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1. Is there a good Java networking library?

I'm currently searching for a Java networking library. What I want to do is sending XML, JSON or other serialized messages from a client to another client and/or client to server. My ...

2. Java serialization over network

Just want to know if there's a tutorial or an how-to for serializing object, put it in a stream over network, and deserialize it on the other point. I understand ...

3. Objectdeserialization over network

i am getting an excepetion when i try to read an object from an ObjectInputStream via network like this:

Socket socket = new Socket("localhost", 4444);
ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(socket.getInputStream());
while ((Object o = ...

4. Sending an object over the Internet

I define a class, and then I instate an object of that class type. I want to send this object to another Java application running on a different computer transparently. What ...

5. Serializing data in C

Please tell me how to serialize data (like binary files) in C. And, how can i send this serialized data over sockets, so that it can be successfully received by the ...

6. How to resolve a Class<> object received from network in the default classloader?

I am sending a Class<> object over the network. Now, when I receive the object on the other side, I'd like to be able to load it to the current class loader. ...

7. sending text data over network in java

I have a use case where we have two different java programs doing:

  1. First java program has to send some parameters to invoke the second java program.
  2. First java program has to send ...

8. Pattern/Library for sending objects over network, keeping pointers

Let's say you have a Client and a Server that wants to share/synchronize the same Models/Objects. The models point to each other, and you want them to keep pointing at the ...

9. Strategy for registering classes with kryo

I recently discovered the library kryonet, which is super awesome and fits my needs excellently. However, the one problem that I am having is developing a good strategy for registering ...

10. Non Serializable Objects - Networking

I need to write a java program that sends objects over the network to a client program. The problem is that some of the objects that need to be sent are ...

11. Object serialization vs String data for network communication

All, I'd like to know what people's opinions are on the following: would you generally recommend sending data over a network using object serialization or by extracting the information from the object and then sending it as strings. I'm concerned with portibility and not exposing too much information about the object. My thought is the less a client knows of the ...

12. Why Object needs to be serialized while sending it over network

What is the system going to send into the network when the object isn't serialized? Let's say we have an object that holds a reference to some data in memory. What happens if we send the raw bytes the object consists of into the network? The receiver will make an object out of the data, but where exactly do the references ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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