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1. Find the port of the server the application is running in java    stackoverflow.com

Hi I have an application running in tomcat,as well as Weblogic and Websphere I need to determine which port the application is running and display on the UI Is there any JAVA api ...

2. In Java or .NET, how would you create a server that listens to a specific port?    stackoverflow.com

In Java or .NET, how would you create a server that listens to a specific port? (Just a dummy server, I just want to get the high level idea.)

3. How to determine what server is listening on Port 80    stackoverflow.com

I need to determine, what web server (IIS, Apache, Jetty) is running on port 80 in Java. Are there any solutions to get the informations via port 80? Thanx and reguards Stefan

4. Is it possible to access the different ports on a web server?    stackoverflow.com

I created a game and I want to put it on online. I want to buy a website (I'll probably use goddaddy to buy a domain name and use them ...

5. how to determine the server port in MINA    stackoverflow.com

in my application i have a server that listen in more than one udp port. i used MINA in this application.

// code looks like this.
NioDatagramAcceptor acceptor = new NioDatagramAcceptor();
acceptor.bind(new InetSocketAddress(9911));
acceptor.bind(new InetSocketAddress(9912));
now ...

6. how to run it on live server to make, a live webserver to a particular port    bytes.com

If I have a WebServer.java file, then after compile to WebServer.class, and upload to server, how to run it on live server to make, a live webserver to a particular port? ...

7. do i have to supply a port number when start server?    coderanch.com

does RMI work with port? because my server is working both with port number and without. if RMI does work with port, then when the port number is not given, how does client know which port to connect to ? thanks X HOU by the way, can someone recommend some good RMI books

8. CORBA Server listens to more than one port    coderanch.com

My CORBA server and client are written in Java. I start tnameserv daemon at port 900. I have four different corba servers running on server. When I run my client and check connections on server machine, I see one of the connections to a port number different than 900. Everytime I restart my corba server, this port number changes but its ...

9. To find bootstrap port number of server    coderanch.com

I don't know that you can. Port information can vary on WebSphere (this is definitely a question for the WebSphere forum), so I'd recommend keeping this information in a properties file that you manually keep up to date (or build when the server is started in jacl) rather than trying to dynamically determine it. After all, how often is this likely ...

10. Admin port in Apache web server    coderanch.com

There's no admin port for apache. That's why it's supposed to be an "inferior" web server - the server is controlled by text config files and you restart the server when you change them (which isn't as awful as it seems - apache comes up quick). Of course, not having a tcp/ip port and GUI config program also has meant one ...

11. question about server port number    coderanch.com

I installed a macromedia jrun server. It offers three servers by default -- "admin", "sample", "default". Each of them has a different port number. For example, "default" has 8100. so if I create some web application on "default" server I can access it from "http://server:8100/app/....". Now my question is --- I don't want to show this "8100" port number on the ...

12. unallocated ports on the server    coderanch.com

Hi, I have this program in a web site. So the solution to this problem has to be from jsp or servlets. Lot of clients will be sending video streams to the server from deferent ports and the server receives it. So the program can not have static ports or the port numbers can not be hard coded. So when a ...

13. can a server have more than one port?    coderanch.com

14. Change Application Server Port?    forums.oracle.com

Hello Experts, Currently I have 3 servers on my PC: 1. Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 http port: 3882 https port: 8181 admin port: 4848 2. Default Server in Java EE SDK (Application Server too) http port: 8080 admin port: 4848 3. Apache Tomcat (Compressed Distribution) port: 8080 3. Java(TM) Web Services Developer Pack 2.0 Tomcat port: 8080 ...

15. Java server /port question    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for that. I had no luck with the telnet solution - typed in at the Microsoft Telenet> prompt telnet localhost3555 telnet localhost 3555 localhost3555 localhost 3555 but all returned invalid command (any ideas?). However the browser option worked 2 questions - The browser returned problem loading page - I assume that's because the "page" doesn't actually exist. I haven't coded ...

16. disabling port number 80 (apache server)    forums.oracle.com

Hi , I have installed apache - tomcat in my linux machine (debian O/S). As per my knowledge when a http request comes apache server handles it at port 80 if the request is for static page,otherwise forwards the request to tomcat. I want to disable port 80 or apache server (not uninstalling)and therefore all the requests should go to tomcat ...

17. Printing server port number    forums.oracle.com

18. RTSP:Listening Port- Server Class    forums.oracle.com

19. How to get server port    forums.oracle.com

20. Server is closing port before it is expected to do so    forums.oracle.com

/* valueOfAnswer = valueOfAnswer - 10; String updateAmount = String.valueOf(valueOfAnswer); parameters.question = "updateBalance" + "(" + String.valueOf(num) + "," + updateAmount + ")"; AnswerAgain secondAnswer = new AnswerAgain(); try { client.call(43, parameters, secondAnswer); } catch ( OncRpcException e ) { } System.out.println(parameters.question); String ans = secondAnswer.definitiveAnswer; System.out.println(ans); if(ans == "success"){ System.out.println("And the answer is: " + "success"); } else{ System.out.println("And the ...

21. Server echo port help    forums.oracle.com

Dont quote me on this but dont you first create a ServerSocket to listen for connections on a port. Then you create a Socket and initialize it to accept the first connection from that ServerSocket. Btw if you get an error can you please report it and link the relevant code in code tags. We cant read minds. Mel

22. Server port problem    forums.oracle.com

23. Read and Write to a port on a different server    forums.oracle.com

is there any way that we can read as bytes without checking end of line. I don't understand your particular requirement and its purpose. Generally, a simple and robust way of implementing an application level protocol, a set of request/response dialogue, is sending/receiving texts, or strings, each delimited by a newline marker. The readLine() method automatically checks the marker at the ...

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