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1. Serverside implementation of FTP in Java    stackoverflow.com

I want to build an FTP server that has no actual files in the background. Rather I want the files uploaded to it being immediately processed by my backend. The file ...

2. I need Help on FTP using Java    stackoverflow.com

i need the source code of an application that can upload and download automatically from the remote computer (FTP) using java language. thanks

3. Problem in java ftp code    stackoverflow.com

i'm getting error in java ftp code. SimpleFTP could not request passive mode. i copied this code from net. but it's not working

    String response = ...

4. get latest file from ftp    stackoverflow.com

Trying to create a simple plugin that simply connects to an ftp site, looks up the latest file and then downloads it. However, it isn't getting the latest file. I'm using the ...

5. commons net ftp issue    stackoverflow.com

I am facing an issue where it appears that my FTP connection is correct and no errors are received, but the file is not placed on the ftp server. I am using ...

6. Java FTP problem    stackoverflow.com

when using FTP in java after I tell FTP server that I want to download a file, server return a string containg IP address and a port I start a new thread in ...

7. creating simple ftp using Java    stackoverflow.com

Recently I was designing a simple ftp. When a client connects to server, server create a special Socket for this connection:

Socket clientSocket = listenSocket.accept();
I want to use this socket to send ...

8. how to implement FTP using java?    stackoverflow.com

I am working with FTP.......i have to embedd a msg to a image file at client side and i have to send it to the server....on the server side i have ...

9. FileBackedOutputStream use case (Guava)    stackoverflow.com

I came across FileBackedOutputStream class from Google Guava library and was wondering if it's suitable to be used as a kind of a buffer: once every day, a process in my ...

10. Java and FTP to edit online text files    stackoverflow.com

In my Java swing program, I read, edit and save various text files in a local folder using Scanner and BufferedWriter. Is there an easy way I can keep my current ...

11. File not getting downloaded from ftp    stackoverflow.com

Code: import java.io.FileOutputStream; import org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient;

public class FtpDownloader {

    // Server Credentials
    String host = "ip";
    String username = "user";
    String password ...

12. FTP Design Pattern    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a project that needs to use multiple types of FTP connections (SFTP, FTPS, and regular old FTP currently). I'm using JSch for SFTP and Commons Net for FTPS ...

13. help on File Tranfer using OBEX !    stackoverflow.com

Following this Using the JSR-82 API for OBEX Image article, i have some doubts. For a image file to be transferred from mobile to laptop where should the file ...

14. What the best syntax-aware mobile text editor for non-smart phones?    stackoverflow.com

I tried this one, it's pretty cool: http://www.j2medit.com/ I'm also gunna try jTextLite. Any recomendations? I'd like to edit code to and from school on the bus. hehe :D EDIT 3/24: What ...

15. Apache Camel pull data from ftp incrementally & periodically    stackoverflow.com

I am very new to Apache camel and I am exploring how to create a rout which pulls data from ftp for instance each 15 minutes and pulls only new or ...

16. Apache Camel ftp consumer loads the same files again and again    stackoverflow.com

I have following spring configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"

17. testing whether embedded Mina FTPServer really started    stackoverflow.com

i wrote programmatically a startup code of the apache Server like this:

public void _start()
    String Path = "C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\andjock\\Desktop\\ab";

    File ftpDirectory = new ...

18. When is the setDataTimeout called?    stackoverflow.com

When does the setDataTimeout on FTPClient (commons.net) called? Does it called when the socket connection is hung or does it called when the time out value is reached? For eg. if I ...

19. 3-rd party component for file transferring via sockets - Java    stackoverflow.com

I study computer-science and right now I am in a middle of Networking course. I need to develop a simple FTP program (client + server). The server listens to port X and waits ...

20. Multithreaded FTP uploader for a single file    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to implement a Maven plugin to upload an assembly (a very huge one, > 1.5 Gb) to the FTP in a multithreaded manner to save time during build preparation. ...

