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1. Software caused connection abort: socket write error

I am trying to send an image from a Java desktop application to a J2ME application. The problem is that I am getting this exception: Software caused connection abort: socket write ...

2. error while downloading file in java Connection reset

I'm trying to download a file using socket and server in java.

myClient = new Socket(address,port);
   in = new DataInputStream(myClient.getInputStream());
   out = new DataOutputStream(myClient.getOutputStream());
File requestedFile ...

3. Connection timed out error

I am getting below error when I am trying to connect to a TCP server. My programs tries to open around 300-400 connections using diffferent threads and this is happening during ...

4. Access applet through SSL throw error open HTTP connection failed and more

When I run an applet on localhost or internal system this applet works fine. (I already sign all jar file) But when I access it through SSL it throw error by following : ...

5. HttpURLConnection reading response content on 403 error

When I fetch data from 403 URL is = conn.getInputStream(); will throw IOException,can't get response data. but when I use firefox access that url,ResponseCode still 403,but can get html content Sorry for my pool english ...

6. Server returns 500 error only when called by Java client using urlConnection/httpUrlConnection

I'm having a very strange problem. I'm trying to call a servlet (JSP) with an HTTP GET and a few parameters ( If I call it from the browser ...

7. I am using org.htmlparser.Parser to parse URL but its failing for external URLS and giving Connection Refused: connect error

I am using org.htmlparser.Parser to parse URL, it works fine for all internal URLs that are in network. But when i try opening external URLs, it gives

Exception in ...

8. what is the solutions for software causeed connection abort:socket write error.i am new to using jscape

I am jscape for for uploading files to ftp,can u help say what is the cause for Software caused connection abort: socket write error"? .as i am using daemon thread which ...

9. URLConnection getting stuck and not throwing errors

Below is my code. When I run this code it always gets stuck. Sometimes it runs the loop 100 times sometimes 3000. What is weird is that is does not throw ...

10. Java - Socket has 'connection timed out error' or 'no route to host' error with certain internet

I'm making a client/server pair with sockets to send and receive data back and forth. When I'm at home on my internet using two separate machines for client/server, it works fine ...

11. Selenium WebDriver Getting Connection reset

I am getting the following error Just to add this code was working fine earlier. I havent changed anything. The firefox browser open but nothing happens. I can see webdriver written ...

12. Java URLConnection Error

This error is from a PC connected to a comcast modem. Is port blocking an issue when a person is trying to make an outbound TCP channel with a Java URL ...

13. HttpURLConnection fails with 404 Error

My httpURLConnection fails with 404 - Resource not Found error. The same URL works on my firefox poster and returns 200/ok. Both the applications(webapp and the URL-app) are located on the ...

16. Error establising connection

17. Connection Refused Error

Im having the same problem with similar code. My application works fine in JBoss but receive the same error (Connection refused) in the same point when i deploy it in SAP portal... I have changed the way i get the xml file by using a Fileinputstream class and asking the servletcontext for the real path where my xml file is placed ...

18. Connection Timed out error

19. Connection Refused Error

Hi all, I have implemented simple Client and Server using Java Socket API. The client socket was created as: Socket socket = new Socket("localhost", 20001); System.out.println("connecting to server localhost on port *20001*..."); //more IO operation The server socket was created as: try{ server = new ServerSocket(20001); System.out.println("starting the local server on port 20001..."); } catch (IOException e){ System.out.println("Could not listen on ...

21. Getting Connection Timed Out error

23. Software caused connection abort: socket write error

Hi all, I'm new to the forums, so I hope this isn't in the wrong place... I have that "Software caused connection abort: socket write error" exception error that i've never meet before. Basically what im trying to do is the following: - a client connect to a server using sslsocket. - server receive the connection and reply with the first ...

24. Connection reset by peer: socket write error

Hello Everybody, I am trying to make a connection with a server on a particular port and read & write data through this conenction. ALl goes well and I am able to make conenction & read & wrtie through this but while I am trying to run this program continuously it starts throwing error: Connection reset by peer: socket write error ...

26. Connection reset by peer: socket write error

Problems a plenty! i have myself a servelt, which calls other code to get back a Base64 encoded image. I get this back okay. However, when i try to print the image on screen (Iframe), it dies a deah, giving the above error. below should be some code from servlet. Any help would be much appriciated. private void displayImage(String pURN, HttpServletResponse ...

28. Error during socket connection

I have a socket server and socket client. The client is able to communicate with the server without any issues. But when we try to kill the server using kill command, it shows the following error Full thread dump Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.5.0_15-b04 mixed mode, sharing): "Low Memory Detector" daemon prio=10 tid=0x000e7590 nid=0x9 runnable [0x00000000..0x00000000] "CompilerThread0" daemon prio=10 tid=0x000e49f8 nid=0x8 ...

29. Software caused connection abort: socket write error

I have TCP/IP based service which is continously 24*7 running on a port. It communicates using XML. when response is < 1023 characters...the client recieves data properly.... but when response is > 1023 characters the client recieves half the response (i.e exactly 1023 chars) and remaining chars are lost...and at the service end it throws exception: Software caused connection abort: socket ...

32. Error in SMPP connection

i have successfully connected my client with the SMSC and able to send both short and long messages(both english and chinese). i am using Logica SMPP code downloaded from net. as we have to bind ourself all the time, i used to get these error quite regularly and rapidly. 1) Connection timed out: connect at Method) at Source) at ...

