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1. java connection to jabber

What type of stream I need to use to write a connect request message over a tcp socket, to jabber. I'mwriting a string with xml format. It should worked with the ...

2. How to drop/restart a client connection to a flaky socket server

I've got Java code which makes requests via sockets from a server written in C++. The communication is simply that the java code writes a line for a request and ...

3. test socket connection with Java

I'm using the following class to test if a host accepts connection from java My question is, what could be enhanced here? Thanks for the feedback EDIT I have added the optional parameter "timeout" in ...

4. How to check if internet connection is present in java?

How do you check if you can connect to the internet via java? One way would be:

final URL url = new URL("");
final URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
... if we got here, we ...

5. Problem with Java Sockets (in tic tac toe game)

I have built a two-player tic tac toe game in Java, using sockets (no threads). I have it working, except for terminating the clients when the game is over. Basically, I ...

6. Socket connection with coldfusion

I tried the below function.This function allows ColdFusion developers to connect to remote hosts through the TCP/IP protocol and transmit messages. Very useful for implementing chat rooms, integrate with third party ...

7. How do you debug a hanging socket connection?

We are connecting to a web service as follows:

URL url = new URL("https://...");
HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection();
conn.setRequestProperty("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
conn.setRequestProperty("Content-length", "" + data.length());
OutputStreamWriter o = new OutputStreamWriter(conn.getOutputStream());
Sometimes, the connection hangs on this last line, ...

8. Java Socket Connections in Queue

I have a client/server set up. The server ( will accept 2 Socket connections. Each client, after they connect, are asked what type of game they would like to play - ...

9. Java Sockets and Dropped Connections

What's the most appropriate way to detect if a socket has been dropped or not? Or whether a packet did actually get sent? I have a library for sending Apple Push ...

10. flex application resets connection when using XmlSocket

I am flex newbie and I am trying to get the example given here : I am using the same java server given there. and I am creating the XmlSocket in ...

11. Is there any for good Java lib for playing with Sockets connections?

Search for good Java lib for playing with Sockets connections - Is there any such lib or how to play with sockets from pure Java?

12. Java App on Mac asking for allow network connections everytime

My broadcasts a packet on the network as soon as it starts up. Everytime I start this app, the Mac asks me do I want to allow network connections blah..blah.. ...

13. Limit Connections with semaphores

I'm trying to limit the number of connections my server will accept using semaphores, but when running, my code doesn't seem to make this restriction - am I using the semaphore ...

14. Java Networking: Connection refused - Yes, my server is running

I'm getting following error when my client tries to connect to my server socket: Connection refused: connect
But, my server is really running, on the same machine. I try to connect to ...

15. How to create a new dial connection in java?

In my application user has to create a new dial up network connection in windows but i want to do this programmatically.Is there any API present in java that can help ...

16. Different server addresses and client address

Server has couple of ip addresses (let say 1 and 2)

iface eth0 inet static
  netmask    ...

17. Named pipes between Java and C/C++ programs

I think of using in windows a named pipe to communicate between two apps written in Java and C. Normally i use socket connection to do this, but now i have ...

18. Java jTDS Connection Problems Ubuntu Server

From what I have read the correct connection string for a jTDS is:

I believe the issue is the server name. The server name is formatted like this
An SQLException gets ...

19. java server connection to flex application

Ho to connect the java server to flex application? Is Blazeds plays a role here (or) Remote services?

20. sockets, readline and line terminators (VNC connection)

I am using x11vnc and I want to develop simple client for it. So, the work is:

  1. recieve info from socket
  2. send info
  3. recieve next data
  4. send another info
and etc. So, for example, I am using the ...

21. Java Multithreaded Socket Server hangs after getting ~ 50 simultaneous Connections

So basically the problem is described in the title. The server works in the following way: -Listens to a new connection -Once connection is requested - adds the request to the Q, -Continues listening to ...

22. Java Socket Server Stops Responding To All Connections

I have a java socket server, which accepts a connection from the flash client and sends messages to other flash clients connected to the game, it also logs some bits to ...

23. disable network connection

How to disable a network connection temporarily in java?

24. Java trouble with SocketChannel connections

This is a class assignment, so I need hints more than answers. I have a process running on four virtual linux machines. Each process communicates with two of its neighbors. Each ...

25. Java socket read not receiving write sent immediatly after connection is established

I have a java client and server I'm trying to write Junit tests. In my tests I wait for a connection between the server and client to be made, and ...

26. Java Sockets - ArrayList loses information when I send over the connection

I am having an issue sending some data over a socket, everything works great until I try to send an class that contains:

int playerId  
int command   ...

27. What is the best way to manage text-based client-server connections?

I'm looking to write a small client-server-based text game that handles multiple client connections and persistently affects a game state. I'm wondering what the best way would be to handle multiple ...

28. Connection problem with sockets in java

i tried this code: (full example) and it's working but when i switch the "host" int the client side to an external IP (insted of localhost) it give me this error: "Cannot ...

