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1. é is not correctly parsed

My application will read xml from urlconnection. The xml encoding is ISO-8859-1, it contains é character. I use xerces saxparser to parse received xml content. However, é can not be parsed ...

2. How does this Java Program Run?

I read about DOMParser and SAXParser in Java. I have no doubts in DOMParser and people prefer SAXParser than DOMParser, because of the memory it takes. However I understand the concept ...

3. SAXParser implementation is skipping entities

I have an implementation of org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHandler, it works fine except when it comes something like this:

<NAME>Ji&#345;&#237; B&#225;rta</NAME>
The character method is overriden as:

public void characters(char[] ch, int start, int length) throws SAXException ...

4. turn off unescaping in SAXParser

I am using SAXParser in Java. Is there a way to turn off unescaping while parsing xml using SAXParser? For example I have the following xml:

I would like to ...

5. What is the simple and easiest java API to read and write xml strings?

Hi all i read some answers from other questions like that and didnt obtain a good answer... So i would like to know some good api's to read and write xml ...

6. SaxParser replacing text while downloading?

I have a Java SAXparser that downloads and parses, using parse(new InputSource(conn.getInputStream())). Unfortunately, sometimes it gives error when downloading a site's xml: "XML or text declaration not at start of entity" Apparently ...

7. SAXBuilder build throws java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException

I am parsing this xml

<Root><Status>1</Status><Message>Get call Successful</Message><StatusCode></StatusCode><Item type = 'all' subtype = '0' ><subItem><rank>0</rank><name>humywe12</name><value>4500</value></subItem></Item></Root>
I am parsing it using this code
SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder();
Document doc = null;
xml = xml.replaceAll("\t", "");
StringReader ...

8. Value of enter/return

I have a Saxparser implementation in Java. I'm parsing an XML file, but I want to skip doing something in the characters method when the character is an enter. The problem ...

9. Control code 0x6 causing XML error

I have a Java application running which fetches data by XML, but once in a while i have some data consisting some sort of control code?

An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x6) ...

10. XML SaxParser problem

Hi, I have an odd problem. I am using a SAX parser to parse an XML file which has a root and a number of repeating elements in the root. For eg. It is like representing a Database table in the XML format. The format is value1 value2... ..... I parse this XML using the ...

11. How to get required mandatory field in xml using saxparser

Hi SoulTech2012, I am getting the following error Error at 8 line. The content of element type "note" must match "(to+,from+,heading,body)". I have removed the to portion from the xml which is mandatory as per the dtd, the error message does not show that which field is missing, that is the reason i told it is a vague message, I wish ...

12. SAXParser, Classpath woes and ANT

Greetings, I am having a problem running a java task in ANT due to classpath related issues (I believe) but I don't understand why or how to fix them. First to give some information I am using ant 1.7.1. I do NOT have an enviroment variable classpath. I have not had any issues until a new task I created today which ...

13. saxparser question

Hi, I am parsing an rss file with a saxparser. I have written my own contenthandler for this. But the content of the rss-items contain sometimes html entities like . While parsing this rss file I want to replace these entities with something else. for example: --gets---> Is this possible with sax? Can you give sax a command somewhere/somehow ...

14. ParserDelegator Vs . SaxParser

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