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1. proxy server in java

i have the follwoing code of proxy server. IS if the right approach? Will this be able to handel load/trafffic if deployed comerially??

package proxyserver;

import* ;
import* ;
import java.lang.* ;
import ...

2. Java processes using proxy server, hosing up everything

I am doing some web sevices work on Java 5 on a mac (10.6.2).... Ever since IT made us start using a proxy server, life has gotten a lot harder. Java ...

3. Proxy Server in java

I am new to java.I need to develop a proxy server for IBC 2011 conference.I have some Questions regrading the Proxy server. 1.I am going to develop the proxy server using java. Suppose ...

4. Domino server 7.0.3FP1 Proxy settings with java agent

First, this is not the first time I ask a question related to this problem, but now that we have talked with the network admin guys and we know we absolutely ...

5. Multithreaded Proxy Server implemented in java

I am currently implementing a multithreaded proxy server in java which will accept messages from clients and forward them to another server which will then acknowledge the reception of the message. ...

6. How to use proxy server in Apache

A proxy server is a server which stands between the client and the real server(s). The client always connects to the proxy server, which connects to the appropriate "real" server for the client. In terms of HTTP, for example. A HTTP proxy server will take a HTTP request, decode the destination host name from it, and forward the request to the ...

8. Urgent! use setHeader will not work for my proxy server

Hello all: I am having big trouble with the firewall proxy server. My system seems to be working ok when the proxy server is disabled. Can someone please help??!!! I know proxy server tends to cache the pages and replay them, I do not want this feature. So I used the following code: but it will not work, why? For all ...

9. proxy server development [urgent]

10. Thro a proxy server

Hello people! At my place of work, my machine is connected to the Net thro a proxy server. When I run any Internet programs using methods like getByName(), it says host not found. How do I get to the Net using a proxy? The sample code follows: import*; import*; class InetTest { public static void main(String args[]) throws UnknownHostException ...

11. Proxy server: how to configure

Hi! A newbie here. I am supposed to submit a project on project server written in Java. But the fact of the matter is that I am still grappling with the language basics. Anyway, I got the source code from Herb Schildt's "Java 2: The Complete Reference". And the applet runs! But I am running into a lot of problems. In ...

12. server side proxy in java

13. Proxy Server setup problem

14. Proxy Server Configuration

I have an idea and i just want to know if its possible if the web proxy is an intermediary between the client and the requested url, could that url be sent to two different clients by the web proxy in response? so in stead of this [client]<-->[proxy]<-->[website] it would be this [client1]<-->[proxy]<-->[website] .................. / ...........[client2] meaning if [client1] requests "" ...

15. Accessing Internet through proxy server??

16. Help me to develop a Proxy server using java

What do you expect from this forum? People will be able to 'help' you but YOU have to do the design and implementation. If you get a problem or want comments on your design then people will be happy to help but it is not reasonable to expect a design or an implementation to be given as more than just an ...

17. About SIp proxy server development with java

excuse me... i am new to java... i wish to know details for develop a new sip proxy server with java... i just need to develop a simple sip proxy server only ( for educational) hope anyone can help me out of this. i need to know what kind of java technology that i should use and learn for this development. ...

18. Anyone ever written a proxy server?

Hi all So in the last week I've been writing a proxy server, and I've got it basically working now. The main problem I have at this time is with maining open connections. Just to tell everyone what they already know, normally, an http connection is transactional: You open the connection, the server responds, then you close the connection. With the ...

19. Writing a (very simple) proxy server

I'd be surprised if anyone here is willing to step through your entire program to check for logic errors. But a real easy way to troubleshoot proxies is with a command line program called netcat. Open up three consoles. In the first, start netcat as a server on port X. In the second, start your proxy on port Y and have ...

20. Issue Related to Proxy Server

I want to get the data from the device connected to serial port .to do it, we are using proxy server for it. After starting the proxy server, we need to communicate the data. For it, I am creating one process getServerProcess() to monitor the server status and also getting the data and then trying to send the data as an ...

21. Proxy Server

22. How do I set proxy settings for a Java app behind a corporate server?

/* This example shows how to create a simple download manager in Java. It contains four classes in foru Java source files: Contains Download class which downloads a file from a URL. Contains the main class for download manager application. Contains the class which manages the download table's data. Contains the class which is responsible to render ...

23. Transparent proxy server

24. help on simple sip proxy server

Is anyone know or have a simple sip proxy server source to view for me? i am doing my school project, just need a simple proxy server that can be connect and link multi UA. Please somebody help me for this. i have review the JAIN as a presence server, but it's have some problem in send and receive msg with ...

25. how to make my code work under proxy server

i have written a small code to connect to a online database. my code is working fine when i run from a server but when i run the same under a proxy server it is not working why it is? how to tell my complier to acees online thru a proxy server

26. Set proxy server for firefox

27. Using a proxy server

28. Proxy Server

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