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1. Streaming files over the network with random access - java

Hey all, So ive got a need to play music files from a server on the network, in a java client app. I was thinking Sockets - have the server open a ...

2. trackTCP Streams among a pcap file

Hello I have a pcap file. By using Jnetpcap library I am reading frames fields such as its length. The problem is I want to find each TCP conversation and then classify ...

3. How to get the file descriptor in Java from the stream coming from the server?

I need to get the file descriptor from the InputStream coming from the server? i.e whatever file is the server streaming me through the outputstream i want to get the file ...

4. Streaming music files in java

Im trying to create a small application like spotify (Music streaming software). can someone please explain to me how i might configure the server end, what servers i need to build ...

5. JAVA Files and graphing streaming data?

Im working with linux servers and I am to suppose to develope a program that will graph cpu usage, memory ussage, process and user defined metrics. So far they told me ...

6. Streaming a couple of files on to mobile

One of my friend wants to build a mobile site. He also has a couple of video files that should be streamed on to visitors mobile when chosen. I just want ...

7. get jpeg file from socket stream

How does the size of the output file compare with the size of the file on the server? Assuming a Windows environment, try comparing the files with "fc /b serverfile receivedfile" -- what are the differences on a byte level and when do they start to occur? How do you know it's not the server which is messing things up? - ...

8. How to Stream Files from Application Server

There's a four-step process to downloading files from a networked environment (inc. the Internet): Create a object with the appropriate source file as the URL specified Obtain an InputStream from your URL object, from the openStream() method Create an output file (if required) and an OutputStream Read bytes from the InputStream of the source file, and write to the OutputStream ...

9. File transfer using sockets and streams

This is a simple client server program. The client requests for a file to the server and if the file is present on the server server sends it to the client. I've tried it with sockets and streams, but it's not working properly. Most of the time some data loss occurs and seems very slow. I assume that as the server ...

10. redirecting the response stream to a file

I would like to send a request to a web service and write the response to a file. I can sort of imagine how to do this if the response is a stream but I would think there must be a more compact way. Can anyone suggest a way or point me to an example. Thanks, -=beeky  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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