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1. Request methods on https-server

Hey everyone, I don't know whether my title is correctly articulated, but I have following problem: I have a self-written Java webserver, that handles incoming client requests. It works fine with all ...

2. Https in java ends up with strange results

I'm trying to illustrate to students how https is used in java. But i have the feeling my example is not really the best out there... The code works well on my ...

3. How do I sign a HTTP request with a X.509 certificate in Java?

How do I perform an HTTP request and sign it with a X.509 certificate using Java? I usually program in C#. Now, what I would like to do is something similar ...

4. http authentication between using ant/ivy retrieving dependency from nexus?

I have an issue when attempting to retrieve a dependency from a nexus repository when running ant with ivy. the dependency is never resolved, when running with verbose output the ...

5. Java http connection

I want setup a http connection to send request and get the response in an stand alone java application, can any one help me how can i proceed with this????

6. mock https request in java

Let's say I'm writing an application and I need to be able to do something like this:

String url = "https://someurl/";
GetMethod method = new GetMethod(URLEncoder.encode(url));
String content = method.getResponseBodyAsString();
Is there a way to ...

7. tuckey urlrewritefilter problem for https to http redirection

I want to redirect to HTTPS for all but 3 URLs. The redirect to HTTPS is working fine, but the redirect rule from HTTPS to HTTP is not .. here it ...

8. Route HTTP images for a HTTPS site

I'm running a site where users can link images and thumbnails from other sites in their content. When viewing these images in the https secured user are, they are getting security ...

9. MySpace Authenticate request failing

I am trying to write an app to authenticate myspace. I am able to make successful first http request to get Salt and Hash. But the second request to authenticate using ...

10. Add HTTPS support to download manager Java

I found a simple download manager here. It can download from HTTP sites, but doesn't support HTTPS sites. How can I modify it to support HTTPS links?

11. HttpClient Behaviour when MAX_CONNECTIONS have been opened and are busy

I am using httpClient (4.1.x) in a multi-threaded environment. I am using the ThreadSafeClientConnManager class to create a connection pool of persistent connections, which different threads invoke as and when requests ...

12. Http to https redirection

We have a Website that can be accessed with both http and https We need all the pages to be accessed with http which is working fine but when users logged into ...

13. Node.js HTTPS request with username

I'm trying to query, but I also want to pass a USERNAME, such as in curl it would look like this: How do I write the client request in ...

14. Is this Java code still secure? HTTPS Connections using the URL clas

I'm writing a Java wrapper for an API and I have a fundamental question about SSL and HTTPS connections. I know when HTTPS connections are made IN THE BROWSER, the ...

15. HTTP 403 Service Error when trying to post XML to HTTPS URL

I am trying to write a small class using the Apache HttpClient library that would do an HTTPS post to a specified URL sending some XML. When I run my code, ...

16. Regex to check with starts with http://, https:// or ftp://

I am framing a regex to check if a word starts with http:// or https:// or ftp://, my code is as follows,

     public static void main(String[] args) ...

17. connection to https with httpclient 4.1.2 gives org.apache.http.client.ClientProtocolException

I have successfully used this solution in android to post to https server accepting all certificates Now i am trying the same thing in JAVA to post to https server ...

18. How to emulate a browser HTTPS POST request with Java (Apache HTTP Client)?

There is a website with an AJAX API. I have opened Firebug to look into the details of the login HTTPS POST request. Then I have tried to do the same POST ...

19. how to send the http request with the help of certificate in res folder of the project in j2me?

Im developing a mobile app in j2me.In that i send a https request to the server which had self signed.My target mobile is "Nokia c2 00".Here i cannto put the server's ...

20. TCP vs HTTP Vs HTTPs

TCP is low level stuff. TCP is how you establish a connection over the internet (actually you can use UDP or a proprietary protocol, but TCP is the most useful and by far the most common). TCP establishes a reliable connection between two computers. When you open a socket and send 'abc' no line noise will cause you to accidentally send ...

21. Cookies , http , https

Hi , Can anyone tell me how to access cookies set by https in http request. Cookies created in http are made available to http as well as https requests whereas cookies created in https are accessible to only https requests Is there any way by which https cookies can be made available to http requests I am using Apache Tomcat ...

22. how to redirect from HTTPS to HTTP

23. HTTP and HTTPS

24. Http to Https conversion

This topic can be a little tricky so I recommend reading this in a good book like moreservlets by marty hall. or even better, just review chapters 7 and 8 in pdf on the web site - But basically there are 2 ways 1. Declarative security, in which you configure your applications web.xml and the containers' users file. Then essentially ...

25. Http and Https

Don't worry, your questions are not silly at all. I'll try to answer them: i) The details depend on your webserver. In any case, you will have to obtain a certificate (for example from Verisign) in order to use SSL. However, for development you can generate unsigned certificates for free (sorry, don't have a URL handy). You will then need to ...