21. 0 kb file created once FTP is done in java    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to FTP a file on to a remote machine. Below is my code :-

FTPClient ftpClient = new FTPClient(); 
ftpClient.login("remote", "guesst12"); 
int replyCode = ftpClient.getReplyCode(); 
InputStream input ...

22. Does ApacheVFS ftp support random access writing?    stackoverflow.com

I have searched the issue tracker and other places and there does not appear to be any definitive answer to this. I have checked the capabilities for ftp and it appears ...

23. Trouble with FTP LIST-Command and Java    stackoverflow.com

I'm still trying to make a ftp-client in Java. Works just fine, but now I've got a problem with PASV and LIST. It's no problem to change in the passive mode and send ...

24. Certain file formats corrupted over FTP    stackoverflow.com

I Have written a server and a client to implement FTP and if i create text files and send them they work fine . but as soon as i send files ...

25. Simple FTP program in C or Java    stackoverflow.com

I need to write a program in C or Java to transfer the files from windows to Linux machine. requirement is to connect Linux machine, authenticate, option for select mode , ...

26. Run java from FTP    stackoverflow.com

How can I run a .jar (Java) file on a server using FTP? I use the ftp command to enter the server, provide the IP address, username, password. Is it possible ...

27. Intellij IDEA + FTP?    stackoverflow.com

I'm running Intellij IDEA 10.5 and I've set up my default ftp server (File|Settings|Deployment),
but when I'm right-clicking on my project I still see Deployment option inactive (see below):

enter image ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>28. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204302/sockets/java/FTP'>FTP</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>Yes there is. You have to understand a little about the URL it is expecting. ftp://username :password@ftp.server.com/full/path/to/file/filename;type=x type for getInputStream can be 'd' for directory listing, 'a' for Ascii down load and 'i' for Binary download. type for getOuputStream can be 'a' for ascii upload and 'i' for binary upload. So, to put a text file you can use code similar ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>29. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204459/sockets/java/FTP'>FTP problem</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>HI EveryBody, I have prepared a small ftp application which picks up files & pictures from one server & places it on the remote server.i have put a JTimer which runs after every 10 seconds and searches the local server for any stories , if it finds any then it places them at remote server.The problem is i am getting the ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>30. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204491/sockets/java/FTP'>FTP problem</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>31. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204499/sockets/java/FTP-Documentation'>FTP Documentation</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>32. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204627/sockets/java/help-FTP'>need help on FTP</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>dear sir, I am making a project on networkin now i need to use I am able to transfer text files by reading files and sending bytes by bytes but I dont know hoe to send other files such a .doc, .exe etc I think Ftp will do my job ps tell me how to use ftp IT THERE ANY API ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>33. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204646/sockets/java/FTP-NetWorking'>Regarding FTP in NetWorking</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>34. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204691/sockets/java/Re-FTP-query'>Re:FTP query</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>35. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204829/sockets/java/ftp-java'>ftp with java</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>36. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/204960/sockets/java/SMTP-ftp'>About SMTP and ftp(Urgent)</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>37. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205164/sockets/java/Dialup-networking-ftp'>Dialup networking and ftp</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>38. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205332/sockets/java/FTP-data-type'>FTP data type</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>39. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205363/sockets/java/FTP-pls-help'>FTP pls help</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>the first machine is connected to the internet and from this machine i connect to another machine which is also in the internet. from this second machine i connect to anothe machine which is part of the intranet coming under the second machine all the first machine is on Debian and the other two on solaris Hope this detail helps thanks ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>40. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205393/sockets/java/FTP-through-Firewall-does-it'>FTP through Firewall, what does it take?</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>Hi everybody, I have a FTPClient that works perfectly on a stand alone PC, connecting through a dial up account. But now I need to use it on a LAN, probably connecting through a firewall. Can anybody tell me how I should do this? I do not yet know what resctrictions the firewall makes, but provided that the firewall allows at ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>41. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205438/sockets/java/Automate-FTP'>Automate FTP</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>42. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205457/sockets/java/FTP'>FTP</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>43. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205488/sockets/java/Socket-Or-FTP'>Socket Or FTP(Urgent)</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>44. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205557/sockets/java/Source-ftp-classes'>Source for ftp classes?</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>Previously someone (in this forum) pointed me to some ftp client classes. Now I am curious how a client FTP works. Does anyone have source code? I get the impression that the standard URL class is not of much help and you have to use sockets implement a FTP client. Thanks, Siegfried </p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>45. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205786/sockets/java/sun-net-ftp-FtpInputStream-class'>sun net ftp FtpInputStream.class missing in j2sdk1.4.0_01 rt.jar</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>46. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205866/sockets/java/TelnetInputStream-FTP'>TelnetInputStream and FTP</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>hi Moderators, i got following error first time i tried to post the above response... ------------------------------------------------- Sorry, UBB has encountered an unexpected, fatal error. This error is extremely abnormal. Please contact the board administration. The error text is: /home/vhost1/saloon.javaranch.com/vroot/html/ubb/Forum33/forum_33.threads: Expected to write out 238674 bytes, but file on disk is only !] Here is the backtrace: Backtrace: ubb_lib_filehandle.cgi:185 -> sub UBB::FileHandle::tracer ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>47. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205879/sockets/java/ftp-java'>ftp using java</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>I tried searching for relevant posts so as not to waste people's time on here, but the search only turned up stuff from as late as 2001, and it didn't exactly clarify my questions. How does one do simple FTP work in Java? I just need to download a zip file from a server and check that it's up-to-date by parsing ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>48. <a href='http://www.coderanch.com/t/205924/sockets/java/FTP-PC-MainFrame-OS'>FTP From PC to MainFrame OS390</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    coderanch.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>Well, you certainly could, but given that this seems to be a fairly special-purpose application, you might consider just executing the script using Runtime.exec(). Otherwise, there are a number of open-source Java FTP libraries available; you might search in this forum for

