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1. Applet HttpUrlConnection Chunked Response problem

I have an Applet with HttpUrlConnection to IIS 6.0 Server. Server response chunked data, but sometimes (some browsers) i have a problem. Server answers stick in certain buffer, and arrive at me when ...

2. How do I differentiate between request and response in an HTTPURLConnection?

Hi I need to evaluate if a server supports gzip compression. Therefore I want to set gzip as Accept-Encoding in my request and evaluate if the response of the server containts "Content-Encoding: ...

3. Server returned HTTP response code: 500

I'm facing this problem with Java. I want to get some HTML informations from a URL. This code was working for so long, but suddenly, it stopped working. When I access this ...

4. can't get response header location using JAVA's URLConnection

can someone kindly suggest what I'm doing wrong here?
I'm trying to get the header location for a certain URL using java here is my code:

URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
String location = conn.getHeaderField("Location");  ...

5. URLConnection sometimes returns empty string response?

I'm making an http GET request. It works in about 70% of my attempts. For some reason, I sometimes get no response string from a successful connection. I just setup a ...

6. Java HttpURLConnection how to receive multiple responses from server

I am attempting to connect to a server with a POST message asking the server to subscribe me. The server will then hold the http connection open and send back asynchronous ...

7. Does writing data to server using Java URL class require response from server?

I am trying to upload files using Java URL class and I have found a previous question on stack-overflow which explains very well about the details, so I try to ...

8. Response from a URL

I am getting a response from a URL and I am printing on the console. The response is Šèô; fREïp\ô­. Can anyone tell me how to read this response?

BufferedReader reader = new ...

9. Java POST HTTPsUrlConnection returns 200 response

I'm trying to post some login data to a form in order to grab the cookies from the response. The url is: However I can not get the server to ...

10. Server returned HTTP response code: 403

I am providing the credentials in the code , still I am getting the error . Can I know what might be the reason !!!! Server returned HTTP response code: 403 ...

11. how to get the negative response code in java

I am using the code as follows in java.

 URL url = new URL("any url");

  HttpURLConnection conn=(HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();

  InputStream in = conn.getInputStream();

  int responseCode= conn.getResponseCode();
Here I am getting ...

12. How do I get chunked footers from a response on a connection that uses ThreadSafeClientConnManager?

I'm using a connection created by ThreadSafeClientConnManager (Apache httpcomponents 4.1.1). The response is chunked (which I expect), as is determined by response.getEntity().isChunked() However, there is no way to get the footers/trailers ...

13. Multiple Http requests and responses using HttpURLConnection

Good afternoon in my timezone. I am developing an very simple http bot. I am using the class and i have to make multiple requests. Snippet of code :

HttpURLConnection urlConnection =

14. How to post data to server in J2ME? Getting response from server Invalid API Key

I am posting some data to server but i am getting {"status":false,"error":"Invalid API Key."} response from server. My API Key is correct but where is the problem i don't know. Please ...

15. response in ASCII from httpURLconnection in Java?

Any possibilities to convert the HttpURLconnection response in ASCII? Can I have the sample code of it?

16. Closing an HttpURLConnection before the response is complete


I'm using HttpURLConnection on the client side to consume a response in an HTTP streaming (server push) situation. Although the server may close the connection by closing the response, ...

17. Is it possible to send HTTP request using plain socket connection and receive response without headers?

experts I am trying to implement a downloader which handles HTTP protocol, I am able to send HTTP request using the following code:

StringBuilder request = new StringBuffer().append("GET ").append(uri.getPath());
if(uri.getQuery() != null)

20. URLConnection timing out before response is received - setReadTimeout does nothing

I'm using a socket connection to send a POST request. Here's some code: HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection(); //URLConnection conn = url.openConnection(); conn.setDoOutput(true); conn.setDoInput(true); conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "text/xml; charset=\"utf-8\""); conn.setRequestProperty("Method", "POST"); //conn.setReadTimeout(30000); OutputStreamWriter wr = new OutputStreamWriter(conn.getOutputStream()); wr.write(xmlbody); wr.flush(); int hold = conn.getReadTimeout(); // Get the response BufferedReader rd = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(conn.getInputStream())); This works fine for requests where the response is relatively small. ...

21. http response code 400 in httpurlconnection's getinputstream

hi. im baffled why the con.getInputstream() returns an http response code of 400. here is the code AudioFormat format = MyDefaulAudioFormat(); AudioInputStream ais = null; try { String audioURL =URLS.getAudioURL( currentAnnotationId); URL pservice = new URL(audioURL); HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection) pservice.openConnection(); conn.setDoOutput(true); conn.setDoInput(true); int byteLength = 4096; OutputStream outStream = conn.getOutputStream(); //add the byte size in buffered output stream BufferedOutputStream bos ...

24. Response from URLConnection

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to use URLConnection but I'm not quite getting anywhere. First I want to receive a response from a SMS gateway I want to use (Clickatell) it allowes me to send my api_id, user and password once and it will return a session_id, which can be used to send the text messages. From the ...

28. connection failed , no response from server while connect to MSN

this UserStatusIM$1 (id=830133928528) connection XMPPConnection (id=830134788800) accountManager null anonymous false authenticated false callbackHandler null chatManager null compressionMethods null configuration ConnectionConfiguration (id=830134788248) connected false connectionCounterValue 4 connectionID null debugger null host "" (id=830134788368) packetReader null packetWriter null port 1863 reader null roster null saslAuthentication SASLAuthentication (id=830134788912) serviceName "" (id=830134788368) socket null user null usingCompression false usingTLS false wasAuthenticated true writer null e ...

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