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1. How do I get the remote ip address with httpurlconnection

I'm connecting to a url with a httpurlconnection in java 1.6 The server I connect uses DNS round robin to share load between multiple servers. How can I get the remote ...

2. Java: How do I get the IP of the local interface that can reach a remote IP?

I have a Java application that registers a server component in a service provider, and then sends the service name to a client. The client uses the service name to get ...

3. Local Net Ip Address from a Remote Client in java

Does anyone know how to get the Local Net Ip Address from a Remote Client in java? thx

4. how to achieve remote desktop using java

suppose if we need to access a system which is there in any other place then how can we achieve this using java programming.Ip address will be normally used to connect ...

5. Java & JMF: how do I get the remote IP from a Participant?

I have the participant in an RTP Session, I need to get the IP address from that Participant. How do I do that? My imports, by request of one of the answerers:

import ...

6. How do I tell the remote IP address from within NHttpRequestHandler using Apache httpcomponents?

I am implementing a comet-style (delayed response) http server using Apache httpcomponents. My code is very similar to the "Basic non-blocking HTTP server" example at I use a DefaultServerIOEventDispatch ...

7. How to make socket connection for remote IP ? (I know how to do it for Local IP)

How to make socket connection for remote IP ? I know fro Loacl Ip ? Thanks in advance Ranganath.t.m Mycode for local IP is:

package com.asmaitha.client;

import java.awt.FlowLayout;
import java.awt.Frame;
import java.awt.TextArea;
import java.awt.event.WindowAdapter;
import java.awt.event.WindowEvent;
import ...

8. remote IP address

9. how to get Remote IP Address....

10. Accessing IP Address of Remote computer

How can I access another computer IP address from my computer in network.I have writen this code. But this is displaying only LocalHost IP address. import*; class InetAddressTest{ public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception{ InetAddress add=InetAddress.getLocalHost(); System.out.println(add); ServerSocket sersoc =new ServerSocket(1000); Socket socket = sersoc.accept (); System.out.println ("Client from " + socket.getInetAddress().getHostAddress()); } }

11. Static IP Authentication (Remote Data Pipeline)

We have subscribed to a service that needs static IP authentication. We are about to shift to a new location, and we are uncertain of our changing IPs all the time. The requirement from that particular subscriber was urgent. So we gave our website's static IP to them for authentication purpose. Problem Statement: I have to download hugh amount of data ...

12. Remote user IP Address

13. Tracking Remote Public IP address

The requirement to track the remote client IP address in public domain, in order to authenticate the client locally, is not being met as when the Client Public IP is hitting the local firewall. As it passes through a load balancer(to which 2 servers are connected, In a LAN), The public IP address of the client request is being replaced by ...

14. Finding the IP Address of Remote Machines if any connected to my Current machine

Hello Guys, If I am Server, I want to find the IP address of the other Servers connected to me. Which method will give me the IP Address of Remote Machine from my machine?? Please help me out!!! I am desperate to get the IP Address of the Remote machine!!! Help will always be Appreciated!!! I used InetAddress Class to get ...

15. api to remote internet IP and local IP address of my computer

Edward, What you're calling the "local IP address" is probably the LAN address; that's actually the address that you're assigned by DHCP. It's the "real" address of the machine on the local network. You're probably using a NAT setup, which stands for "Network Address Translation;" this is the widely used system by which many machines on a LAN can share a ...

16. Printing a text file on remote IP

Hi, I have a requirement to print a auto generated text file from my application .I have created the text file but now i need to print it on remote printer where user will provide the IPAddress , printer name , according to the IPAddress i need to get the remote printer and will print over there. Can anybody please help ...

17. How to get client's remote IP address?

18. Java program to ping remote machine using IP address..?

Dear Members, I have to ping a remote machine, which is used as a server for my support project. If the server is down it takes more time to load the application. So i have to redirect to error page 'Support site is down for maintanence'. How to know the status of remote machine, whether it is up or down. Please ...

19. Java trying to access remote IP

20. how can i get the IP & Hostname of remote pc?

22. Printing a text file on remote IP

I have a requirement to print a application generated text file to print on the remote where user will give the input as the IP address and some other information which is require for the Printing option.My problem i am not getting any solutions how to solve the issue.I am very new to use javax.print .Please suggest me something in this ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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