49. FTP Socket Programming    coderanch.com

Hi guys! I was wondering if any of you could help me out. I've basically got 3 Java programs. One is called "Copier.java" which lets the user specify the location of a txt file to be copied to a new location on the computer. The other two are called "FileServer" and "FileClient" and when they are both running, the client program ...

50. FTP code    coderanch.com

51. FTP in Java    coderanch.com

Hi, I am trying to FTP a file to a server. I am not quite sure how to do this. I have been searching the net but nothing concrete has come up. I had a look at URL, which looks like what I need to do. Can anyone guide me as to what I need to do. Also which do you ...

52. FTP with PGP encryption    coderanch.com

Hi, I'm involved in large Java based project, and am currently looking at how to securely transfere files between our server, another Unix server. The server running our system needs to act as a client, sending and receiving files. My requirement is normal ftp but first encrypt the files with PGP Does anybody know of any such implementation in 100% Java ...

54. Ftp    coderanch.com

Hi everyone, I need to ask a very broad based question about the JAVA Authenticator class. Is this class only meant to be used for authentication for the Http internet protocols or it can also apply to Ftp internet protocols and Https internet protocols?? Any help is greatly appreciated Yours Sincerely Richard West

55. using FTP    coderanch.com

56. Problem with FTP    coderanch.com

57. JAVA + FTP    coderanch.com

58. FTP files System Icons    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer: Could you create a zero-sized file on the local disk that has the same file extension as the remote file? Then you might be able to use the exact same FileSystemView call. thank you yes i tried this solution but didn't worked for me perfectly: 1) first problem : i will have to create hundreds of ...

59. FTP    coderanch.com

Are you trying to implement FTP as defined by the RFC's? or just a file transfer protocol that you have to design? if you mean your own hand invented protocol, just send a 'command' message the declares the directory and file name, preferably with relative addressing. Use the standard Java API to set the working directory, and check to see if ...

60. FilesDownload from FTP    coderanch.com

Greetings!. I have a big issue while downloading the files from FTP Server. The below is description of the project, 1) To connect ftp server 2) Pass the folder structure to FTP server 3) Found the folder and files within directory 4) List the files which is available in the folder 5) User can able to select the files 6) In ...

