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1. Downloaded PDF with Java is corrupt?

I have read the excelent discussion about How to download and save a file from internet using Java. However, if I exectue the next code, i get a corrupt PDF. ...

2. Download file by passing URL using java code

I am trying to write a code in java in which user provide a url link and the program take url link and download a web page as it is and ...

3. jbuilder download url

sir, i want to download jbuilder.if u know the url kindly give the url

4. Youtube video download URL

Before this I could download Youtube videos in my application by URLs like this:
But currently this doesn't work (at least in most of tries)
How can I get video download ...

5. Downloading a web page. OK with wget, fails with java

I'm trying to download the following page: wget without any option fails:

wget ""
(...) connect to insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'
with --no-check-certificate, it works
wget --no-check-certificate ""
grep Hello Test
 Hello World
Now, i ...

6. Url redirect after click and downloading a file

My goal is to redirect or refresh my page while downloding excel file : Details : In my application i am sending dynamically generated excel file

setContentType("application/; charset=windows-1254");
setHeader("content-disposition", "attachment;filename=" + Constants.DEFAULT_EXCEL_FILE);
But after asking ...

7. Download file from java application

Hi I need some help to download a file from my java application. The URL is "" I try using this code but the result is an empty file

URL urlAgg = new URL(address); ...

8. Searching Movie name in the Download URL

We require to verify, if the given URL has searchStringKeyword using regular expression. for example

if URL :"

searchStringKeyword : Mera Naam Joker
expected outcome: true

searchStringKeyword : DVDRiP
expected outcome: true

searchStringKeyword : Speed
expected outcome: false
Any ...

9. Java - How to programmatically download an attachment from a URL which opens a new tab?

I need to download an attachment from a URL (say programmatically using Java. The tricky part is that the above URL opens up a new tab/window onload from which the ...

10. How can I use java to download a video file from http url(video streaming link)?

Possible Duplicate:
how to get video link from of live streaming videos using java?
Hello all! I have to develop an application to download any video file ...

11. Signed Applet trying to copy .jar file from Server URL to local filesystem. Works, but .jar gets corrupted

I'm trying to write an applet that installs files to the users system for use with an local Java mapping utility. I have a jar file with the main method for ...

12. Download file in my webserver using JAVA

I would like to implement a function where you send a URL of a photo and my server will automatically download and store it in a specified folder. I studied some use ...

13. Http java file download problem

Trying to download file with apache httpclient library and have a problem with resulting file being smaller than the original (approximately 32-32kb, when normal file size is 92-93) and cannot be ...

14. How can I download whole url content?

I would like to download programmatically whole URL content: html, css, images and etc. Just like or "Save as" by IE. Downloaded page should be correctly opened ...

15. How to download bytes of file from URL at specific location from in inputstream?

How to download bytes of file from URL at specific location from in input-stream?

16. Downloading images from URL more efficiently

Situation: I have an ArrayList<String> containing a bunch of links to images (http:/, http:/,... etc) I have found a working piece of code in order to download them one by one:

public void ...

17. Error downloading file from a given URL

I am trying to download the given URL: but when i try to download the file using my Java Code:

URL url = new URL("");
ReadableByteChannel rbc = Channels.newChannel(url.openStream());
FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(""); ...

18. Java download file from URL with unknown filename

I have URL that gets called from my java app that returns the save/open dialog for an Excel file. At the moment, it opens in a new tab but I want to ...

19. How to download a ZIp file from a URl and store them as Zip file only

I have a url like below
I want a java code to download this Zip file from the URL and save it in my server directory as ZIP file ...

20. Download content from URL + POST parameters

Hi, I need to download the content from a URL but with POST parameters added to the request. I've managed to download the content by using But now I need to add POST parameters in the request. Is this possible while using the URL class? Or is there another method? Thanks, Seb

22. Downloading File From URL

I am writing an application that draws resources from multiple sources. Most of those sources are located on FTP servers that I access using the commons-net apache package. I currently have a resource, in this case a text file, that I need to access from a URL. If I enter the URL in my browser, I will get a download prompt ...

