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1. Java Socket RPC protocol

I've been asking some questions about adapting the command protocol for use in my client server environment. However, after some experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that it will not ...

2. Java Sockets Direct Protocol

As we know the Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) provides access to high performance network connections, such as that provided by InfiniBand can any one please give me any good example of how ...

3. Protocol Port

4. custom protocol

Hi all! We are working on client/server code which allows remote users to control on-site hardware. The code uses sockets and the protocol is currently all strings. For example, the client may send "moveNegative,1,2000" to move axis-1 2000 steps in the negative direction. The server sends back a String describing the outcome of the request. The command strings are created at ...

5. Regarding x.25 Protocol

6. does java support X.25 protocol?

7. SSL protocol

8. client-server protocol with odd error

I have a program with selected code posted. Every second time through the client-server send-receive cycle, the client does not receive what the server sends. In brief, client calls sendShowAll(), sending an int to the server which the server receives ok. The client also calls handleServerMessages, to listen for the server's reply. The server, in a forever loop, receives the SHOWALL ...

9. Basics of Sockets and Protocols.

10. Interactive Agent Protocol

11. Interactive Agent Protocol

12. possible protocols

Protocal actually does not depend on a computer. Protocols are just an abstraction over the ultimate transfer of bits (0s and 1s). Most of the lower level abstractions (the bottom 4) layers of the OSI stack are handled by the OS the top three are normally handled by the application. Any computer that has the abililty transfer bits can support any ...

13. Marshall Mechanism Protocol

Hi, I have client which open socket to the controller. Data has been transfer from client to App server to Controller using Marshall & Demarshall messaging. If i don't want to use marshall & demarshall mechanism, Is there any other way to transfer data using sockets? I NEED APPSERVER. I CAN'T MAKE DIRECT DATA TRANSFER FROM CLIENT TO CONTROLLER. Thanks, Angela ...

14. SSL Protocol

The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) governs the transport and routing of data over the Internet. Other protocols, such as the HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), or Internet Messaging Access Protocol (IMAP), run "on top of" TCP/IP in the sense that they all use TCP/IP to support typical application tasks such as displaying web pages or running ...

15. yahoo messenger protocol needed

I need to get information about the Yahooo Messenger Protocol for chatting , I am particularly interested in the web cam broadcasting and receiving protcol. The reason that I post this query over here since I am planning to write a j2me applicaiton that will let me view my friends web cam on my mobile. I have written a j2me applicaiton ...

16. protocol used by Socket!!!

17. Which protocol is best for implementing Grid?

Hello to all!! i m making grid application in which i ve to use protocol for wan connection.. I want to use TCP/IP but i ve read also about RTP & RTCP for real-time data (audio & video)............ Are they applicable to the grid environment(Distributed environment using Wan technology)............ plz give right guidance to me...... ok bye

19. does java support x25 protocol.?

20. eDonkey protocol

21. protocol

for example, In a Company named ABC have many clients. When the client requests to the webserver and he response to the client. Then the client can access some data from his account. All the data are stored in another Server. When the client can access his account, he request to the server to itsown port 1000 (store area server) and ...

22. Change the protocol frequently

24. EPP protocol with java

hi I have to develop a site in which i have to Extensible Provisioning Protocol. i have downloaded following s/w for this 1. 2.j2sdk-1_4_2_09-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe 4. epp-rtk-java-0.9.2.tar.gz but i dont know what i have to do next. how to set path or anything else is to be set. i would be very grateful if u guys help me on this. ...

25. IM and the protocol used

26. TAP/IXO Protocol

27. about protocol

28. Connected vs. Unconnected protocol

A connection consumes resources on the server. A simple socket might not need much depending on your server, but some systems like databases use huge amounts of memory per connection. Connecting and disconnecting saves that memory but takes a little time. It might be many thousands of times longer than using an open connection, but still the time on the clock ...

