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1. Use datagrams in java to send video/audio from client to server?

Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a problem with UDP and Datagrams. I'm supposed to make a server that will get a request from the client to send a ...

2. Any good website teaches datagram sockets use in Java?

I want to program in Java some application that would use sockets, specially UDP sockets, do you have by chance any good website where I can find some resources ? ...

3. UDP Chatting Problem

hello friends i have created a UDP chatting program through which the clients can communicate over LAN. I have created a genaralized program i.e. I run the same code with different port ...

4. Why do I get UDP datagrams out of order even with processes runnning locally?

Well, I'm developing a java interface between a streaming server and a flash client. I noticed that UDP datagrams can reach my interface out of order even if both processes are ...

5. Checksum in UDP Datagram Socket + java

It is my understanding that the UDP protocol does not define the action to be taken if the data gets corrupted ie the checksum fails. That is our application can make ...

6. how to send an int through UDP in java

I'm trying to write a bit of code which sends a single int over UDP. The code I have so far: Sender:

int num = 2;

DatagramSocket socket = new DatagramSocket();
ByteArrayOutputStream bout = new ...

7. Sending pictures via UDP

I want to write an app in java that lets two clients talk via webcam. The way it works is both clients connect to a webcam that takes pictures at a ...

8. Problems with UDP Received and Sent UDP Packages?

I am trying to write a simple program about UDP Connections to learn about them. I have implemented some basic things but when I try to send and get back what ...

9. How to determine ideal Datagram settings

I'm writing a Java client application that will consume high rate UDP data and I want to minimize packet loss at the host/application layer (I understand there may be unavoidable loss ...

10. Is it right to send data in J2ME through cable by mean of DatagramConnection?

I want to send data by using J2ME between a mobile phone and a computer. The two machines are connected by the phone's cable : there is no Wi-Fi , no ...

12. Java Datagram Socket talking to C UDP Socket

Hi, I am running into a weird problem and would appreciate any help I can get regarding this. I have a Java program on machine A creating a DatagramSocket and then sending DatagramPackets to a C program on machine B. Now, I am able to see the packet sent by A and received by B using tcpdump and wireshark. The weird ...

14. UDP Datagram Reply Issue

Hello Everyone.... I'm doing a project in which i need to send datagrams to clients waiting on particular port. I want the client to reply to the server's port from which the datagram is sent. Is this possible ? I have tried this by creating a DatagramSocket with empty constructor and sent the packet to the particular port on client. In ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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