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1. Get the client Ip address in RMI Server when cleint makes a call registry.lookup("RMI Server")    stackoverflow.com

I want to get the ip address of each client in the server side for which the server return a stub. Is it possible?

2. remote lookup on a remote client in Java RMI    stackoverflow.com

As long as I run multiple clients on my local host everything works just fine. Problems arise when I start a client on a different host. For instance, at some point during ...

3. RMI lookup blocks    coderanch.com

4. Serving RMI without lookup - working, but why?    coderanch.com

Another developer in my group has demonstrated serving up dozens of RMI objects with only one lookup. I look at the code and it is extremely simple. I have a hard time believing that it works. Can someone explain it to me? He sets up an RMI object on the client and server the normal way. Let's call it RemoteControl. Inside ...

5. RMI and Naming.lookup problem    coderanch.com

In writing a Java program using RMI, I am having a problem with the code as below: Naming.lookup("//Honda/Weather"); Honda is the name of the server. A client program refused to connect to the Server called Honda. But when I used the code below: Naming.lookup("//"); where is the IP address of Honda, the program work and I am able to connect ...

6. RMI bypassing Naming.lookup()    coderanch.com

7. Why does RMI naming lookup work on the local host when I give it a garbage name?    coderanch.com

I'm still new to RMI and I'm observing some strange behavior with RMI. I'm using RMI as a communication protocol in a client/server database application. Since I don't have access to a network at the moment I was running the application on a single host and using the local host parameter to test my RMI code. In my code if I ...

8. RMI lookup    coderanch.com

hello there need help in RMI and I'm really need it and my problem is : i want to create the rmi object in client machine , i mean the client machine connect to Internet thorougher ADSL or maybe in local network ( DNS ) so my problem when i make binding or rebinding to rmi object which ip will use ...

9. java.rmi.Naming.Lookup Problems    coderanch.com

I want to extend functionality of java.rmi.Naming.lookup() so when lookup is called from client, it will wrap the stub and do additional functionalities. So I make a new class called Naming with a method lookup that has this functionalities. But, I don't know how to enforce client to use my Naming class instead of the default java.rmi.Naming. Any suggestions?

10. RMI freezes on Naming.lookup    coderanch.com

Hello everyone, I've recently started having a distributed systems course on my university, so I'm still fresh on this area. I've been trying some examples, and they work fine in just one PC. The problem started when I tried running the program on 2 separate PCs. Which doesn't work.. Here's the situation: I've got this on my main method in my ...

11. RMI: naming.lookup hang    forums.oracle.com

/* * @(#)Naming.java 1.10 98/07/12 * * Copyright 1996-1998 by Sun Microsystems, Inc., * 901 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, California, 94303, U.S.A. * All rights reserved. * * This software is the confidential and proprietary information * of Sun Microsystems, Inc. ("Confidential Information"). You * shall not disclose such Confidential Information and shall use * it only in accordance with ...

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