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1. Is there a way to establish a HTTPS Connection with Java 1.3?

I have to work on an old 1.3 JVM and I'm asked to create a secure connection to another server. Unfortunately the HttpsURLConnection only appears sinc JVM 1.4. Is there another ...

2. Are valid digital certificates required on the clients (Java, C++ etc) to make successful https connections?

I am planning to implement a small standalone program that will make a https request to a server. Does that require a valid ssl certificate in the client? How does the ...

3. HTTPS Connection

Hi I am making an application which has j2me in client side and dotnet on server side. I need to make an https connection to post to and fetch data from the server. Can ...

4. Monitor a HTTPS connection with URL class (Java)

I would like to monitor a simple url. But when its a https server I get a handshake exception. Its possible to verify state of a https url the way browser ...

5. Java Https default retry mechanism

Is there a default retry when using sun HttpsUrlConnection ? If so, how can I cancel it ?

6. J2ME HTTPS Connection Problem: Certificate was issued by an unrecognized entity

Possible Duplicate:
Certificate was issued by an unrecognized Entity
I am developing a little J2ME application that will read our grades from our university's server. With ...

7. Java HTTPS connection with Custom CipherSuites

So let's say I try to connect to a web server over HTTPS using HttpsURLConnection. Now if I set/limit the ciphers on Client using: System.setProperty("https.cipherSuites", myCustomCipherSuites); I want to know how a ...

8. Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection? - How to solve?

I have a java complied package to speak with the https server on net. Running the compilation gives the following exception Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?
at ...

9. Optimize HTTPS connection in Java client

I'm trying to communicate with a RESTful API over SSL. The whole client application relies on a basic connection method which looks something like this

URL url = null;

10. How to keep alive an HTTPS connection

Hi all, I am writing a client which connects to the server using HTTPS connection and sends XML data to the server and receives some XML packet. Right now I am closing the socket after receiving the response from the server because HTTP and HTTPS connections are not persistant. But I heard that we can do some thing to keep alive ...

11. URL https connection problems, please help!!!

Hello there folks, I have a problem I was hoping to get some help with. when trying to get a URL connection with the https protocol I get a unknown protocol: https my code is as follows System.setProperty("java.protocol.handler.pkgs", "");; out = resp.getWriter(); out.println(System.getProperty("java.protocol.handler.pkgs") + "\n"); String f = req.getParameter("f"); //URL order = new URL("", ); URL order = ...

12. Https connection

14. https connection from an application?

15. https connection probs

java.util.Properties propSy = System.getProperties(); propSy.put("java.protocol.handler.pkgs",""); System.setProperties(propSy);,2);;,1); System.setProperty("", "keystore_filename"); myprov ="SunJSSE"); HttpsURLConnection c; try { URL url = new URL ( rptUrl ); c = (HttpsURLConnection)url.openConnection(); //set cache and request method settings c.setUseCaches(false); //set other headers c.setRequestProperty ("Content-Type", "application/pdf"); //connect to the server.. c.connect(); }

16. Https and connection timeout

When you establish a https session, can you control how long the session can last? I want to submit a file to a server and wait for a response for a given number of seconds and close the sessions if I don't get a response. What is a good book to learn https, submitting a file and waiting for a response? ...

17. about HTTPS connection

18. problem accessing https through ssl connection

Hi I tried the program. The HTTP is working fine but not https. I enquired our INFRA team. When I set the same proxy in my firewall client, I am able to hit both https and http but when I set the proxy in the code, I am able to hit only http and not https. Then the INFRA guy told ...

19. Https connection not work in java1.6

I have created a java application that communicates with a Server via HTTPS. I use both jdk and jre 1.4 application work find not error message but I use jdk 1.6 application not work and application have error message PKIX path building failed: provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target at Source) at ...

20. https connection -- connection problems

Hi, thanks for the replies. Well I'm still getting the class cast exception so I haven't tried your suggestion yet, quitte. Well I have but the connection part is throwing that error! I have 'import' and I am using Jdk1.4. Any suggestions on how to get round this? Thanks a lot

21. HTTPS connection

Hi, I am trying to make an HTTPS connection to one URL, and actually being connected to an associated homepage. I would suspect some kind of URL redirection, except that when I try to connect manually, I get in. Does anyone have an explanation for this? The relevant code is: URL url = new URL("https://..."); // URL is complete and what ...

22. Data in https Connection

23. Https Connection in MIDP

Hi All, I could successfully run the application as given in the Am using tomcat server. i have the entry in server.xml as In c:\tomcat\conf\server.xml remove the comment marks from the SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector entry as follows:  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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