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1. XML Validation: Am I Doing It Right?

I was just wondering if someone could give my XML validation code a once over to see if I'm doing it right. Here's the portion of code that is giving ...

2. Are XML chunks valid?

I want to store some fragments of an XML file in separate files. It seems, there is no way to do it in a straight way: Reading the chunks fails. I always get the ...

3. XML Based Validation Frameworks Cross Language

I'm about to embark on a new project within which we require the ability to re-use validations based on (preferably XML) on both the client and server. We would setup a service ...

4. XML Digital Signature validation

I was trying to validate an XML signature. The validation according to this tutorial works fine. But I also tried to a second approach. To verify it with the

5. Can java transform and validate the input at the same time?

I know how to call a java Transform and have it validate the output against a schema. What I want to do is: Validate the input and Transform it via xsl. I ...

6. XML validation in Java - why does this fail?

first time dealing with xml, so please be patient. the code below is probably evil in a million ways (I'd be very happy to hear about all of them), but the ...

7. Which is the best methode for xml validation in java?

I want to create a validator for xml using xsd schema in java language. When I searched in the internet I found 3 meothods using javax.xml.validator, using jaxp parser, using ...

8. Validating form of XML in Java

How do I just validate the well-formedness of an XML file in Java?

9. XML validation using Java Code

I have set of XML files and they have a particular stucture. I want to validate the XML so that the stucture is fine always before using it. Can anyone help with some ...

10. XML validation using Java Code

I need some code sample which shows how I can validate a xml file against a schema. Below is my XML document:


11. XML validation using Java Code

Possible Duplicate:
XML validation using Java Code
Hi, I need some code sample which shows how i can validate a xml file against a schema... Below is say ...

12. Validation Layer with interdependency checks

Existing backend services will be opened for more clients (adding a Web Service Layer to the Web-Frontend client).
Currently, XML Schema is used for validation of DTOs, but since the frontend ...

13. How to check validations method for a page?

I have got a page supposedly JSP + XML from server and I know some of the fields require validations. Now, how do I determine the validations are happening from server ...

14. javax.xml.crypto.dsig validation using the public key in the xml

Using javax.xml.crypto.dsig, how do I unmarshal and validate an XMLSignature without specifying the public key? The public key appears to be in the signed xml, but I can't figure out a ...

15. how to validate XML using java?

I need to parse a bunch of incoming XML documents but it does not contain DOCTYPE (they all have the different DTD). DTD is created by myself. How can I validate ...

16. java design problem for validations

I have the following requirement: I have a validation system. One of the things that I need to do is perform validations on XML files, meaning validating that tag X equals ...

17. XML syntax validation in Java

I've been trying to figure out how to check the syntax of an XML file, make sure all tags are closed, there's no random characters, etc... All I care at this ...

18. Problem in XML Validation. MIn occurs is not working properly

I have a sample code in which i am trying to validate a xml using xml validation method. And it works correctly too except for minOccurs.I have given the code below. Please ...

19. How do I create custom XML based constraints with the OVal validation framework

With the Oval validation framework ( it is possible to create custom annotation based constraints ( My intention is to generate an OVal XML configuration file out of some constraint definitions, that's ...

20. Xml validation of empty tag

I have xml File with element date type:

<startDate />
in xsd file this type is described:
<xs:element name="startDate " type="xs:date" nillable="true" />
When I validate xml with SchemaValidator I have an exception org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-datatype-valid.1.2.1: '' ...

21. How do I add additional context / values for a custom XML based method constraint with the OVal validation framework

With the OVal validation framework ( it is possible to create custom annotation or XML based constraints ( My intention is to generate an OVal XML configuration file out of some constraint ...

22. XML validation

What is your main task? Is it to simply validate the xml? If so I would recommend using a SAX parser. If you plan to do more modifications of the xml ...

23. Disable XML validation

24. java.lang.StackOverflowError when validating Xml

Hi all, I am getting a java.lang.StackOverflowError when I try to validate an xml response. Below is the code i use: private void compareResponses(StringBuffer requestXml, String responseFilePath, String actualResponseXml, String requestXSD, String responseXSD)throws ExceptionMessageHandler {"compareResponses()"); StringBuffer expectedResponseXml = new StringBuffer(); expectedResponseXml = Utility.fileToStringBuffer(responseFilePath); // Check if the XMLs validate if ( Utility.validateXML(requestXml.toString(), requestXSD) && Utility.validateXML( actualResponseXml, responseXSD ) && Utility.validateXML( ...

25. Disable XML validation in java 5

26. XML Validation

Hi, typically in the past when I have validated XML documents, I've done something like this: DOMParser parser = new DOMParser(); parser.setFeature("", true); parser.setProperty( "", "http:\\whatever:xx\whatever\sms.dtd""); Recently though I've started using the Java XML Validation API included with Java 5+. It seems much easier to use the Java XML validation API rather than the DOMParser's validation because 1) the API is ...

27. XML Validation

Hi - I'm trying to validate an XML document against an XSD document. I'm currently using Xerces-J. I've found that I can turn on validation by setting a validation feature and then setting a property pointing to my XSD document. But, when I run the parser, I get errors about my DOCROOT being incorrect because it doesn't point to a DTD ...

28. XML validation

29. XML validation

31. Validate XML

32. Validate XML

33. saxparser validation

34. Regarding XML Validation

35. Xml validation

36. XML validation using javax.xml.validation

37. validate large xml

38. XML signature Validation

39. XML validation

Hi, I have to have a validation on my jsp page as follows. 1. User has to select either of the two options from combo box1. Say, Option1 and Option2 2. If the selected option is Option1, then it will display two text boxes. Say, Input1, Input2 3. If user selected Option2, then it will display four text boxes, including the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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