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1. org.apache.commons.httpclient system hanging

hi i am using org.apache.commons.httpclient i am using GetMethod. when i am using getResponseBodyAsSteam() on getmethod my system is not responding any thing. It is hanging . if i use the same method with same url in for loop, i am getting response up to some iterations with same url. After some iterations system is hanging. what is the reason of ...

2. Problem using HttpClient

Hello All I'm writing an applet that needs to send a file to the server it was served from. I'm using the HttpClient from the Jakarta project. It seems pretty straight forward the file is handled by an asp file on the server end but when I send a text file, and then go look at it on the server end ...

3. prob with Jakarta HttpClient & HostConfiguration

I had a method which opens up http connections to URLs outside our DMZ, and to hide the implementation details of our firewall I make the connection via a proxy. I've previously used the class, and specified a proxy by setting the httpProxy, httpProxy as system properties. The code to open the connection itself was fairly straightforward ('url' is a ...

4. Httpclient

5. Send by HttpClient, receive by IE ?

Hello everybody, I need your help. I have a question now. The goal is to mock a request by client, and i choose apache's HttpClient. The mock is successful, but the question is that I cant display the response's stream by IE. The request's method is post and the parameter is necessary. As i know Java can only open the IE ...

6. Alternatives to HttpClient?

7. HTTPClient

Basically my web application is retrieving the client's request to view a web page such as "" and ask the server on my web application. Just like a proxy only my application will be doing specific transformations. In the beginning i was using low-level sockets but it showed that i was basically reinventing the wheel and found that HTTPClient had the ...

8. HttpClient GetMethod

Hi, I am facing an issue while loading the content of a portal URL using apache common HTTPClient, GetMethod classes. We have different content displayed to guest, and signed-in users. In signed-in users case, first we log into portal and portal will set the Siteminder, user oriented coookies in the browser, after that we call this apache httpclient apis to load ...

9. Converting to HttpClient

Hi yes - I am sorry for not being clear. I was able to code this piece in HttpClient using the examples I found, I just cannot get it to work. I keep getting "unauthorized 401". I think my problem may be that in the examples the url used is an http with a com at the end. I have a ...

10. Serialization using Apache's HttpClient

Ok here's the full story. I want to serialize my objects and send them over to a server and get it's serialized data as well. But I keep getting an SSLHandshake exception. Now my final problem is to get rid of this. But, before I do this I have been told to not use URLConnection class (which is what I use ...

11. HttpClient- username and password error.

i am trying to use httpclient to acheive the following: 1.My code is supposed to login to a site and get the data. on a particular link on a page to fetch data and then store it into a text file. Here's the code that i was trying to use.Am i going wrong somewhere. I want to see a page ...

12. Non third party HttpClient

13. httpclient athentification issue

Hi guys, I have an issue to login to a website with a simple form login. My code always returns website login page despite the fact that all the parameters are correct and I'm trying to access to a home page. I'm using the classic AuthScope.ANY method. thanks for your help. Please don't pay attention to the url mistake and correct ...

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