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1. What can be better way to send WBXML data to web server?

Please could you help me in sending a data from Mobile appication to Web Server in WBXML format ? I have got a bit to convert xml to wbxml but not ...

2. How can i send a point (x,y) in a server in java?

i'm trying to change a Skor4 game (feor two players) into tic tac toe. The problem is that in the source code that im trying to change sends only the x ...

3. Can a Java made applet send information to the server?

I want to know if an applet made in java, can send data to the server and store it on a data base. I'm trying to make something that is executed ...

4. send large text to server using html form hidden value

HI all I need to send an dynamically generated html to server using html form, html can be bigger size at present it is 1MB I m sending an dynamical generated html to ...

5. Sending commands to server via Jsch shell channel

I can't figure it out how I can send commands via Jsch shell channel. I do this, but it doesn't work:

         JSch shell = ...

6. Sending SMS, MMS messages from mobile device and getting that message to a Java application server

I've been tasked with a project where the customer would like to send SMS, MMS messages from a mobile device. They would like to have a dedicated phone number to ...

7. how to send msgs from mobile to web server through ussd?

I want to send a msg to a web server from a mobile phone through USSD. Is it possible and if yes how can i do it?

8. Send xml code to server using java?

So, I'm curious. How would one go about sending XML, such as,

to a server, using Java. Is there a predefined method that exists within the Java API, or something of that sort? Does sending ...

9. How to send object to server in java

I create my class in a client and use a server for communication between client and server, but I have a problem to convert this class. I send an object of ...

10. Openfire server stopping sending messages after x minutes

We have an openfire server and some clients that send regular messages between them. Let say 1 message every 3 to 5 second. But after a few minutes, I got the error message ...

11. Send JSON data from JavaScript to a Java program on the server

I have a webpage that does a lot of processing in JavaScript and creates some nice tables/graphs/etc. I want to export this to Excel and have not found any PHP libraries ...

12. Send live video stream to streaming server

Is there any free server which allows you to send and publish live video stream from your application to the server and other clients to join on the server and watch ...

13. How to send ">' string in a java code to server

When i try to send a value "Login>Success" to server i get the value as Login%3ESuccess. How can i send the greater than symbol in the java string.

14. how do I send a line through the server in a loop?

Socket s1=new Socket("localhost",3001);
System.out.println("Client process");
byte b[]=new byte[150];
int n=4;
BufferedReader BR=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(s1.getInputStream()));
String str=new String();
In the above code I'm trying to read a line from server ...

15. How to send image stored in RMS to server in j2me?

I want to send the image stored in the RMS to server. For that I have stored the captured image in the RMS. I can access it successfully and can show ...

16. Sending GPS data through GPRS to a server

Please consider a small car tracker project. A GPS device is installed on each car, which sends data through the GPRS to a server. Would you please tell me, what GPS ...

17. WebSocket Server in Java (hybi 10) sending and receiving

I'm makinga Java server for the last version of the draft. I managed to make the connection, and that's working great. The problem is that I don't understand how the data ...

18. Send each character to Server

19. how many ways ,we can send request to server

You have it the wrong way around: If a request is a GET, then doGet is invoked, and if it is a POST, then doPost is invoked. The service method contains the code to differentiate between the two, and dispatch a request to the appropriate doXXX method. If you use Firefox, check out the excellent LiveHTTPHeaders extension. It lets you view ...

20. Sending Serialized Objects to A Server And Displaying the contents

hi, i am trying to input a student name on a client(which is working for me) , which is then sent to a server and displayed on the server screen!! i just cant get this to work for me for some reason! It stops at "s = (Student)istream.readObject();" on the server, could someone please help me on this one as i've ...

21. Not sending data to Server!

confused!!! Right let me explain..I have two other classes that do some calculations once those calculations have been done i return them into this class stc01 which is to be sent to a server which adds the two totals then sends the answers back. for some reason it just wont send. I have tested it to see if it is returning ...

22. Sending HashMap between 2 servers

23. How to request send to server or not

25. problem with including jsapi library; sending SMS to server

Hello! I downloaded some .jar files from htt * p://sourc * I want to run sphinx4-1.0beta3-bin\sphinx4-1.0beta3\bin\HelloDigits.jar. This file is 4kB and is seen by system as "Executable Jar File" so everything should be all right. Unfortunately, there are some errors when running it with "java -jar Hello.jar" in Command Prompt. It looks like there is no required javax.speech.recognition.GrammarException. I found ...

