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1. Java applet running under proxy-configured environment (corporate networks)

I am having a problem with a signed Java applet which performs simple HTTPS requests to our server (using Java's URL, Connection classes). Everything looks ok for majority of the clients. ...

2. How to kill Java-Applet beeing in a loop when browser is closed?

I have a Java Applet to show images. I have a while true loop in paint() in order to permantly receive new images via tcp/ip socket. Now I have the problem, ...

3. How to get default proxy settings in java program (not applet)?

I've just gone through the web searching how to get system proxy settings. I've found:

System.setProperty("", "true");
but it does nothing. I have a proxy settings in my corpo network but the code ...

4. applet network problem??!

If you google you'll find the answer Applet Security or Applet Sandbox. Its a long long time since I used Applets... they not my favorite technology. But (from memory) essentially if you dont want to get a verisign cert, they can only talk to the server they come from. So saving to the user PC or reading files... no. Loading an ...

5. Applet won't open on corporate network

help! Hi folks I've been writing an applet for use on our corporate network. The applet works great on my development system (ie my personal laptop) but when I copy it to my workstation at work and open the corresponding .htm file, all I get is a gray screen. So then I went into the IE properties and set it to ...

6. Bunch of questions... Networking in applets and more

1) Applets (unless signed) can only connect to the server they are coming from. Other than that, there's no difference to any other Java class. 2) Why shouldn't it be possible? It's just a datastream, what you do with it after you get it from the server is up to you. 3) Get O'Reilly's Java Networking book. It's the definite work. ...

7. Networking with an Applet?

Our final project in my programming class is to make a game that can be played over a network. So I'm making a 2-player space-invaders game, but I've run into a problem: Right now the game is an applet because the game that I made last year was an applet and I knew how to write it that way. However, all ...

8. Network graph or Social graph applet

9. Applets and Networking

Hello, I am writing a small program that needs to be cross platform and it needs to use networking. Basically it is going to be a chat program that also allows users to draw to each other... here is what I have so far if anyone is curious. I also want there to be an option for a user to ...

10. Applet and Networking

Hi im trying to make an applet chat program. I already made the program as an application but when i try to make it into an actual applet it doesnt work, and the only thing that i change is whereever i hade a JFrame in the application program i changed it to this which is the applet. When i only do ...

11. Applet runs on local PC but not over network

My applet runs just fine locally within an html container file but when I post it to my website, (both html file and class file in the same folder ) the applet has errors. Are there some classes that can't be used in downloaded files. Do I need to change some settings on Internet Explorer? Does the class need to be ...

12. Network graphs or Social graphs applet

13. Applets fail on network drive

You can't access files on any drive via an applet unless: a) they are exposed thru a web server (or some other server type) on the server that served the applet using URL/URLConnection (or other protocol for other server types) b) it's a signed applet or b.2) it's a signed applet on Vista and your files are in a place visible ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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