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1. HttpURLConnection inside a loop

I'm trying to connect to one URL that I know that exist but I don't know when. I don't have access to this server so I can't change anything to receive a ...

2. What is the most "expensive" for a server: connections opened, send/receive messages or connections/deconnections?

What is the most expensive for a server
(using Java NIO Selector and SocketChannel, but I guess the language and library don't matter anyway)

  • keeping many client connections opened
  • many client connections/deconnections
  • receiving many ...

3. Library to check connection speed

I have two servers with Apache Tomcat that once in a while, connect to share data. One of them is mobile, so the Internet connectivity changes. From this second, I need ...

4. HttpURLConnection, skip a file download

I am writing a java performance test program that fires up HttpURLConnection.openConnection method within each thread and downloads a file from a web server, but does not save it locally. Here ...

5. I'm having troubles with Java sockets in a client/server type application when having to accept many connections

First of all, thanks for reading. This is my first time in stackoverflow as user, although I've always read it and found useful solutions :D. By the way, sorry if I'm ...

6. How could I quickly know if a server is connected?

I'm developing a Java client/server application in which there will be a great number of servers with which the clients are going to have to connect. The problem is that probably ...

7. how to reuse httpclient connection to get multiple small files

I'm using httpclient to download multiple small files from server continuously. So I want to reuse the httpclient connection to avoid costing a lot of time to allocate new connection. And I ...

8. Is an HttpURLConnection's InputStream part of the connection process?

I have a Java program that uses OAuth for communication with a server to retrieve XML data. It makes use of the Signpost OAuth library to connect with the source, and uses ...

9. Performance Issue: HttpURLConnection

11. Socket connection performance

Hi, While writing one simple chat application i got one doubt . Suppose ,if i am chatting with single person ,i will establish socket connection with that client and send message to that client to particular port.Once i finsh chat i will close socket connection. Now if i want to chat with more people say 100 people(just an example) at a ...

12. HTTPUrlConnection and performance.

Good evening guys, i need some advice from you. So, I have a pure java client which communicates over LAN (or WAN) serializing and deserializing Java Object with a remote AppServer. Java Object are encapsulated in a class which, basically, encapsulates an HashMap so that I can always specify what procedure I need to call on my remote server. An artisan ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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