26. sending SMS to server -> Wireless Messaging API (WMA)

Hello :-)! In general I want to create application for CLDC (with the use of MIDlet). (And maybe later to try the same with CDC). I want my application to create some data based on communication with the user of mobile phone and then to send little text file to the application on server computer. I found that there exists such ...

27. Sending more than one message to the server.

public void startServer() { try{ ServerSocket server = new ServerSocket(8558); if(server.getLocalSocketAddress()!=null) { System.out.printf("Server running.\n\tAddress:%s\n", server.getLocalSocketAddress(),server.getLocalPort()); }else { System.out.println("Failure"); } Socket client = server.accept(); this.client=client; reader = new InputStreamReader(this.client.getInputStream()); buffy = new BufferedReader(reader); }catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } public void receiveMessages() { System.out.println("Ready to receive messages."); while(client.isConnected()==true) { try{ if((this.incomingMessage=this.buffy.readLine())!=null) { this.serverActivityNumber++; System.out.printf("%d. Message Received from %s:\t %s.\n ", this.serverActivityNumber,this.client.getLocalAddress(),this.incomingMessage); } ...

28. Sending and recieving information from a server simultaneously

I'm trying to design a chat client that will be able to send messages to a server and receive messages simultaneously. Here is pseudo-code for what I have so far: while(true){ System.out.print("What do you want to write to the server?:"); userInput = reader.readLine(); //line 3 writeToServer(userInput); messagesFromServer = getServerMessages; System.out.println("Server: "+messagesFromServer); } My problem is that my program will pause and ...

29. RE: Sending jpg bytes over a server

30. Help with sending a jpg over a server

32. problem with including jsapi library; sending SMS to server

Hello! I downloaded some .jar files from I want to run sphinx4-1.0beta3-bin\sphinx4-1.0beta3\bin\HelloDigits.jar. This file is 4kB and is seen by system as "Executable Jar File" so everything should be all right. Unfortunately, there are some errors when running it with "java -jar Hello.jar" in Command Prompt. [img][/img] It looks like there is no required javax.speech.recognition.GrammarException. I found this site ...

33. Help - Sending data to the server

I am developing a java appllication which consist of a GUI(a text field and other components) and wants to implement this functionality. Anytime the user is typing in the text field and pauses for sometime, may be for 5 seconds or more,i want what he has typed to be sent to the server for validation without the user clicking on any ...

34. Uploading a JPG to server, by sending a POST message to the server

hi, im working with jpg uploading php server side script. this is the php code part of it. 0) { echo "Return Code: " . $_FILES . "
"; } else { echo "Upload: " . $_FILES . ...

35. Executing windows msg command to send message to connected servers

Hi, In my application I want to send messages through windows msg command to the coneected machines.I tried the following code, Process p=Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c msg * / test"); But it is not sending the message properly.When I execute "msg * / test" in the command prompt it sends a message to the server with message"test" in a dialog box. I ...

36. how can server send results every 5 min?

37. Sending data from mobile to pc server using gprs

As far as I know, you can send data over either by sending SMS messages (Wireless Mesaging APIs - JSR 120, JSR 205) or over Bluetooth (Bluetooth API - JSR 82). These two are the only two communication technology with APIs defined in J2ME at the moment. If you need to implement other technologies, Symbian C++ apparently is the one to ...

38. sending 1 message to server

Your Server is setup to both listen for the socket to be opened (constructor) and to process the data sent to the socket (run() method). You create a Server object which listen for the socket to be open (in the constructor); but, you never call the run() method which reads the input or startup a new thread with the Server object ...

39. Send data from server to multiclient

40. server is not sending anything

41. Server is not sending anything

42. Sending Bytes[] to server using browser

Hi all, I've been looking around in the forum but i still can't find a way of sending byte[] to my application server (jboss) using browser (ie). I've tried to dump all the bytes data into a hidden field and send thru html post, and then convert it back to byte[], but data seems not the same and the image can't ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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