61. FTP    coderanch.com

62. Problems with ftp, commons library    coderanch.com

I am really stuck now by using ftp. I am using commons library and some other jars which are needed for commons. Currently I made, also took some code from tutorial site the ftpLayer so it would be easier to connect and some other things. So i follow this schema: connect, login - when start upload download set the passivemode on, ...

63. question about sun's ftp package    coderanch.com

64. Problem in FTP    coderanch.com

66. Urgent on FTP    coderanch.com

HI, I m writing one application in which I need to copy some microsoft files available on NT to the solris server. Can any one help as to how do I go about it??? Is there are ready made code available on any site? ? This is very urgent.. Please... Thanks a lot Afroz

67. how to do ftp in java    coderanch.com

68. ftp??    coderanch.com

69. about the FTP    coderanch.com

70. FTP package in java?    coderanch.com

71. FTP in java    coderanch.com

I am trying to implement a FTP Loader in java. Till now I am able to connect to the FTP Server successfully using Sockets. I am able to pass user, pass and pwd commands to the ftp server using a dataoutputstream object. Now when I am trying to access the files or directories present at the server I pass the ls ...

72. Overwriting problem when doing FTP    coderanch.com

Hello, I am sending the same file via FTP from one NT machine to another. The first time I send it everything works fine and the file is there. But when the second file comes in I see the timestamp get updated for the file on the receiving box for a brief second implying that the transfer worked but then the ...

73. FTP    coderanch.com

import org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient; import java.net.*; import java.io.*; import java.lang.reflect.Array; class newftp { public static void main(String[] args) throws java.net.MalformedURLException,java.net.UnknownHostException,java.io.IOException,java.io.FileNotFoundException { System.out.println("Hello World!"); FTPClient ftpClient = new FTPClient(); String host =""; String userid="ftptest"; String pwd="ftptest"; ftpClient.connect(host); ftpClient.login(userid,pwd); System.out.println("Ftp is connected "); URL hp = new URL(""); InputStream ip = hp.openStream(); System.out.println("Ftp is connected thro URL "); // Make destination file try { FileOutputStream ...

74. ftp question    coderanch.com

Hi everyone, I have this ques, please help: I wrote the a program using jdom to create an xml file which works fine. Following are the main steps: Document doc = new Document(root); //keep adding elements .... //Use the inbuilt XMLOutputter in JDOM XMLOutputter xmlout = new XMLOutputter(); //Stream to write to a file OutputStream fout= new FileOutputStream(filePath+".xml"); //Write to the ...

75. Polling for a file on ftp using Java    coderanch.com

No I don't have to parse any directory on FTP ...because I have only one directory and one file in it....I have to poll for the file for every 5 seconds....that is I have to look up if file exists or not in the directory for every 5 seconds...and read it if it exists.

76. FTP API    coderanch.com

Hai All, In my standalone java application, using "org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient" to process FTP related works (upload and download the files). The problem is FTP server and my system(i am running standalone application in my system) are in same domain its working fine. If FTP server is in different domain it is not connecting to FTP server also its not throw any exception. ...

77. FTP Issue    coderanch.com

Hai All, I am using "org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient" jar file to upload the files in FTP server.I tested my standalone java application in my local system its working fine and files are placed in FTP server also. But in production its not working. Same FTP user name and password can connect FTP and get and put files in command prompt.But in my application ...

78. FTP Issue    coderanch.com

Hai All, I am using "org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient" jar file to upload the files in FTP server.I tested standalone java application in my local system its working fine and files are placed in FTP server also. But in production its not working. When run command prompt with same FTP user name and password in production,it connects FTP server and places the files FTP ...

79. Question on ftp.    coderanch.com

80. Probelm in FTP ing a FIle    coderanch.com

Hello all, I have a problem in FTP ing a file.The scenario is as follows: I have a folder "temp" which holds n number of files and every file has a name in the form "TEST.20050720T1620511325.XML.pgp" The numbers in between signifies the date of the present day followed by T which signifies time , followed by the time when the file ...

