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1. Sending 2 objects through sockets?

The second thing is i've coded a Ghost class the exact same way as my PacmanGame class which contains how the image moves around the screen and its methods etc. For some reason its not displaying at all on either the client or the server when i try to send the object across. I am trying the same way as sending ...

2. Help with Sockets and objects sending

One of two things is happening: 1) On your sender side, you're changing/setting the coordinates in a different object each time, but you're always sending the original. 2) Because you're sending the same object, the ObjectOutputStream does not resend it, just an index or other indicator of which already-sent object is being sent, even though its innards have changed, and the ...

3. Problems send string through Socket

I'm doing this because I thought that every single conversation (I'm not exactly writing a chat, the program should be something more similar to an Instant Messager) needs a single Socket (and so another port). Am I wrong? (This is my first time handling with Socket ^^''') Edited by: M3kka on Mar 7, 2009 11:01 AM

6. Sending big objects on sockets

Well the server isn't just freezing forever. It's encountering an error or exception of some sort that you are swallowing and then dying. And your client is freezing because the server has locked up. So figure out what exception/error the server is getting and fix it. Some popular possibilties include - NotSerializableException - OutOfMemoryError

8. send bytes via socket

Hi All, im sending a byte array through a soket. im using to to receive DataInputStream and to send DataOutputStream. when im sending a buffer 1Kbyte size evrything working fine. when im sedning 120kbyte my client getting stuck. i assume ther is some size limitations. first question: am i correct? and what is the size limitation?? TIA

9. Sending a Socket Object via a Socket :P

why ? At server side you can use input and output streams for communication. for example: You can have hashmap at serverside and put resp. sockets in it w.r.t. loginid. So you have key - socket loginA - SocketA loginB - SocketB now write "serialized" message class class Message implements Serializable { String from,to,message; // getter and setters for all } ...

10. Socket sending xml format

Hi Guys, I have here this scenario.... I'm listening into a socket and there will be a client that will send string that is in xml format... I'm just confused with xml parsing and with the data that i'm going to receive. Is it the same getting a string and xml? And for the string (xml format)... how am i going ...


I have been having a problem with sending a string over a socket auth_send="$Supports MiniSlots XmlBZList ADCGet TTHL TTHF GetZBlock ZLIG |$Direction Upload 16836|$Key A 00 0 0 0 0 0|"; as it can be seen the string has both encoded chars as well as default chars. Question : How do I send this over a socket so that it doesnt ...

13. How to get Image byte size, and send Image over Socket?

I am trying to transmit an Image object through a Socket connection in Java. The only thing I may be missing is how to get an image size in bytes so I know how many bytes are being transferred over the Socket. I have the ServerSocket and Client working transferring data, and I have a cut-paste image working from a client ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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