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1. Using catalog to resolve schema URI with schema distribution thrue jars    forums.oracle.com

Possible solutions: Distribute one or more catalog files and one CatalogManager.properties per jar and the CatalogManager manages all the CatalogManager.properties that finds in the classPath; Distribute one or more catalog files per jar and have one CatalogManager per application that loads the catalogs as resources; Any other that I'm not thinking off at the moment. I'm sure that must allready exists ...

2. uri for tld files in jar    forums.oracle.com

3. The absolute uri problem    forums.oracle.com

4. URI problem    forums.oracle.com

hi everybody, I am facing a problem regurding URI class in java.net package. I am trying to open an HTML file and it's path is :- 'C:/My Page/Read Me/readme.html'. I am using jdk 1.6 My code is:- import java.net.*; import java.awt.*; public class Open { public static void main(String arg[]) throws Exception { URI u=new URI("C:/My Page/Read Me/readme.html"); Desktop d=Desktop.getDesktop(); d.browse(u); ...

5. URI and File - URI Scheme is not "file"    forums.oracle.com

6. jar file uri    forums.oracle.com

I've come across a jar file uri for the first time. I was trying to locate some information on the correct syntax of a jar file uri. I had no luck searching on the web for this information. I didn't even find it listed as one of the registered and official schemes. Is this just something for Java? Please point me ...

7. How to correct URI?    forums.oracle.com

In my country (Poland) we have some characters that don't exist in your language. I want to send some words to web dictionary and there is problem - this dictionary change polish characters on other(I don't know from which country). When I send the same characters to polish site it is't the problem. I use UTF-8. Is it UTF-8 guilt?

8. re:convert string to uri    forums.oracle.com

9. URI question: List files on remote computer    forums.oracle.com

If you could just list files on any remote machine, that would indeed be a security hole wouldn't it. You can't just treat URLs like file systems. A file:// URL is close though, but to use that you'd at least need a file share defined, named "data" on that remote box. You can't just magically get to its "data" folder off ...

10. how to use java.net.URI?    forums.oracle.com

Hello, I have a web application and i put some files in a folder near the WEB-INF folder. In the classes i want to creat java.io.File object that represent that folder. When i use the relative path, it uses the server path (tomcat path, not the war path) , and when i use the absolute path, it becomes not portable. I ...

11. Problem with URI    forums.oracle.com

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