23. cannot download everything in webpage via its url

Dear all, I have try to download some webpages by using their URLs belows is part of my codes that doing the downloading... url = new URL(destUrl); httpUrl = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection(); //System.out.println("HttpUrl OpenConnect OK!"); //connect httpUrl.connect(); // System.out.println("HttpUrl Connect OK!"); //get input stream bis = new BufferedInputStream(httpUrl.getInputStream()); //System.out.println("BufferedInputStream OK!"); //create file int i=destUrl.indexOf("")+26; String refNo=destUrl.substring(i); // System.out.println("fileName is '"+fileName+refNo+".html'"); fos = ...

26. File Download from URL that required posting of URL paramter.

Some body please help to code on java using HTTPUrlConnection protocol to download file from URL which need posting of URL parameter. In clear way, Suppose there is an URL : under which file resides. But this url require post parameter: __EVENTTARGERT=123&__EVENTARGUMENT=&__VIEWSTATE=; then only file come up. Hence , scenario here is we need to post data in that url ...

28. Create download url

29. Expansion on download url question

What do I do with this info to create a download url I joined this forum to learn how to get the most out of my java experience. Now, I am a raw newbie wanting to learn. I did not understand anything you said in your email, which I thank you for. Would it make a difference if I told you ...

30. Java downloads wrong URL document (leaves parameters out)

user13326235 wrote: Yes it is maybe the answer, but is there any way to download these url documents from amazon (from program)? Let me point out this section of Amazon's Conditions of Use (follow the link at the bottom of any Amazon page): Amazon grants you a limited license to access and make personal use of this site and not to ...

31. Download embedded URLs

I would dearly like to download all the associated references in the JDK documentation and tutorials and to fix the HTML to refer to a relative local directory.. This would allow me offline access to all the information in the Java documentation. Does anyone have anything off-the-shelf? thanks skidmarks Edited by: skidmarks on Nov 14, 2008 2:31 PM

32. Download images from a URL

33. How do I manipulate a URL to download?

I have a URL ("foo"¶m2="bar"¶m3="bat") which, when I enter it into a browser, returns a download dialog. Using this dialog, I can (optionally) name the file, specify its save location, and then download it. All I have to do is press "Finish" to download. Now, I want to do this 1000 times, modifying "foo", "bar", and "bat" each time. Obviously, I ...

36. downloading images from URL

Everythign works fine, until it reaches in = conn.getinputstream(); It throws error there: Connection timed out: connect at Method) at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at

37. Downloading URL on Mac

39. Optimization problems in downloading data of greater size from any URL.

You'd be better off not writing that much data into a ByteArrayOutputstream but rather to some temp file on disk. Of course buffering is a must, too, as the above poster already suggested. If you really have to get all the data into a byte[], at least initialize the ByteArrayOutputstream with a buffer large enough to hold all the data (you ...

41. help needed for downloading the image from Inage URL

i am using the above code to download all the image from the Image URL's that r present in hashtable. The problem i have been encountered with is... Some URL's does not return any bytes, The code is not totally broken. In such cases, my code is hanging off at that particular URL and waiting to get some output data from ...

42. Setting timer for downloading an image URL

43. Getting Problem when downloading batch files from the requested URL

if (continueProcess) { try { XMLwrite.close(); XMLfile.delete(); } catch (Exception ex) {} } return false; } catch (SSLHandshakeException e) { _error = "Could not negotiate the desired level of security "; System.err.println(new java.util.Date()+" Error (Handshake Exception): "+e); e.printStackTrace(System.err); //_fatal = true; // don't retry this file return false; } catch (NoSuchElementException e) { _error = "Connection initialisation problem"; System.err.println(new java.util.Date()+" Error ...

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