29. How do you send a User defined class object over a tcp/ip network connection in java?

This is an example of a user defined class I'd like to send from a client application to a server application:

class dataStruct implements Serializable{
    byte data;

30. java sockets client single connection

I am trying to connect from a J2ee web application to another server(Socket server) which supports one connection TCP connection. The socket server supports one connection from WEB , that means ...

31. Server detecting a client losing connection from the socket

In Java, if I connect to a client to a server via a socket and the client has an exception which causes it to crash, is there any way the server ...

32. Java, problem sending a message with socket connection

I have a problem with my Java program. It has a socket connection between a server and many client. Here is the server (the part which concerns the problem):

private static ArrayList<ParallelServer> ...

33. Test jnp connection

Is it somehow possible, to test, if a jnp connection is working? Something like ping would be convenient.

34. Hyper-V : How to retrieve mac address associated to a connection using wql in Java

I'd like to retrieve the mac address associated to a Msvm_VirtualSwitch. So far I can list all using:

Select * from Msvm_VirtualSwitch
According to this post I should list all Msvm_SwitchPort. ...

35. creating socket connection

I need to create a socket connection between my machine and a server. Then I need to send some sms to server from my mechine using smpp protocol. Now I am ...

36. How do server-client push/pull connections work?

I'm very interested in how financial data is streamed from server to client. I often here the term 'push-pull' used. I wondered if someone could give me an example (preferably in ...

37. Java Quickly check for network connection

My issue is fairly straightforward. My program requires immediate notification if a network connection is lost. I'm using Java 5, so I'm unable to use the very handy features ...

38. Java - How to keep a live socket connection

Ok guys im not that experienced so take it easy on me. Ok so i have 2 programs, one for the server (my pc) and one for the client(other pcs) and this is ...

39. How to detect internet connection with SWT browser (or handle server not available)

I have a SWT Java application with a SWT Browser that is displayed on startup to display the news page of my website to the user, and also so the user ...

40. Using broadband connection in java program

Can I use broadband connection(connected by either IPv4 or IPv6) in our java program as like JDBC connection? Or how simply I want to know how to control a broadband connection ...

41. Managing multiple socket connections in a java server application

In our new project we need to implement a server application. This server gets connection requests of 50,000(+) clients. Problem is these connections have to remain open and have to be ...

42. Good connection establishment

I know that there is a good variant to use Scanner object when you need to get data from server during connetion. But I have question about the following code snippet:

public ...

43. Having trouble connection with sockets

So i have created this program that has a server and a client ... its supposed to connect to other server clients of the same program but on other computers The problem ...

44. Find all connected components given the connections in a graph (Java)

I'm building a program in Java that simulates a network of moving nodes. When nodes collide there is a certain probability that they will establish a connection. I'm trying to store ...

45. BufferedReader reading from socket

I have a bufferedreader and for some reason it wont read the text from the print stream I am sending from my client. This is the point at which it fails ...

46. Keeping socket connections in an Array and using them - Java

Is it possible to keep each incoming socket connection in an array and use each whenever we need in Java? I tried the following Array structure but it throws Exception in ...

47. Java Connection refused in Client server application

I am building a Client server app in java ,here is my code Client


class ClientCode{
    public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception {

48. Two Way Connection

I'm making a java program & I want this to be both as server and a client (using sockets). How is this best achieved?

49. Mirapoint server connection with Java

anyone knows how to connect to a Mirapoint email server through Java. I am getting Server uses incompatible protocol, it is not SSH-2 compatible Message with Mina. I am able to ...

50. How to identify a broken socket connection in Java immediately?

I have a typical java client and a server. The client sends some request to the server and waits for the response. The client reads up to say 100 bytes of ...

51. Keeping persistant connections from a home-made Java server

I've built a simple Java program that works as a server locally. At the moment it does a few things, such as previews directories, forwards to index.html if directory contains it, sends ...

52. Java socket sends some data during connection to server

I have a small server and client java-program. They interact through sockets. Java server is very simple. It receives Characters from sockets and prints it in console.

import java.util.Date;
public class DataServerSIMS {

53. Java socket sends some data during connection to server 2

Possible Duplicate:
Java socket sends some data during connection to server
I have two very very simple java programs - client and server.They establish connection through ...

54. Java client server connection problem

@Elaine121 I didn't read all your code but given your description I conclude that you do all your processing in the EDT thread (Event Dispatch Thread). You are keeping that thread ...

55. streams connection to socket


Hello. Using a thread i am trying to create a socket. That is Socket mySocket = new Socket(...); At times socket creation is taking a long time. I wish to put a timer on it. Say if it takes more than 'n' seconds, i want the thread to terminate. But the thread is blocking on the socket creation and i am ...

57. connection through dialup networking

58. connection through dialup networking

dear sir , I am student of the 3rd year comp science . I am making a project in java for which I have to establish connection to other system through dial up networking ( i.e through modem and telephone line ) but I dont know how to that does java providse any facility for that or it is the property ...

59. Connection refused

60. Simple question re multiple connections

62. Socket connections and Browser

I meant a computer, or more specifically an IP address. The box the applet is served from will probably be a UNIX machine where your web server is running. It is only to this IP address that an applet can connect to via a socket. Connections to other IP addresses can be made, but only via a server side application.

