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1. udp client not reachable from another application

I am trying to achieve a client server application in Java using UDP. The issue is when client connects to a server, server registers the client and another application tries to ...

2. UDP client not reachable in Java

Hi I am running a simple UDP Java Server, which collects IP and Port of Client when connected, store information in Database. Client is still listening to server. Server ...

3. UDP client and server

Hi I want to use UDP client which using Microphone to record the voice and send wave file direct to UDP server. If anyone has java code plz help me. Thank you.

4. UDP response not reaching back client

I am working on a application which sends UDP packet to initiate a Processing and needs to send back response on same socket after 3-5 minutes, but issue is that when ...

5. programming a client to send a HTTP request message to a server with a UDP connection in Java

I need a client to send a http request message to a server but I don't know how to do it in UDP, using http 1.1 It needs to have a specific ...

6. UDP server to handle multiple clients

I created a UDP server. Here's a skeleton

public class UDPserver {
      public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{

7. UDP client / server ....include 16-bit message sequence number for filtering duplicates

my assignment includes sending an image file using UDP service (using java i implemented that successfully). My professor asked to include: "The exchanged data messages must also have a header ...

8. client server udp soket

Hi i have a udp client server code that is not working i ask a general question "Is shane a good kid"both codes have no errors that come up but when ...

9. Java UDP client/server application where: the Client sends an operation name to server, either fact(factorial) or sqrt(squared root)

Here is my homework: write a Java UDP client/server application where

  1. The client sends an operation name to server, either fact(factorial) or sqrt(squared root)
  2. Client sends the number (read from the keyboard) it ...

10. UDP server and client

11. UDP server and client running on same machine

Hi all, I can't get the QuoteServer example to work. I am trying to run both server and client on same machine since I only have one machin available at the moment. I am using win xp behind a firewall. Anything that might interfere? With some System outs I can see that the server is waiting for request but never getting ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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