26. http versus https


Tim, I do mean a servlet. Marcos, one solution to this is to use RequestDispatcher.include(). The only problem with this is that you will be including the output from the JSP. My JSPs basically do NOT print any thing on to the screen, so I am okay with it, except that when there is an error in the JSP, the compilation ...

28. How to route an user from http to https

29. HTTPS back to HTTP( Sorry, Try again)

Hi everyone, I have a problem with HTTPS and HTTP in my servlet & JSP development. In my project I have one servlet which takes all user' request and then transfers to different JSP according the user'request. When users first access this web they will get the login page. After typing the necessary data users submit this login request. This request ...

30. Http request TO Https request

31. Redirect http to https

32. request object from http to https

Are you sure your setup is correct. There is a lot more the "HTTPS" then writting it in a URL. You can handle "HTTPS" many different ways. You can do it in your code, web.xml, and/or web server or servlet engine. If your SSL and HTTPS are setup correctly make sure that your calling servlet is using the same protocol as ...

33. HTTP and HTTPS

If you browse any banking sites, some of the pages will be HTTPS and some will be HTTP pages. Since I have a single application, can I make some links to post to HTTPS and some to HTTP. Pls note, I don't want to hard code the URL ( like https://somedomain/ My Environment is as follows client==>> IBM HTTP Server ==>> ...

34. From https BACK to http?

I hate that I don't know this and can't seem to find much discussion on it anywhere...hoping someone here can help. If I use something like this in my web.xml: hiddenstuff /creditcardinfohere.jsp CONFIDENTIAL ...all is fine. The server automatically redirects this page to https. Lovely. But what's the "right" way to get the user BACK ...

35. PDF Stream HTTP Vs HTTPS

36. Switch back to Http from Https

An absolute link with the 'http://' scheme will do it. No matter how you do it, there will be some issues to watch for. Many containers won't keep the same session for secure and non secure traffic. In other words, you'll lose your session when you switch. Also, all recent browsers, by default will generate a popup window warning the user ...

37. Switching from HTTPS back to HTTP

Using security constraints in the web.xml, I know how to automatically swtich from HTTP to HTTPS if a user goes to a resource in a non-secure way which needs to be secure. An obvious example of this is a user login page. See the snippet from web.xml below. This snippet will automatically redirect the browser to HTTPS for any resources in ...

38. https to http

40. HTTP and HTTPS

i am making an application in which the login page wud under HTTP protocol and after submiting it , the next upcomming pages would be in HTTPS protocol. Here in the login page create a session for a particular user which is in HTTP and now i want to carry the same session to HTTPS for rest of the application. kindly ...

41. HTTP vs HTTPS development difference

I am new to HTTPS based web applications, and was still not sure how is it different to develop a HTTPS based web application then HTTP based web application. Do I really need to take care of somethings specially in case I am doing HTTPS web application development? I assume it should not be different from HTTP but still want to ...

42. Force URL redirect from http to https?

Joshua, Welcome to JavaRanch! If you have a webserver, it is common to configure the webserver to do the redirect. If you have to do it on an app server, I'm not sure if you can do it without changing the servlet. You could always write a wrapper servlet that takes care of the redirection if http is called and delgates ...

43. http and https

44. Switch back to HTTP after HTTPS page

46. difference between Http and Https

HTTPS = HTTP + SSL. The only difference between the two is SSL based communication. The rest of this post will provide more detail on the actions that will be executed by the protocols. HTTP includes the following actions : * The browser opens a TCP connection. * The browser sends a HTTP request to the server * The server sends ...

48. Return to HTTP from HTTPS

Hi all, in my web.xml I declared a resource under the block CONFIDENTIAL This resource is about a login page. But when I logout or when I visit some pages like Contacts or Home Page, I wouldn't use HTTPS protocol At the moment, HTTPS remain in the url even if I declared this protocol only for that resource This ...

49. Custom Proxy server handling both http and https?

I have been trying for a while now to get a functional proxy going for http requests with no luck. I am currently using the http core Apache library as well as the http client to make it all work. Setting up the proxy to handle http was quite easy. However, as soon as I try to add anything that is ...

50. posting on java (http and https)

I want to write a code which will post username and password and then i want to get soure code which i am logged in. For example: this forum page. I want to send my username and password by using java (for both http and https) and the source code of reply from this page will contain; Sun Forums Welcome, Alish ...

51. submit form values from https to http

Hi, In my application (struts,ibatis,mysql), i have one registration page which is secured(https), all other pages are http. I have to submit the form values from https to http. Ex:- 1) *HTTPS://* - registration page 2) *HTTP://* - thankyou page I tried to submit the form in registration page, but form values are not coming to action class. Previously, with http ...

52. Redirect http to https

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