63. Checking for connection

64. socket connection

Hi, i want to open a connection when i log into my application and the connection needs to be persistant till i log out or until i forced to close the that i can able to send and receive data without opening the connection everytime Kindly post me regarding this query Regards sangeeth

65. About the Socket connection

66. check socket connection

67. Raw Connection ..

Hi! Friends , I got to do one assignment ... case : 1) At a remote location where internet is not available and mobile service provider is not there .. lies my computer with a modem and a telephone line . 2) At some central location there lies a server or a more powerful computer with a modem and a telephone ...

68. Opening a socket connection on client m/c

Hello, I'm writing a jsp(which will shortly be uploaded on our server).Now what i'm trying to do is when a client requests this jsp this jsp would hold the logic to open a socket connection to the client(which has made a request)and write or read a file to/from the client. I want to achieve this without any client side coding/installation. this ...

69. Max Connections Issue on MAC

71. socket connection problem

72. Socket connections

The socket is spending an awful lot of time trying to establish the TCP connection to the target IP, and I don't know of a way to tweak this (although such a way may well exist). But really, what seems to be getting in your way is that TCP is an intelligent protocol that handshakes with the other end to guarantee ...

73. Check Socket Connection State

I have a client applicattion sockets, but i want to check the state of a connection. i don't know how i can do that. I need this control over the connection because when the server closed the connection i can do a send() without errors but the second send() return a 'fail'. i want to control this situation. Sorry but my ...

74. Add and remove share network connection

76. Socket connection

78. Connection less vs connection oriented

79. Connection test

Hello everyone, I have only a small question, and I know one solution, but it's not a pretty one. So I wanted to ask the experts for a better one. My question is: how do I test wether a tcp/ip connection is available or not, without using 'catch' as a way to set a connection boolean to false. for example, I ...

80. TCP/IP,socket connection

Hello,friends: I have a question regarding to the swing and web application. Senario: The swing application is used to monitor some activities happened in web application. For example, when a user is login the web application, a signal is showed in swing application the a user has login the web application. The way I am thinking to implement is as following: ...

81. socket connection remain open

82. how to detect a failed hardware connection?

The situation is : I'm trying to write something onto a socket.... during the process, the connection is lost ( cable is disconnected)... Is there anyway to detect the failure, by catching an exception? Currently, i'm executing the write statements inside a try block and catching any exception which would be thrown.... but it's not throwing any exception and continuing to ...

83. internet service provider & connections

hi ranchers could anyone help my to understand the problem in my chatting program 1. in my chatting program i have to peers client and server 2. evrey client have a list of frends when he click on any of them he starts a private chat with his frind. 3. when the client click on his frind name he retreveis his ...

84. Sending info back from a connection.

85. how do i cancel a connection right away

86. long and short connection

87. Relation between Internet Explorer and Socket Connection

Hello, i am developing a servlet in which i have to read data from some other web application(at present this another web application is running on different machine, but on same LAN). To do that i establish httpUrlConnection. Following is the code URL externalURL = new URL(""); HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection)externalURL.openConnection(); // Opening the connection connection.setRequestMethod("POST"); //setting the request method to ...

88. Active Connections

89. Server/Client Socket Connection

Hi, I am trying to program a simple server/client socket connection program, the main function is to send and receive objects between them. I somehow went wrong and the connection between them keeps terminating right after establishing connection. Is there anything I can do to resolve this? This is gonnna be kinda long post.. sorry. These are the code that starts ...

90. Establih a new connection...

91. Multiple Connections to a Server

If you're writing your own server - a fun and educational experience - you'll have a ServerSocket somewhere that does accept(). This gives you a socket that is connected to the client. If you put all processing of the socket on another thread, the main thread can be ready to accept another connection in no time at all. Here are few ...

92. a socket connection to com1

93. sending objects thorough socket connection

Okay, I want to connect to another machine (using a simple socket connection), and then I want to setup my in/out streams so I can send objects over the wire (and also receive them). Can i do this with simple socket connections? For example, I want to send certificate objects through the connection.. (i cannot use SSL) Am i doing it ...

94. Establishing network connection

95. Wasteful Client Socket Connections

96. Connection Refused

97. Connection problems

Hi, I'm building an application that uses a Socket to connect to a server over TCP. When I'm running the application, I sometimes get disconnected (with or without a "connection reset by peer"-error). It's almost sure that the server didn't disconnect me. After I get disconnected, my internet connection is down (also on another computer behind the router), and I have ...

98. Limit number of connections

Your while(true) loop will take any number of clients one at a time. I don't really see how it could take more than one at a time though. Can you confirm that all three clients were connected and sending data at the same time? Did their messages come out mixed up on the console? Here's how I built one of these ...

100. connection problem...

hi i have problem to connect to server i run the code and i get: ->connection ok and after ->not able to connect to server if i use telnet to connect server, i don't have any problem.. this is the code public void ConnexionServeur(){ Socket kkSocket = null; PrintWriter out = null; BufferedReader in = null; try { kkSocket = new ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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