33. Connection reset by peer: socket write error

i had developed a application in which i am using SMPP for sending SMS. after some time of binding, i get error Connection reset by peer: socket write error at Method) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at com.knowcross.gmhs.smpp.TCPIPConnection.send( at com.knowcross.gmhs.smpp.Transmitter.send( at com.knowcross.gmhs.smpp.Session.send( at com.knowcross.gmhs.smpp.Session.send( at com.knowcross.gmhs.smpp.Session.enquireLink( at com.knowcross.gmhs.smpp.Session.enquireLink( at com.knowcross.gmhs.smpp.controller.SMPPReceiver$EnquiryLink.enquireLink( at com.knowcross.gmhs.smpp.controller.SMPPReceiver$ ...

35. Software caused connection abort: socket write error

Hi Friends, We use the following code in our servlet to send back an XML file to the client. class: private Writer out; private XmlOutput xmlWriter = new XmlOutput(); private ZipOutputStream zipOutputStream; // This method initializes the writer out and zipOutputStream instance variables declared above. The OutputStream passed to this method is response.getOutputStream() private void initialize(OutputStream os, boolean zipped, boolean ...

36. Multiple OpenSSH calls causing Connection Reset Error

Hi All, I am running a Axis2 web service server application on SUSE 11.2 Linux. I also have a web service client on a windows machine which connects to the server application. My client submits job to the server by calling the underlying API methods which are exposed over the web services. My problem is everything works fine as long as ...

37. Need help with Connection Error

Hi All I've been trying to develop my own chat app. I had a simple version working, but now that I'm trying to add extra functionality it's gotten a little more complicated. To implement it the way I want to, I've started to use interfaces. Now when I'm trying to create a simple connection between client and server, I am getting ...

38. HTTPUrlConnection error information

39. Error : Connection refused

import com.jcraft.jsch.*; public class Tunnel { public static void main(String[] args){ Tunnel t=new Tunnel(); try{ t.go(); } catch(Exception ex){ ex.printStackTrace(); } } public void go() throws Exception{ String host=""; String user="kgnanapr"; String password="changeme"; int port=22; int tunnelLocalPort=9080; String tunnelRemoteHost= ""; int tunnelRemotePort=80; JSch jsch=new JSch(); Session session=jsch.getSession(user, host, port); session.setPassword(password); localUserInfo lui=new localUserInfo(); session.setUserInfo(lui); session.connect(); session.setPortForwardingL(tunnelLocalPort,tunnelRemoteHost,tunnelRemotePort); System.out.println("Connected"); } class localUserInfo implements ...

40. URLConnection 422 Http Error response

Hi all, I have a JSON feed which I am trying to call using URLConnection. I requested the feed with authentication parameters(UserName & Password) and got the cookies of the call, then tried to request the server with cookies, for the feed data, but I received a 422 Http Error response. Could any one please help us on this and correct ...

41. Getting 502 error when opening URLConnection

Hi, I've been trying to open a URLConnection in from a servlet running on Websphere, every time I try to connect via the servlet I get this error, can anyone advise why this is happening? I am able to copy/past this servlet in a browser and it at least get's accessed, as well as on the command line on my local ...

42. EOFException: Connection reset by peer: socket write error

Hi I am getting "EOFException(EOFException( Connection reset by peer: socket write error))" while getting Image from web service I am using WICKET frame work. Loading Image using DynamicImageResource#getImageData() function in onBeforeRender() functionn of wicket component. stack trace are as below.. Caused by: EOFException(EOFException( Connection reset by peer: socket write error)) at org.mortbay.http.BufferedOutputStream.flush( at org.mortbay.util.ByteBufferOutputStream.ensureSpareCapacity( at org.mortbay.util.ByteBufferOutputStream.write( at org.mortbay.http.BufferedOutputStream.write( at org.mortbay.http.HttpOutputStream.write( at ...

43. HttpURLConnection - Error with OutputStreamWriter

Without seeing a stack trace I can't be sure, but the line you've indicated there's an error on could be throwing a NullPointerException on your category parameter. From the code you've posted, this is easily possible if your Servlet doesn't define the category parameter. You might want to check for category == null and decide what you want to do if ...

45. HttpURLConnection ERROR

I am using a HttpURLConnection object to read data from a servlet . I use getInputStream method on this object and subsequently generate the BufferedReader object to read the data that has been sent. But it is unable to create any connection as it always returns with an error code of 500 ( INTERNAL SERVER ERROR ) but I have cross ...

46. Connection reset by peer: socket write error

Well, I'm afraid that there are quite a few rubbishy aspects to that code. However none of them have anything to do with that error message, which simply means that the party at the other end of the connection disconnected while you were still sending. This is quite common in web applications, especially when you take a while to respond and ...

47. Error writing to URLConnection

Also, when you called setDoOutput(true) you made the URL connection use the POST method. The server responded with a 405 (Method Not Allowed, you looked that up, right?) because that URL doesn't support POST. If it only supports the GET method that confirms my idea that it's just meant to return a file.

48. Error in URLConnection

49. Error while posting xml file to URL using URLConnection

Hello everyone, I am facing an issue from long time related to URLConnection. If this would be resolved by your help then I would be very grateful to you. One application which posts xml file to URL hangs and after waiting for 5 mins it throws 504 error: Server returned HTTP response code: 504 for URL: http:hostname. at Same ...

50. Connection reset by peer: socket write error

51. HttpIOException: Connection reset by peer: socket write error

It seems like that should be expected behaviour. If you reload the page, then the browser sends another request (abandoning the current one and possibly closing the socket). In the case where the socket is closed, I would expect to see the error message that you are seeing. It's harmless, since the data doesn't have anywhere to go anyway. If you ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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