29. Server Cache Synchonisation Protocol.

Hi all, I want to write a java program/use a protocol to synchonise cache on the three servers that we use in production. I want the solution work in this way: if any change occurs in the data of one server cache, it should broadcast the change to the remaining two servers. Depending upon the state these servers have their cache ...

30. SSH protocol?

31. SSH2 protocol support

32. problem streaming with mms:// protocol

Hi All. I'm trying writng code to download an asf file from the url with protocol mms:// I'm using javaMMS library for the purpose. I am not able to establish connection.. my code looks like this one .... System.setProperty("java.protocol.handler.pkgs", "unclealex"); URL url = new URL("mms://someurl"); //have tried with setting proxy as well ...this way // System.setProperty("http.proxyPort","3128"); // System.setProperty("http.proxyHost",""); // // and ...

33. protocols quary: need help

hello dovelopers, i have a confusion regarding protocols like ftp,http,etc as i worked using http and smtp in java. i know the best way to understand it is to go through diffrent resources, but i think if i am not using few of these then it will be harder me to understand these. however, i know these theoratically but i cant ...

34. Standard data exchange protocol?

Hi, Is there a standard practice when exchanging data through Sockets? I want to transfer some data that is not fixed length. Currently, I am first sending the length of the data as an int and then following it up with the actual data. I was just wandering if there's an RFC or something that defines a standard for this. I ...

35. Can anyone provide solution for com.rsa.ssl.SSLException: Unknown protocol

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source) at com.bmc.util.socket.PooledSocketInvocationHandler.invoke( at $Proxy0.connect(Unknown Source) at com.bmc.util.socket.ConnectionHelper.connect( at com.bmc.util.socket.SocketPool.createPooledTimedProxyAndConnect( at com.bmc.util.socket.SocketPool.createSecureTimedSocket( at com.bmc.guardianangel.application.webtransaction.webinteraction.HttpInteractor$SocketWrapper.( at com.bmc.guardianangel.application.webtransaction.webinteraction.HttpInteractor.createSocket( at com.bmc.guardianangel.application.webtransaction.webinteraction.HttpInteractor.main( Caused by: com.rsa.ssl.SSLException: Unknown protocol at com.rsa.ssl.common.ClientProtocol.sendHello(Unknown Source) at com.rsa.ssl.common.ClientProtocol.startHandshake(Unknown Source) at com.rsa.ssl.SSLSocket.getInputStream(Unknown Source) at com.bmc.util.socket.BasicSSLSocket.connect( at com.bmc.util.socket.TimedSocketImpl.connect( at com.bmc.util.socket.TimedSocketImpl.connect( ... 12 more com.rsa.ssl.SSLException: Unknown protocol at com.rsa.ssl.common.ClientProtocol.sendHello(Unknown Source) at com.rsa.ssl.common.ClientProtocol.startHandshake(Unknown ...

37. Writing My Own Protocol

38. How must be chat app. with protocols ?

I have found IBM 's whitepaper for "how must be simple client/server chat application". Problem is: how must be architecture of more complex chat application with PROTOCOL like: (-r // register new user) (-s // signin user) (-q //quit from chat) and others. For example, I have code ChatClient - start client ClientThread - din/dout ChatServer ...

39. Jabber protocol controlling classes

40. TimeClient class that uses Time protocol

import*; import*; import java.util.*; public class TimeClient { public final static int DEFAULT_PORT=37; public final static String DEFAULT_HOST=""; public static void main(String [] args){ String hotName=DEFAULT_HOST; int port=DEFAULT_PORT; if(args.length > 0){ hotName=args[0]; } if(args.length > 1){ port=Integer.parseInt(args[1]); } long differenceBetweenEpochs=2208988800l; InputStream raw=null; try { Socket socket=new Socket(hotName, port); raw=socket.getInputStream(); long secondsSince1900=0; for(int i=0; i<4; i++){ secondsSince1900=(secondsSince1900 << 8)|; } ...

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