Sometimes when i try to upload a file from intranet,data loss occurs.How to avoid this error. 2.I used to show progress bar for file transfer from applet to servlet.It works fine now.But,after uploading i want to GZip the uploaded file in server side.Hence it obviously take ...

5. how to send a file or data modified in server side to client

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am not clear on this. can you please elaborate more on "how a servlet would stream the contents of the file to the client?" any link for API's or examples? and also how will the server knows which are the clients that are using the application concurrently? is there any methods that are available? any ...

6. Data loss during file transfer

I am loosing data when I send it to my client. How do I figure this? When I receive the data (music) and play it, it sounds off. Some sounds don't play correctly and sound like they are missing some data. While the general music audio lines are still hearable, it just sounds like the quality is off. When I play ...

7. Transferring file name then file data over socket

Hello I need to transfer a file over a socket, what i want is to transfer the name of the file then the file data. i have a working server and client. Server import*; import*; public class FileServer { public static void main (String[] args ) throws IOException { int bytesRead; int current = 0; ServerSocket serverSocket = null; ...

8. get data from file in server to client and vice versa

after greeting i really didn't know how to use socket and serversocket to get data from file in the server and display it to client. also read file from client and save it to server. really i didn't know how to do it. really i want the reply as soon as possible  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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