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1. rmi callback gotchas?

What do I need to worry about when doing callbacks in RMI? I just need a simple client notification mechanism to avoid excessive polling. I found an online example and ...

2. Problem in RMI callbacks

Thanks for your reply Kumar. But, there has to be a solution to have call backs to the applets. This may be a requirement for a chat server communicating with all the applets and any other server of similar kind. Ramana [This message has been edited by ramana reddy (edited September 20, 2000).]

3. RMI callback

I want my server to call client and not vice versa. what we call it a Call back. when we have our conventional RMI "hello world" application we have a Server object which implements a Remote interface and that is binded in the RMI registry which the client looks up. what happens when a Server wants to excecute a method that ...

4. RMI CallBack

5. RMI callback

Hi, I am new to RMI technology. I came across this quote: In many architectures, a server may need to make a remote call to a client.Examples include progress feedback, time tick notifications, warnings of problems, etc.To accomplish this, a client must also act as an RMI server. Please help me with this.. Thanks

6. RMI Callback Mechanism and Firewalls

7. Callbacks in RMI and Corba

8. RMI Callback using socket pools

I have an application with client and server making numerous RMI callbacks as events occur and are posted to the server. The client registers with the server to be notified when these events occur, and the server can invoke remote methods on the client. The client and server are seperated by a firewall which is blocking the callback mechanism - this ...

9. What is RMI Callback?

Hi, I am having problems with RMI and firewalls like many people. I believe it may be because the system is using Call back but I am not sure exactly what it is! I tried the solution but have had no luck. The RMI methods return a String/String arrays. Does this type of return statement fall under the 'call back' ...

10. RMI client behind NAT. Callback implementation

Here is my trick to perform RMI callbacks when client (server is not problematic) is behind a NAT. It's based on keeping RMI client sockets opened, since client behind a NAT has not routable addresses. The solution can be also an alternative to firewalled client environments, where only outgoing connections to popular ports are permitted. Please read it, and post your ...

11. RMI client callback stub

I am new to RMI. We have a server component that runs within its own JVM.It needs to callback on client applets/consoles etc. Ordinarily,the client would implement an interface, and distribute the interface and remoting stub to the server ,for the server to callback on. However,rather than the client distributing the interface and stub,we wish the server to define a callback ...

12. RMI callback

We pass in the 'this' reference to registerfornotification method of the server(which is in line with what you said). remoteReference.registerForNotification(this). The registerforNotification simply adds the interface to a vector ,to be called back on later. However,if we remove the client stub from the server classpath ,we get the following exception: Jan 11, 2007 11:21:26 AM sun.rmi.server.LoaderHandler loadClass FINE: RMI TCP Connection(2)- ...

13. rmi callback

Originally posted by simranjit singh: my client is able to use functions stored in server thru rmi.. but i am not able to make calls from server to client.. will be glad if anyone can explain this with an easy example thnx.. When you say you are "not able to", it means that you get an exception or you can not ...

14. RMI Callback - Help Needed!

I have created an application that uses RMI with a Client and a Server. They can both communicate effectively but i would like to implement RMI Callback so that the Server can pass back messages and invoke methods on the client. I have looked at numerous RMI callback examples but they are often poorly explained or use long winded examples, all ...

15. RMI over the Internet inc. Callbacks (Lipe RMI)

Hi, I am trying to implement an application using a 3rd party API called LipeRMI (version 0.4.2). Lipe RMI Support from there seems inactive for a couple of years now. Attached are my test client and server. 1 However, the API has a synchronization problem with ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream in the class ConnectionHandler. My test applications hang after 4 seconds as ...

16. RMI Callback problem

hi, I'm trying to teach myself RMI. I did some tutorials, I understand the structure and I am able to make a server-client connection and invoke methods from my client program on the server. Now I want the server to be able to have a list of clients and also be able to invoke methods on the clients. so I made ...

17. Implementing multiuser interactive animation with RMI callbacks.

import java.awt.*; import java.rmi.Naming; import java.rmi.RemoteException; import java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteObject; import javax.swing.*; public final class thenewBallWhatIwant implements Runnable, ICallback { /** * */ private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; private volatile boolean mTrucking; private long mFrameDelay; JFrame frame; MyKeyListener pit; public static final int FrameWidth = 400; public static final int FrameHeight = 400; public Ball aBall; protected static ServerServices Server; public ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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