81. Recording Audio Via JWS and XFer Using ftp    coderanch.com

I need to make a simple app that can record the speech for me. This application will be used by non-technical people, who have little to no understanding of audio formats, specs, etc. This is what intend to do - - Record audio on the users computer - Play audio on the users computer - Save the audio to a file ...

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83. Singleton and FTP    coderanch.com

84. files from FTP    coderanch.com

85. RunTime.exec() and FTP    coderanch.com

Hi Guys, On WinXP, I am using String command ="cmd /c ftp -v -s: cmd.txt " Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command); .... ..... FTP Command is supposed to get a file from remote server, but as long as my program is running it does not get the file. Once I kill my program all of a sudden file pops up. But if I leave my ...

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89. pdf getting corrupted while transfering through FTP    coderanch.com

Hi, i m trying a transfer a pdf file from one server from another. I m able to get the file through inputstream and got to write it through FileOutputStream at the desired place. the pdf file is getting created but when i try to open it , it shows me a message that this file has been corrupted. Also the ...

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92. FTP Implementation in Java    coderanch.com

93. FTP    coderanch.com

HI everyone, Let's say when i connect to a ftp do i have to worry about something called type. I mean for example let say when connect to an ftp as such URL url = new URL("ftp://user:pass@ftp.fileplanet.com/polo.zip"); Do i have to worry about something called type as such URL url = new URL("ftp://user:pass@ftp.fileplanet.com/polo.zip;type=i"); Does the first way i list above work ...

94. about ftp    coderanch.com

hi we install the software in our system is very easy. i need install a software in ftp. if it is possible then how it is. we need to install j2sdk1.4.2_13 in ftp. Actually our requirement is to install some open source softwares into virtually hosted website at godaddy.com. Is there any way to do this? if so please let me ...

95. FTP    coderanch.com

Hi everyone, Currently i am trying to connect to a site using ftp using the below method to upload a file URL url = new URL("ftp://user01 :-P ass1234@ftp.foo.com/README.txt;type=i"); URLConnection urlc = url.openConnection(); OutputStream os = urlc.getOutputStream(); // To upload Now my question is how from java can i create or delete a directory as well as create or delete a file ...

96. JAVA + FTP    coderanch.com

97. FTP    coderanch.com

I'm working with the class org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient I want to do search operation for a file in FTP servers(means both filename and path will be given). I tried out with the command listFiles() and Im able to get the files in that particular path and even Im able to search operation by looping through the file list. But now performance issue has ...

98. FTP package    coderanch.com

Hi all , I have to create a application to ftp files to a remote FTP server . In JDK do we have a package that will allow me to do this if not are there any free packages availablethat i could use for this ? if some one has a ready code I would appreciate that too . Many thanks ...

99. Retry logic for FTP when IOException occurs    coderanch.com

Can someone suggest the best practice for retry logic to be implemented when a particular exception eg:IOException happens and then the code can retry for n times with a time gap before throwing an exception. public FTPClient getFtpClient() throws IOException,Exception { try { System.out.println("B4 login "); FTPClient m_FtpClient = loginToRemoteServer(); System.out.println("After login to remote server"); return m_FtpClient; } catch(IOException excp) { ...

100. FTP Woes! -Solved    coderanch.com

Hi Guys, So I'm using the apache commons classes and have created the following ftp method; public static void main(String argv[]) throws IOException { FTPClient client = new FTPClient(); FileInputStream fis = null; client.connect("server"); client.login("username", "pass"); client.makeDirectory("testDir"); client.changeWorkingDirectory("testDir"); File file = new File("/Desktop/testDir"); File[] fileArray = file.listFiles(); client.setFileType(org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTP.BINARY_FILE_TYPE); for(int i = 0; i < fileArray.length; i++){ fis = new FileInputStream(fileArray[i]); client.storeFile(fileArray[i].getAbsolutePath(), ...

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