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1. Why can't I query SolrJ for a URL?    stackoverflow.com

I have a Solr schema that has a "url" field:

   <fieldType name="url" class="solr.TextField"


2. Parsing query strings in Java    stackoverflow.com

J2EE has ServletRequest.getParameterValues(). On non-EE platforms, URL.getQuery() simply returns a string. What's the normal way to properly parse the query string in a URL when not on J2EE? ...

3. Parse URL without DNS queries in Java    stackoverflow.com

I'm parsing squid logs with Java. It seemed appropriate to use URL class. This class, however, makes a DNS request, which indefinitely slows down parsing. Are there other easy ways to ...

4. How can I represent URL (possibly including query string) as a filename in Java without obscuring the original URL?    stackoverflow.com

Is there any real way to represent a URL (which more than likely will also have a query string) as a filename in Java without obscuring the original URL completely? My first ...

5. Java Web: Detect a URL with a trailing question mark and empty query string    stackoverflow.com

Is there any way I can tell if there is a trailing question mark in a URL? This would theoretically be an empty non null query string while no question mark ...

6. Query URL and return the contents of a specific HTML ID    stackoverflow.com

I am looking to write a Java app which queries multiple URLs (defined by a list of URIs) for their HTML source and returns the contents of a specific element with ...

7. URL Query??    coderanch.com

Hi Dudes !!! I have a quetion in the URL Objects we typically use like this URL u = new URL(""); in this is the TargetURL or the URL to which i should connect. How to know or set the IP from this connection is made. In the sense i have two IP Address on my machine(Two network cards). My ...

8. Appending query strings to a URL    coderanch.com

Thanks for your answers people. The problem is that the code I'm writing is to be used as an application flow control mechanism "wrapped" around an an existing servlet app. To achieve this, an encrypted token is passed around the application in a querystring and is checked for validity by the filter. If the token is invalid, then the filter directs ...

9. URL query    coderanch.com

hello, Is it possible to create two differnt URL objects in a same program???. I have made two servlets one for my user authentication & another for posting messages to the server. And for that from my client side a standalone program made in swing i have created two URLS which i have to use it for reading an ObjectInputStream coming ...

11. How can I parse url query string parameter in java?    coderanch.com

The easiest way is probably to use the getQuery() from URL class and then parse the result returned by the getQuery(). For example: public static Map getQueryMap(String query) { String[] params = query.split("&"); Map map = new HashMap(); for (String param : params) { String name = param.split("=")[0]; String value = param.split("=")[1]; map.put(name, value); } return map; } ...

12. How to convert query parameter of an url to UTF-8 format.    coderanch.com

Hi, My question is How to convert query parameter of an url to UTF-8 format. I have an url string which containing some query parameters of Non Ascii character.When I covert these non Ascii character to UTF-8, it becomes either "?" or some square symbols. I want the non ascii character should maintain its state after conversion. Please suggest some solution ...

13. Extracting Query String from URL    coderanch.com

14. Passing URL Query String    dbforums.com

15. Java Popup Window & Url Query String Value    java-forums.org

Hi, I have a DefaultListModel and scores of objects have been added to it. Multiple objects can be selected and some operation is performed on those which is time consuming. It blocks the selected object and the thread has to wait til the operation is over. I want a solution such that I can unselect the selected objects and select some ...

16. Query regarding URL redirection    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have JSP 1 being hosted in one application server 1, i.e. thats the login page, on succesfull login i need to redirect the control to another JSP 2 hosted in another appilcation server 2. But if any user tries to access the JSP2 directly i need to throw up a message saying he is currently not logged in. So ...

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