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1. Authenticated URLConnection problem    forums.oracle.com

3. Writing to a URLConnection    forums.oracle.com

I am trying to follow the "Writing to a URLConnection" tutorial for here http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/networking/urls/readingWriting.html and I am having some trouble following it. I have made a java application that I would like to use to write to a server via cgi-bin script. This tutorial explains that it is possible but it is a little confusing to me. I don't see how ...

4. URLConnection getInputStream()    forums.oracle.com

when I try to pass the input stream to another function, the program stalls indefinitely How is the code you posted, which has nothing to do with this "another function", relevant to the problem? Your "another function" apparantly has an infinite loop built into it, or other kind of issue. Edit: I posted the above before you edited your post. From ...

5. increase the hit of the website using URLConnection??    forums.oracle.com

now please answser this rather than thinking about what i do or not... i am no way going to do that... if i wanted to do i could have just did that and would have checked in google analytics for the hits.. i know thats against the search engine quidelines and also, me being a honest girl dont wanna do that... ...

6. URLConnection Automatically applies XSL?    forums.oracle.com

Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of that. I guess it is entirely possible that they are checking my client type to see if they can either insert the xsl-stylesheet attribute in the xml or if they have to do the transformation ahead of time for non standard browser clients. Maybe they were thinking of mobile browsers, which may or ...

7. URLConnection - the code?    forums.oracle.com

8. URLConnection - Alternative?    forums.oracle.com

You sure this is not a swing GUI Thread issue? - remember that the JProgressBar needs to be updated outside the GUI Thread, otherwise it will wait until the work is done and update it all at once. If the work goes quickly, it might look like it's going strait to 100%

9. Reconnecting - URLConnection    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have the following code for connecting to a URL - I'm attempting to retrieve a file. try { URL url = new URL(feedSource.getUri()); URLConnection urlc = url.openConnection(); urlc.setRequestProperty ("Authorization", "Basic " + encoding); return urlc.getInputStream(); } catch (MalformedURLException e) { throw new FeedsException("Malformed URL"); } catch (IOException e) { throw new FeedsException("Connection failed"); } Now, I'd like to add ...

10. URLConnection : Howto to get output transfer progression?    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for your answer. Chunked transfer is easily enabled with the setChunkedStreamingMode method. However, as specified in the documentation, this is not supported by all servers. I have tested with Apache 2.2.3 and it's working fine, but the server I need to send files to is an Apache 2.0.58 and it doesn't seem to accept chunked transfers. In the Apache documentation ...

11. URLConnection Problems    forums.oracle.com

hi, I wrote the below code for open an URLconnection and getInputStream to process with the specified webpages, however, if the webpages are "pages not found", it takes ages to return a result , so, is there a way to make it response faster, like, if the connection time beyonds 3 seconds, return URL is invalid. thanks for any help. try ...

12. URLconnection and BufferedReader's Read prematurely returning    forums.oracle.com

I have the strangest issue. I'm attempting to read from a file thats linked on a website. I have no problem with getting the link from the URL, creating the connection and putting it into a Reader and calling the read method. The problem I'm having is that the standard way of doing this isnt producing consistant results. On successive runs ...

13. Problem using URLConnection with JRE 1.4 versions    forums.oracle.com

We have a application which is communicating to the server using XML coded data. The protocol is as follows: 1. Initially, it creates a session using URLConnection i.e openConnection. We send data using getOutputStream and receive data from server application using getInputStream and finally close getInputStream and getOutputStream. It is required that for further requests send through client the same session ...

14. UrlConnection    forums.oracle.com

hi, I am using UrlConnection.openConnection() to for making a connection of 2 urls. One is Valid and the other one is Invalid, but i am getting the same contents for both rather i want to distinguish or define the (any) content of the Invalid Url. One reason i know is that the web site has created an "error page 404" of ...

15. Query regarding URLConnection class    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding connection to a url using URLConnection. I have a java program and I have a sample jsp page. I am sending a value to the jsp page. Inside the jsp page, I am retrieving the value and writing it to a file.Following is the code snippet i tried URL url = new URL("http://localhost:8080/XYZ/Sample.jsp?val=AAA"); ...

16. URLConnection and latest java update 1.6 Edi 29 don't work    forums.oracle.com

I have an applet that is displayed on a webpage that is password protected. This applets sends information back to the server when a user do things inside the applet. this connection is using the class URLConnection in all versions prior to 1.6 Edition 29. If the user is logged on no problem communicating back to the server. But in 1.6 ...

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