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1. How do I know WHEN to close an HTTP 1.1 Keep-Alive Connection?

I am writing a web server in Java and I want it to support HTTP 1.1 Keep-Alive connections. But how can I tell when the client is done sending requests for ...

2. Does closing the BufferedReader/PrintWriter close the socket connection?

I have an application that uses simple sockets to pass some characters between two systems. I have my java application running as a server. I establish a connection fine, ...

3. Java Socket close not detected

I am writing a quick server to test an application. If I close the socket on the client end it does not throw an exception that the socket is closed. I ...

4. Java - DocumentBuilder closing Socket connection

I have a problem with Socket connection closing too fast. I was told I need to temporarily load data from Socket and the parse it. Here is my code:

ServerSocket listen = ...

5. How to optimally clean up outgoing UrlConnection objects in high use multithreaded environment?

I have a use case where a servlet (that has reasonably high concurrent use) makes an outgoing URLConnection to retrieve some data REST style as part of its normal server-side processing ...

6. Java: Socket close connection and ObjectInputStream

My code looks like this, this is Server code (Runnable)

public void run() {
    while (true) {
        try {

7. What is Failed to receive close ack from remote connection?

I'm transfering a file across a LAN(using JxtaSocket in case you heard about it) and I receive: Failed to receive close ack from remote connection. at net.jxta.socket.JxtaSocket.close( I would like to know what ...

8. Complex networking in MIDP: how to close a URLConnection

I'm trying to write a MIDP application which is doing lots of networking. This is all being done via HttpURLConnection (which is all this platform supports; Socket doesn't work). The main ...

9. In Java, how close the connection and free the port/socket using HttpURLConnection?

I'm using HttpURLConnection to do download of pages in Java. I forgot to release the connections and I think this was causing some problems to my system (a webcrawler.). Now I done ...

10. How to properly handle client "Connection: close" request on HTTP file server?

How do I handle properly a client Connection: close request field? As of now if I get this particular field I close the socket and wait for a following request from ...

11. 301 redirect: Why connection close?

I learned to use Connection: close when doing 301 redirects in Java

response.setHeader("Location", "");
response.setHeader("Connection", "close");
Why do we do this? Why not omit the last line? I have seen this in at least three ...

12. Client to close the connection

I got a socket listener which keep listening for data. The problem now is that the client which send data will finally close the connection by itself. Based on my codes ...

13. Signal Close Connection from Server

14. How can I close a URLConnection?

15. HttpURLConnection - Stream closed

16. force close server socket while waits for connection

I have develoed a server application that can accept one connection at a time. One of the server options is that the client can request to chat with the server.If this is the case, the the server opens a chat window which uses another class 'chatserver' in order to wait for and accept connection. However, i found out that if the ...

17. Socket connection closes

18. HttpURLConnection - Close

19. Remote host closed connection during handshake

I'm not a expert, but it sounds to me like the host is just dropping the connection during connection setup ("handshake"). This is likely due to an overloaded server or congestion on the network somewhere between you and the server, rather than a problem with your client code. You'll probably need to work with whoever is responsible for the server ...

20. remote server closing connection

I am facing a problem, when i try to communicate with finger protocol . Basically finger service closing connection when it answer my request and when i do second request with same socket so it do nothing. I check it out through ethereal that what is happening in tcp stream so basically after full fill my first request finger service send ...

21. Connection closed by the remote host

Hi guys! My serversocketchannel and socketChannels are NON-blocking! I don't know whether there is something I'm missing in java.nio package.I have implemented client -server program but my small problem is that when the client disconnects the server also dies.What do I need to close in order to prevent this(if there is any) on which side? Thanx for your in advance!!

22. Unsble to close http connection in nokia 3230

Hi gurus I have create a application in which i have made http conntion and at end close connection. HttpConnection con = null; InputStream in = null; xmlData = ""; try { con = (HttpConnection),3); in = con.openInputStream(); int ch; while((ch =!=-1) xmlData = xmlData + (char) ch;} catch(Exception e){ System.out.println("Error :" + e.toString()); } finally { try { ...

23. Testing for closed connection

We have a number of clients are sending GET requests to a servlet, which delivers to them large messages zipped up into files. The servlet has to go through quite a bit of work building these messages. If the clients have to wait too long they timeout and make their requests again. We get into a situation where the request queue ...

25. When is a URL's connection closed?

26. HttpUrlConnection leaves connections in CLOSED_WAIT state

Our java application fetches pages from various websites. One of our customers is finding that their machines have a very large number of TCP/IP connections in CLOSED_WAIT states that are remaining for long periods of time. We have not been able to reproduce this -- any thoughts? I have attached our basic processing code (with non-relevant code removed). We are running ...

27. Hang on socket close after connection abort

(a) you are closing the output stream (which you should) and it hasn't been flushed, and the receiver has stopped reading, and his socket receive buffer is full, and your socket send buffer is full, so the implicit flush() will block until the receiver reads enough to create enough space in all these buffers for the flush() to succeed.  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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