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1. any Idea about the new new

There is not much to set, I would suggest that you can set your own HostnameVerifier (it's like callback that check if name of the host in server's certificate is the same as name of host that you connect to). After that you just getInputStream() and getOutputStream() and you do whatever you do with regular input/output streams. If you want to ...

2. Making HttpsURLConnection behind a proxy

I am trying to connect to a secure site from a java application (not browser) on a redhat linux 7.2 machine. The linux machine is behind a firewall. when i specify the proxyHost and proxyPort (https.proxyHost,https.proxyPort) in my application i get an IOException saying - Exception in thread "main" Unable to tunnel through . Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 200 Connection established" ...

3. HttpsURLConnection problem

5. [B]Urgent : HttpsURLConnection[/B]

Hi All, I am using provided by the weblogic 5.1 for connecting to a third party server("https://hostname/--/---") through my servlet.I have a proxy server in between my webserver and the third party server.I am using the following code to make the servlet go through the proxy. Properties props = System.getProperties(); props.put("https.proxyHost","proxy IP address"); props.put("https.proxyPort","proxy port"); String parameters = parameters to ...

6. going mad about HttpsURLConnection

Hi there , maybe there are thousands of similar postings in that forum, or maybe there are millions of great tutorials about it on the internet. As far as it concerns me, I found loads of very abstract papers about that ssl stuff, but much to abstruse for a newb like me. So here's my problem: There's a https server I ...

9. HttpsURLConnection Proxy auth problem

10. HttpsURLConnection Connects Time out on Geronimo

I have a servlet that makes a secure connection to a remote system to execute a REST message (XML over HTTP). There is no WSDL portion unfortunately ... the remote party made their own design decisions outside of my control. I am housing my servlet on a Geronimo 1.1 server. For some reason I cannot make the connection to the remote ...

11. Problem with using HttpsURLConnection

12. Working with HttpsURLConnection

Hi, Im using the code below to connect to a https server from java . It validates the username and password but it doesnt redirect or goto the homepage when the inputstream is read DataInputStream input = new DataInputStream( connection.getInputStream() ); always has the same html code from the login page even after the login has been successful .(I was expecting ...

13. HttpsURLConnection

14. Problem HTTPSURLConnection for Siteminder authentictaion

[color=blue]Hi All, I need help in debugging my issue with ca Siteminder login.fcc connection with java client. I am creating HTTPSURLConnection client and POST ing my request with valid USER, PASSWORD and target parameter to https://.com/siteminderagent/forms/login.fcc, actually I am expecting to get redirected to success (target) page or sucessful SMSESSION as a header response. But instead siteminder is redirecting my ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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